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REVEALED: Monica Kimani was detained at JKIA over large amount of cash



Reports claiming that slain Kenyan businesswoman Monica Kimani was temporarily detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) when she landed from Juba, South Sudan have emerged.

The Star reports that officers at JKIA held Ms Kimani after she was found with undeclared cash but was released after intervention by a high flying individual, who made a call to airport bosses demanding that she be freed.

The newspaper says that the incident was handled with high levels of confidentiality with no records showing that Ms Kimani passed through the airport on that day.

When contacted for a comment about the incident, Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) Communications Manager Angela Tilitei said KAA has no knowledge about the incident.

“KAA does not have the mandate to detain any passengers. It is either immigration, port health or Kenya Airports Police Unit,” she told the Star.

Sources at the airport told the publication that the 29-year-old was carrying more cash than she had declared. The cash was in form of foreign currency.

Immigration Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa said his office only deals with passports and was not aware of the matter.

“One thing I am sure of is that Monica never had a diplomatic passport as had been claimed. She bore the ordinary one,” he said.

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“Secondly, with regard to whether she was detained for failing to declare the money she had, am not aware because that is the docket of the customs department,” Kihalangwa told the Star.

There are no records that Ms Kimani was briefly detained at JKIA but multiple sources confirmed to The Star that she was indeed found with undeclared cash.

“If you ask any KAA staff about Monica Kimani’s flight details, definitely you will hit a dead end. All the flights details have been taken,” an officer said.

“We have a machine to screen people and another for goods. Those machines are accurate. The money must have been seen. CCTV cameras should be reviewed and the KAA officer who allowed her to pass arrested and prosecuted,” he added.

Monica was brutally murdered at her apartment in Nairobi’s Kilimani estate hours after returning to the country from South Sudan where she managed a family business. Her body had been dumped in a bathtub with hands and legs tied, and throat slit.

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Passaris slammed over statement on Pumwani Hospital incident




Kenyans on social media turned the heat on Nairobi Woman Rep, Esther Passaris after her “misguided comments on the Pumwani incident.”

On Friday and Saturday, a clip circulated on social media showing a woman delivering by the roadside outside the Pumwani Hospital.

The nurses at the hospital appeared not to attend to her.

Instead, members of the public gathered around the woman to help as she went into labour.

The video clip enraged Kenyans. Many questioned how a country that claims to have free maternal care would allow that to happen.

Indeed, one of the current administration’s talking points has been about providing free maternal care to all mothers.

Speaking to the media, the Nairobi Woman Representative claimed that the huge crowd gathering has scared the nurses from attending to the woman.

“The public that had gathered in the area made a lot of noise, making the few nursing staff in the hospital scared of coming out for fear of being lynched,” Esther Passaris said.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services sent out a press release.

The body apologised for the incident, stating that a nurse’s go-slow caused it.

“The Nairobi Metropolitan Services regrets the incident of a mother delivering at the gates of Pumwani Hospital.

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“It has been confirmed that this took place on Sunday, 13th September 2020, two days after nurses began a legally notified go-slow, which has since ended after NMS and the Health Workers agreed on a Return to Work Formula,” NMS said.

Eventually, nurses attended to the patient.

However, what got many Kenyans angry were Esther Passaris comments on the matter.

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Gov’t to build Sh1 billion museum in Turkana 




Work at Ngaren, the Museum of Humankind, commissioned by paleoanthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey is set to begin in 2022.

Located in Turkana, Ngaren is going to be Africa’s most iconic and technologically advanced museum.

This is because its set to be built at the location believed to be the cradle of mankind where Dr Leakey first discovered the nearly complete skeleton of Turkana Boy in 1984.

“Ngaren is not just another museum, but a call to action. As we peer back through the fossil record, through layer upon layer of long extinct species, many of which thrived far longer that the human species is ever likely to do, we are reminded of our mortality as a species.” Dr Leakey stated during an interview.

He further revealed that the museum would present over two million years of human history.

Standing 80 metres tall, the iconic structure is inspired by ancient hand axes and other primitive tools.

It was designed by Polish architect Daniel Libeskind, whose other works include the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Imperial War Museum North, Manchester; Denver Art Museum; Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco; Danish Jewish Museum; Royal Ontario Museum; and the Military History Museum, Dresden.

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By May 2019, the project had raised Ksh400 million via online social investment platforms, with the overall project expected to cost more than Ksh1 billion.

The museum will employ the use of technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for visitors to be able to interact with the early humans and explore the lush green forest days of Turkana.

“Maybe we don’t want to exhibit the original fossils at all. Why don’t we have a room you come in to wearing a 3D headset and sit quietly in the middle of a band of Homo erectus moving all around you?

“That’s much more interesting than a skeleton of Turkana Boy behind glass,” the famous paleoanthropologist detailed.

The Turkana County government, which fully supports his vision, committed to upgrading roads and building an airport to usher in visitors.

Ngaren will run entirely from renewable energy with a zero-carbon footprint.

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Alinur Mohammed: Aspiring MP arrested in Nairobi while distributing food




A video showing Nairobi politician Alinur Mohamed being arrested by police went viral on social media eliciting mixed reactions.

The aspiring politician was accused of holding an illegal gathering.

Alinur revealed that he was arrested at the Kamukunji Grounds, but failed to understand why he was being arrested.

“I have just been arrested while at the Kamukunji Grounds. I don’t know where they are taking me to,” he wrote on Twitter.

The video showed the politician, who was dressed in maroon tracksuit, being manhandled by three individuals one of whom donned a blue police uniform.

“You have no authority to hold this meeting. Let us go to the station,” one of the officers informed him before he boarded the police car.

This comes even as politicians increasingly defy Covid-19 measures from the Ministry of Health while hosting their gatherings.

Alinur stepped into the spotlight in January 2020 when rumours claimed thst he was dating former K24 TV anchor Betty Kyalo.

The politician was highly touted as most likely candidate to win the Mandera Parliamentary seat in 2022.

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