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VIDEO: “Beautiful barmaid” is accused of snatching husbands, tens of women storm bar




There was a major commotion in Kiharu constituency, Murang’a County, after angry women stormed a local bar to flush out a barmaid they claimed was snatching their husbands.

The women who camped outside a dinking joint called Kuku Base Bar claimed that their husbands have abandoned  them and their children for the woman.

They accused the woman of enjoying their husbands’ hard earned sweat from their casual labour.

One of the women was heard saying her husband has on several occasions lied to her that he would be late from work only to learn that he has been having a good time at the bar.

This woman is a home-wrecker because she has made men run away from  us. She should go back to where she came from,” she said.

But their efforts to flush out the young woman were thwarted by their husbands who blocked them from accessing the bar, accusing the women of unfairly targeting the barmaid.

They accused the women of being jealous of one of their own for being able to win hearts of many men.

One of the men who stopped the women from entering the bar said the young woman is always grateful for anything a man gives her as a tip or for any service she offers, unlike their wives who keep demanding more money each time.

He added that the woman “also smells good and applies make up and cologne, making her smell good throughout the day”.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that two men from the area committed suicide after being rejected by the woman.

Area chief Mary Wambui confirmed the incident saying that she had ordered the woman to relocate to another place  for the sake of peace in the village.

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Njugush voted most influential young Kenyan




Comedian Njugush, real name Timothy Kimani, is the 2019 Most Influential Young Kenyan in the 3rd annual ranking poll of influential young Kenyans conducted by PR & Rating firm, Avance Media.

The ranking lists a total of 100 Personalities-Kenyans who are young and extraordinary. 56 females featured on the list. Njugush is the 3rd winner of the coveted title after Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki (2016) and Dr Darshan Chandaria (2018).

Njugush has put in a lot of efforts to grow his career by using social media platforms to showcase his work and content. 

He was also voted among the 100 Most Influential Young Kenyans in 2018.

Betty Kyallo, Kenyan media personality and host on K24 TV, was also voted the Most Influential Female on the ranking.

Others in the top 5 spots are musician Samidoh, 2019 Global Teacher Prize winner Peter Tabichi and activist and founder of Ukweli Party, Boniface Mwangi.

“The ranking, which celebrates young people annually features 100 inspiring change-makers and leaders making great accomplishments in their diverse industries. Be it as entrepreneurs, musicians, activists, media personalities, social impact and philanthropy leaders, public servants, thought leaders and politicians,” said Prince Akpah, the Managing Director of Avance Media.

Others voted as the most influential in their respective categories are:

Anerlisa Muigai (CEO, Nero) – Business

Samidoh (Musician) – Entertainment

Boniface Mwangi (Founder, Ukweli Party) – Law and Governance

Nafula Kisiangani (CEO, Ubuntu Development Solution) – Leadership and Civil Society

Njugush (Comedian) – Lifestyle

Betty Kyallo (OAP, K24) – Media

Peter Tabichi (Teacher) – Personal Development and Academia

Stellah Wairimu Bosire-Otieno (Dr) (CEO, Kenya Medical Association) – Science & Technology

Anne Wawira Njiru (Founder, Food4Education) – Social Enterprise & Philanthropy

Michael Olunga (Footballer, Kashiwa Reysol) – Sports

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‘Critics said I sold my uterus for fame,’ Anne Kansime confesses



Ugandan comedian Anne Kansime has in an interview with Massawe Japanni revealed some of the worst comments people said about her.

Kansime debunked the conjecture in the lengthy radio interview.

She confesses that people outrightly accused her of sacrificing her chance at motherhood for fame.

Some people were trying to figure out why I did not have kids with my ex-husband Gerald Ojok.

Anne Kansime and her ex-husband

She adds that despite the fact that it was all lies, (she has her uterus intact. Her only issue is that she had no way of proving it to her critics.

So they said that I had sold my uterus for fame. The sad thing is even if its not true there is no way you can be able to show people that your uterus is till intact.

She sarcastically adds that if she had sold her uterus she would have no qualms directing others to where she did the ‘transaction’.

