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Hunt on former minister’s house help over Sh5 million theft



A servant in former Cabinet minister Simeon Nyachae’s house has gone missing after Sh5 million disappeared from the politician’s Nairobi home. Police said they had yet to arrest the woman identified as Lillian Maina. She was said to have disappeared on October 7.

The money was in a safe in the bedroom of one of Mr Nyachae’s wives, Grace Wamuyu. Ms Wamuyu had left the money in the house as she travelled to the UK to visit the ailing Nyachae.

The house girl’s daughter was arrested and presented before court yesterday. The police asked the court to allow them to detain Grace Mbugua so that she could say where her mother was. Detectives claimed Ms Mbugua picked up her mother from Mr Nyachae’s residence and escorted her to Kitengela.

The officers wanted her detained for a week to enable them to finalise investigations, but a Nairobi court rejected the request.
“Does she have an obligation to show the police where the suspect is? Is she an accomplice?”

Milimani Law Courts Magistrate Kennedy Cheruyiot said before setting Mbugua free unconditionally.

The prosecution claimed Mbugua knew the whereabouts of her mother. The prosecution wanted her detained so she could help police to trace her mother. However, the magistrate dismissed the application saying it lacked merit.

Mr Cheruyiot said there were no compelling reasons to deny Mbugua her freedom. Nyachae’s wife reported that she opened the safe on September 28 but forgot to put back the safe keys.

On September 30, she travelled to the UK and left her four employees to take care of the home in Spring Valley. Wamuyu and her husband returned to Kenya on October 7, after he was discharged from hospital.

The following day, Wamuyu said, she could not find the key to the safe.

She said she checked where she usually kept the key but it was not there. She went to the safe and found it in the keyhole. She said she opened the safe and found that all the money she had kept there, some in foreign currency, was missing.

She reported the matter to Parklands Police Station after which detectives visited the scene. By then, Ms Maina had disappeared.

“We started investigations and Ms Mbugua was arrested on October 29 on the strength of phone calls data which showed she had picked up the suspect and escorted her to Kitengela,” the police said in an affidavit.

The affidavit added: “The police believe the young woman has information on the whereabouts of the key suspect.” They argued that it would be difficult to arrest her mother and recover the stolen money if she was released. The magistrate ruled that the subject had no business showing the police where her mother was hiding. As a matter of fact, the magistrate said, she had a right to remain silent, a caution she ought to have been given at the time of her arrest. Cheruyioit said he wondered why police wanted to “visit the sins of a parent on her child”.

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MANY PHOTOS of the spectacular retirement home Sarah Kabu gifted her husband on his birthday



Kenya’s Bonfire adventures MD, Sarah Kabu did the unimaginable for her husband over the weekend, after making a multi-million purchase of a retirement home for her husband, a dream come true on his birthday.

The famous Jabo Jabo couple gave fans a look into their simple yet rich retirement home during the celebrations that went down in Olpajeta, Nanyuki.

Inside Kabus retirement home

The pair gave us a look of the home’s exterior, fitted with large glass windows as walls of the different rooms upstairs, each well furnished with rare exotic African furniture.

The Kabus on baecation

Surrounded with bushes and trees at a distance, the couple did not think much of having a fence around their home, open to all who would pay a visit, with a sign board at the entrance with the words “Welcome to The Kabus retirement home.”

The front yard graced the parking lot while the backyard would be where the couple hosted their social events. With long dining tables and outdoor canvas seats setting the mood for a communal feel, allowing us a view of the large projecting balcony the duo had to enjoy the priceless views of the wild.

Sarah gifts Simon Kabu dream retirement home

In the presence of close friends and family, Mr Kabu was treated to a magnificent birthday event by his wife, Sarah who made his dreams come true with the surprise of his dream retirement home in the wild.

For Simon, as they drove through bushes and thickets, he first thought they were having a bush lunch only to his surprise to discover that his wife had brought to reality, his plans to own a private getaway in the wild when he needed to unwind from the city’s hustling.

The Kabus

Every time the couple would visit the Olpajeta conservancy, Simon would always wishfully admire “ningetaka kuretire hii place” but after Corona happened, his plans stalled. Hardly did he know that his wife was busy taking huge bank loans to give him his dream retirement home. What a love!

Have a look at the Kabu’s rich retirement home.

The Kabus


Sarah &Simon Kabu

The Kabus getaway

Simon Kabu birthday

Mr Kabu birthday

Kabus’ retirement home

Inside The Kabus retirement home

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The Sun is now Setting on your Chance to be Part of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace



With only 26 plots measuring 1/4 acres remaining, the window to own a plot of land at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace is now closing. As this is happening, the cost of these plots is now set to move up by 20%.

Here is the good news though; you still have a chance to secure your property before this change takes effect.

As this window slowly closes, the value additions are tripling as we are now headed to start internal roads murruming before we finally lay cabro on the same streets. On the other hand, the Kenya Power contract to lay underground power is right on the heels.

At the same time, the Razor Wire installation on Wall of Happiness and Wall not Knowledge (1.4Km in length) is also set to start next week.

Meanwhile, we are heartily celebrating the completion of the four walls surrounding this top gated community in Kiambu (Wall of Peace, Wall of Wisdom, Wall of Happiness and Wall of Knowledge).

As we share this update, the laying of paving blocks (cabro) on a one acre gate-area is ongoing as you see on the accompanying photo.

This cabro works on the estate’s driveway has been designed to give all families and visitors coming into this gated community an inviting welcome.

Do you want to know how to be part of Optiven Family?

Call us now: 0790300300 or 0723400500

Experience the difference

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What’s Happening at Victory Gardens – Kitengela



Effectiveness of Gated Communities in Providing Safe Environments for Childrens’ Outdoor Convenience

Due to safety factors, children use of outdoor spaces can be limited.

Victory Gardens, a residential gated community with access control and guarded area has been deliberately developed to give parents peace of mind as they get about their daily business without worrying so much about the safety of their children.

The Children’ Play Park along Mwangaza Avenue was also designed with children that are brought up in this gated community in mind.

This project’s Care Taker, Mr. Ondiek and his team have a brief to make sure that the grass is well manicured to make this space as safe as possible for children.

Why not secure a site visit and invest in your children future?

Call us on: 0790300300 or 0723400500


~Experience the difference ~


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