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Top CNN Anchor to grace inaugural Kenyan flight to NY



Top CNN anchor Richard Quest (pictured), who is also an established airline and aviation correspondent for giant Network, is scheduled to fly on Monday to cover Kenya’s inaugural direct flight to New York.

The celebrated personality is expected to fly the inaugural flight scheduled for October 28, 2018, for his globally renowned Quest Means Business show. The new flight path will cut down travel time  from 22 to 15 hours. The carrier is hoping the highly anticipated direct flights to the US will boost tourism.

His show, according to the CNN description, is a platform used to destroy the myth that business is boring, bridging the gap between hard economics and entertaining television.

Top global CEOs and world leaders are said to make it a point to appear on his show.

Richard Quest. FILE PHOTO.

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PHOTOS: Pastor Ruth Matete unveils new baby bump photos



Pastor Ruth Matete has every reason to be grateful for the far she has come! 2020 has been a year she will never forget as she lost the love of her life; and at the same time is expecting a bundle of joy that will forever change her life!

Just recently the pastor came forth to address the fake people pretending to care about her whereabouts; when all along they were among the first people to point fingers at her after the late Beloved’s accident occured.

In a detailed post, the singer cum preacher warned the so called ‘popular pastor’ against faking a relationship; when they already abandoned her when she needed them.

Grown bump

Away from that, it’s also evident to see that Pastor Ruth will soon be welcoming her son soon. This is judging by the Size of the baby bump that has left the preacher looking all exhausted!

Even with this, Matete continues to strengthen herself mostly because she will soon be welcoming a precious gift given to her by her late husband.

But with just a few more weeks to go, the lady has no option but to keep pushing forward as no season in life in permanent. And her pain will soon fade away too.

Below are a few photos showing her grown baby bump!

Pregnant Matete

Pregnant Matete

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PHOTOS: Akothee’s brother breaks down during his late wife’s final send off



Akothee and her family are currently in mourning after losing their sister in law; who was married to Akothee’s younger brother, Allan Ignatius.

Judging from the posts shared by Akothee, the mother of 5 avoided mentioning what occurred to her late sister in law; however she went on to celebrate her for being more than a friend but a sister.

Although we may not know what Allan is going through; Akothee went on to share some special message comforting him after losing the love of his life. Akothee went on to write;

Also read:

Asemwomo piny ,kiny an Kodi boda busia kanyo , I would not know what to do with you and the kids , I am here in bed in kisumu with your mom and your entire family ,ready to meet and receive you bro 🙏Be strong for us 💪@allanignatiuskokeyo AWUORO THOOOOOOO 🙏

Send off

Anyway, after keeping the funeral as private as possible; singer Akothee has gone ahead to share a few photos from the funeral on her page. Of course Allan who is currently struggling to get into terms with the fact that his wife is no more.

Judging from the photos, he indeed had nothing but sorrow written all over his face; but all in all his support system continues to hold his hand through this hard time. We from the Ghafla team send our heartfelt condolesence to the family during this hard time.

Akothees sister in law laid to rest

Allans wife laid to rest


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Havi asks Treasury to stop paying MPs 





Following Chief Justice’s letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to dissolve parliament, legislatures are yet to get a dose of their medicine.

The Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has requested Treasury to stop disbursing salaries meant for members of parliament.

Maraga had on Monday, September 21 advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve parliament because it failed to pass the two-thirds gender rule.

According to LSK’s President, Maraga’s directive stripped members of parliament their legislative powers, hence, rendering all their business unlawful.

“Following the request from the CJ today to the Head of State, all laws passed by the Senate and National Assembly remain null and void. Consequently, Treasury must stop disbursing their salaries as any role they indulge in will have no effect,” stated Nelson Havi.

Additionally, the LSK President faulted some legislatures for claiming the Chief Justice’s advisory didn’t have a time frame compliance that would bind President Kenyatta.

Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kangata, on the other hand, suggested that the Head of State will have complied with the directive if he dissolved parliament in June 2022, sometime before the general elections.

Havi further added that he knew of some legislatures who were ready to resign before President Kenyatta dissolved parliament.

Among those who were ready to quit include Peter Kaluma of Homa Bay, Alice Wahome (Kandara), Uasin Gishu woman representative Gladys Shollei, and Senator Mutula Kilonzo of Makueni.

Speaker Justine Muturi at the same time added that dissolving parliament was unnecessary because it was expensive since it would require a referendum to pass the two-thirds gender rule.

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