I can direct people who have a uterus and feel like they want to sell it for fame, to where they said I sold mine.

Anne Kansime

Anne Kansime who is well known for her show ‘Don’t Mess With Kansime’ is in Kenya to look for talent for the recently launched East Africa Got Talent.

She is the host of the talent show.

After her breakup with Ojok, Kansime hooked up with rapper Sky Lanta.

Anne Kansime and her current boyfriend Sky

By Mpasho

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‘I fell in love with toyboy with body of a god…but now I’m broke and stranded’



When the handsome young stranger clicked “like” on one of her Facebooksnaps, Claire Alcantara felt her heart flutter. She had no idea then that pursuing her admirer would leave her stranded in the Dominican Republic and drained of her £40,000 (Sh5.2 million) life savings.

Claire, 46, admits she ignored the howls of protest from her three daughters to begin a cyber romance with student Franklin Alcantara – who is 12 years her junior.

Franklin went missing not long after the couple got married (Image: Claire Alcantara)

And today she reveals how their marriage ended in disaster.Speaking from the Caribbean shack she now calls home, she says: “I’m heartbroken and penniless.”Claire was so besotted she even ditched her British passport for Irish citizenship to secure her beau a spousal visa and move him into her home in the West Midlands.Two years ago she sold up and moved to his country, where she renovated Franklin’s family home.

But things soured when Franklin went missing.Claire says: “He told me he was moving to Punta Cana to build a hotel as part of his civil engineering course, but he actually went back to England.”She says his family evicted her after she reported him to immigration.

The former teaching assistant is desperate to return to her hometown of Dudley, but says she can’t afford the flight. Now, she says her husband is “living illegally in the UK”.It was in 2013 that they began messaging on Facebook. Claire says: “He was good looking and had the body of a god.

Soon we were Skyping daily. I’d just come out of a terrible divorce so it felt exciting.”After six months, she applied for Franklin to visit the UK on a tourist visa but the application was rejected.So she flew to the Caribbean for a month, where she says she started spending money on his family home. Once she returned to the UK, the couple decided to marry.

Claire and witness Angelo on her and Franklin Alcantara’s wedding day (Image: Claire Alcantara)

She admits: “My daughters said, ‘don’t do it’.” But they married in the Dominican Republic in October 2013.Her attempts to bring Franklin to the UK were repeatedly rejected by British immigration, so she applied for an Irish passport, the country of her father’s birth.She says: “I was advised UK law would override EU law so I decided to give up my British citizenship so I was solely Irish – or an EU citizen living in the UK. He was granted a UK visa as spouse of an EU worker.

”In June 2014 she moved him into her home with her adult daughters, and opened a “joint account” in the Dominican Republic to fund the building of a flat on top of Franklin’s father’s house.“I spent £15,000,” she says.

In December 2017 they sold up in the UK and moved there for good.Claire says she bought Franklin a £10,000 Jeep – and continued transferring cash to their “joint account”.But after a series of rows, in March 2018 Claire contacted the British Embassy for advice about her rights and says she was told that their “joint” account was solely in his name. “I fainted with shock,” she says.

“When I confronted Franklin, he claimed it was a misunderstanding.”Days later, he announced plans to work away for three months. She says: “Soon three months became six. I started to get suspicious.”In December 2018, she discovered he was living in England with another woman.

She has now found a “very low-paid” job in Santo Domingo and is staying with a new boyfriend, but is desperate to get home.She says: “I spent all my money on Franklin and can’t afford the flight. I should never have sacrificed a thing for him.”Back in the UK, Franklin reveals he is to be deported next month.

He says of his wife: “We had a good relationship in England, then Claire said we had to go to Dominican Republic because she couldn’t live with her daughter.”I wanted to stay in England.“We lived in a house with my dad.

She was the one that said let’s do the floor, the window bars, the paint.”It was about £6,000, not £15,000. Then she brought her daughter and they were always fighting.“I lied and said I was going to Punta Cana. If I told her I was going to England, Claire would have said no because it was too cold.”Yes, I had a new girlfriend, but she dumped me after Claire contacted her.”

By Mirror

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