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VIDEO: Maribe and father moment in court warms the hearts of Kenyans




A video of Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe and her father Mwangi Maribe  in court having an adorable father daughter moment has warmed the hearts of Kenyans online.

Jacque and her father had moments of holding and patting each other in court, punctuated by hearty laughs and genuine touches, depicting how family presence in dark times can light up ones life.

Kenyan on Twitter said:

 She’ll always be daddy’s little gal ” 

 “This Man is a true Hero to his daughter,wow what a father!!!!!”

 “Family first guys. Family”


On Monday,  Mr Maribe said her daughter was innocent, arguing that she was a victim of love and circumstances and accusing police of seeking to “become famous” by prosecuting her because she is a celebrity.

“Police want to become famous by nailing a celebrity. That is why my daughter is in custody. Her neighbour, Brian Kassaine, also has a partner. Why is she not in custody? Her biggest mistake was falling in love,” he said in a telephone interview .

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PS Marwa sued for child support



Labour and Social Protection Principal Secretary Nelson Marwa has been sued for child support.

A 27 year-old woman has filed a case in a Kitale court seeking to compel Mr Marwa to pay for the minor’s upkeep.

According to court documents, the woman alleges that Mr Marwa has neglected his duties after siring her one year-old daughter.

She claims the PS only settled a Ksh50,000 hospital bill after which he absconded his duties.

Marwa has refuted the claims saying he has no knowledge of the woman or the child. He also claims he has not supported the woman financially

On his part, Marwa held that he had no knowledge of the woman or the child refuting claims that he had ever supported her financially.

“At no time have I supported the plaintiff or the alleged child,” he maintained.

Both parties will have to present themselves for DNA testing and the case will be heard on April 23.


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Janet Mbugua opens up on her battle with painful prolonged menses



Media personality Janet Mbugua has opened up on her long battle with endometriosis that made her skip work and school days.

Through a series of posts on Instagram, the former news anchor revealed that she had extremely painful menses but getting a diagnosis was such a relief.

“This was me in 2015. Ten years earlier, in 2005, I had just undergone a laparoscopy for deep ovarian endometriosis, also known as endometriomas or ovarian cysts.

“It causes the formation of cavities within the ovary that fill with blood. It had been years, literally since high school, of painful, prolonged periods that sometimes rendered me unable to go to class or to the office, especially during the first few days of my cycle.

“Finally getting a diagnosis was such a breakthrough and I was put on birth control thereafter and have had to continue using this, except for the times we were trying for a baby,” she said.

Janet Mbugua

Mbugua added that she still has to take medication during her periods and advised ladies that painful prolonged periods are not normal.

“Until today, if I don’t take my medication, I’ll struggle during my period. Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years (i.e. usually between the ages of 15 to 49), which is approximately 176 million women in the world…Let’s talk periods and most importantly, let’s talk period pain.

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“Because ladies (and gents), a very painful, prolonged period is NOT normal,” she remarked.


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Mungatana’s wife dies in Nairobi



The wife to former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana died on Monday night while undergoing dialysis at the Coptic hospital in Nairobi.

Violet Mungatana, known to close friends and family as Mama Elsie, and who wa the first wife to the politician, had been admitted at the facility for the last one month.

Deputy president William Ruto led Kenyan leaders in eulogizing the late Violet as a kind, devoted family woman who stood out for her warm heart.

“Condolences to family and friends of former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana following the death of his wife, Violet Mungatana. She was a devoted family woman; kind and welcoming, who stood out for her generosity and warm heart. Rest In Peace,” said Dr Ruto in a statement.

Mr Mungatana.

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