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Why Obado moved to his old house



Migori Governor Okoth Obado has now moved to his old house in compliance with High Court bond terms that require him to stay away from Homa Bay’s boundary by at least 20km.
His magnificent Rapogi home in Uriri sub-county is barely 15km from the boundary of Homa Bay, where his girlfriend Sharon Otieno was murdered.
The governor’s personal effects, including clothes, were brought from the Rapogi home immediately he arrived from Nairobi on Saturday.

The Migori house belongs to BAT Kenya and was rented by the county administration in 2014.
Mr Obado vacated the house three years ago when the construction of his new rural home was completed. He has been operating from his Rapogi home, which is within the 20km radius.
The court had ordered that he stay at least 20km away from the boundary of Homa Bay, Ms Otieno’s home county, where she was abducted and killed.

The BAT Kenya house was occasionally being used for private daytime meetings since it’s only three kilometres from the governor’s office.
“We are respecting the conditions imposed by the court although they have brought a lot of inconvenience to us. Mr Obado will now operate from here,” said an aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Sources said the Migori house received a fresh coat of paint on Saturday evening.

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Mr Obado travelled to Migori on Saturday for the first time after staying for more than one month in Nairobi’s Industrial Area Remand Prison.
He was driven straight to Upper Hill SDA Church located near the county headquarters for prayers.
“Pray for me because I am in a difficult situation, but also remain united and peaceful,” Mr Obado told the congregation.

Although his arrival was not much publicised, local residents — who got wind of Mr Obado’s presence — trooped to the church to catch a glimpse of the county chief.
“I wanted to see how he looks after his life in remand prison. He looks stable but weak emotionally,” said Ms Millicent Anyango, a local primary schoolteacher.
In compliance with the bond terms, Mr Obado avoided mentioning the name of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno, whose murder caused his arrest and his being charged in the High Court in Nairobi.

The county chief also avoided talking about the circumstances under which the student was abducted and killed.
County government employees flanked the governor during the few hours he spent in the church and left soon after the prayers.
Mr Obado arrived in Migori just hours after issuing a statement from his Lavington home in Nairobi. He thanked the High Court “for listening to my request to grant me bail”.

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Size 8, DJ Mo on the spot for Sh10K Valentine’s Day dinner event




Gospel singer Size 8 Reborn and her husband DJ Mo have been called out by their fans for planning an extravagant valentine’s day dinner event.

The couple have been advertising for their planned event set for February 14 at a hotel in the city where the main focus will be celebrating love among the married people.

Couple are being persuaded to register and attend the but the amount being charged for the dinner is what has made of their followers upset.

Both DJ Mo and Size 8 had a humble beginning and have accumulated a big fan base as they grew.

“HALLELUJAH the details are finally out!!!! DINE WITH #THEMURAYAS 14th of February A fun red carpet affair. Couples affair (dating, courting or married),” wrote Size 8.

But the dinner is going for kSh7,000-Ksh 10,000, an amount that seems too much.

Hio ndoo ni mob,” said Alice.ngatia.

“That amount ,” wrote shazzie_Iddah. “Like me I want to come but cannot afford that kind of money,” commented Winnie.

“Rent ya kasingle room pale junction ya Kayole,” stated foiwdci. “Hiyo pesa ni mingi sana,” remarked Brownian_baibz.



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Instagram declares war on photoshopped images




Instagram is rolling out a new feature on the app to detect forged pictures. The founders are also aiming at cracking down and reducing the spread of misinformation and fake news through their website.

The Facebook-owned social network unveiled the new system where it’s counting on “a combination of feedback from our community and technology” to spot photos that have been passed through independent third-party fact-checkers.

If the fact-checkers detect a fake photo, it will have a warning message before you can view it.

The warning will prevent the image from being accessed before the viewer can give express permission. The viewer has to go through several warnings clicks to get to the original image. 

The flagged photos will be wiped from the explore tab, and they won’t appear when searched through any used hashtag.

The new tough measures are aimed at reducing misinformation and online propaganda. 



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Roselyn Akombe retorts at Moses Kuria’s statement on Msando



Former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioner Roselyn Akombe has reacted to a press conference held by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria over the murder of the electoral agency’s ICT boss Chris Msando.

Ms Akombe took to social media and stated Kenyans were not satisfied with what Mr Kuria had said about the murder and it was time justice prevailed.

Addressing the media in Parliament, Mr Kuria, who is serving a second term, threatened to sue anyone who linked him to the death of Mr Msando. But Ms Akombe does not agree with the legislator.

“To #moseskuria and your buddies: ‘No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream’,” she posted on her official Twitter account.

A portrait of the late Christopher Chege Msando during his funeral service at the Consolata Shrine on August 17, 2017. PHOTO | EMMA NZIOKA
A portrait of the late Christopher Chege Msando during his funeral service at the Consolata Shrine on August 17, 2017. PHOTO | EMMA NZIOKA

Mr Kuria, in a Facebook post last week, had threatened to spill beans over what really transpired and led to the death of Mr Msando.

However, his press conference focused more on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and he said that the government should stop intimidating other law makers.

Mr Msando was murdered in July 2018 and his death was linked to Mr Kuria after he took a photo of the deceased’s vehicle.

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