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Raising the dead: Tricks women use to ‘wake up’ husbands in bed



Sex is a source of power. For men, it is what validates their masculinity, proof that they are energetic, providers and great lovers.

Basically, a man wants to prove he is the super hero.

You know, he got his game on and can pull a stunt or two…even if his mind may occasionally wander off during the steamy session.

Sadly, most men, when it come to mchezo, as the Coast guys put is, fail miserably. They can hardly make a woman reach the ‘Big-O’ and can’t tell where the G-spot is.

So, what happens when a man’s libido is low? The Nairobian has learnt that most married women ‘secretly’ boost their husbands’ libidos. And the men have no idea!

Take the case of Mwanaisha Jumaa, 28, a housewife.

“Before my wedding, I was taught by my aunties that I should give my husband plenty of watermelon and pumpkin seeds. Of course, I can’t just give them to him fwaaa like that. It would crush his ego if he thought I doubt his skills and energy in bed.

“So, I blend the seeds and add the powder to his porridge or smoothies without his knowledge. If my marriage was to fail today, sex or lack of it won’t be the reason. I have no complaints when it comes to that. He is as strong as an ox in bed and he lasts for a very long time.”

Mwanaisha’s school of thought is backed by science since “watermelon seeds contain zinc which help in naturally treating male fertility. Another super food to boost libido is peanuts. This nut is quite famous as it’s cheap and readily available for men across all generations,” says the self-taught sexual nutritionist.

Amina Shehe, an elderly housewife also has her secret.

“My husband is a long distance truck driver. I understand he gets into extramarital relations due to the nature of his job. On the day I expect him home, I make sure there’s a steaming bowl of octopus soup waiting for him. It greatly helps him in bed; otherwise I’d be forced to cheat,” she says.

Another less-known but excellent food that helps in libido is shark fin. This is an ancient medicine the older Swahili generations know of.

Amina Swaleh, a salonist says her grandfather had so many wives and lovers and before he died, he shared some secrets with her.

“I couldn’t imagine how he kept them all satisfied and happy. But before his death, I learnt that his secret weapon was dates smoothie. His first wife used to soak dates in water then blend the mixture with milk or serve it as it is. I heard that the smoothie helps increase sexual performance and makes the man last longer in bed. ”


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NTV continues to bleed, top anchor leaves



NTV anchor Trevor Ombija has reportedly quit his job.

Reports indicate that Ombija could be leaving for Royal Media Services’ Citizen TV along Dennis Pritt Road.

Taking to his Instagram, the former Nation FM presenter said: “Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning, in life always do what scares you the most and remember Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.””

He then bids his co-host, Zeyn Ismail goodbye saying “Until the next time, my queen of dry jokes.”

Ms Ismail also wished Ombija well as he opens another chapter in his life.


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Ted Josiah speaks on why he is overdoing the single dad thing



Veteran producer music producer Tedd Josiah has confessed that he’s the only reason why his first marriage never worked.

Speaking in a radio interview with Massewe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Josiah said that he was really immature when he first got hitched and wasn’t ready at all.

“I was young and stupid when I married my first wife. I was so arrogant and at that time I was not ready to marry. I played a part in making sure the marriage did not work. I was a really bad boy,” he said. 

Tedd remarried and settled down with Reginah Katar in 2016 only for her to pass on a year later after delivering her first baby.

He said that one of the reasons why he posts her daughter so much is because of guilt he carries from neglecting his kids from his first union.

“Losing the kids was so painful. I had another daughter who kept waiting for me at the gate every day but I was nowhere to be seen. That wound is still very fresh, but now is when we are trying to repair the bond that was broken then with my other two children,” Tedd said.

“All the love that my other two children did not receive I decided to give to Jay, and all the mistakes that I did should not be repeated. It is a second chance that God has given me.

“Once the marriage broke I had a lot of time to reflect. I realised I needed children and I was so lonely. Sadly I can’t go back to my first marriage, because there is no chance for a reverse wheel in my life. We had differences that we can never solve,” he said.


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PHOTOS: Why Raila’s meeting with Waiguru has some Kenyans saying “I salenda’



Upon learning that Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru  had met Baba (Read Raila Odinga) and she had withdrawn her defamation case against the former Prime Minister as the latter on his part declared that the NYS Scandal is a ‘bygone’ matter, Twitter went up in flames, with most Kenyans expressing their disbelief.

Waiguru disclosed the burying of the hatchet  in a tweet after meeting with the AU High Representative for Infrastructure at the latter’s Capitol Hill office on Wednesday.

The row between Raila and Waiguru arose in 2015 after the ODM leader demanded the governor’s prosecution for graft at NYS.

The issue culminated into the county boss suing Raila for linking her to the loss of Sh791 million at the youth agency.

Waiguru, then Devolution CS, sued Raila on September 29, 2015, accusing him of recklessly tarnishing her name.

The ODM leader, on the other hand, sought the court’s say on his call for Waiguru to be subjected to a lifestyle audit.

But after their meeting, the Kirinyaga county boss said the matter stands settled ‘in the spirit of cohesion’.

“Just had a meeting with Raila on the outstanding matter in court. In the spirit of cohesion and reconciliation in the country, the matter stands settled,” she said.

Raila, on his part, said: “Held a meeting with Waiguru and agreed to “let by-gones be by-gones” and leave the matter of the NYS scandal in the hands of investigators.”

He added: “She said her case against me is now settled in the spirit of reconciliation that the nation has embarked on. We also reviewed the status of devolution in the country and agreed to exchange views frequently on how to address the challenges.”

Early in the year, Waiguru had requested the High Court to allow the case against Raila to proceed.

Raila had requested that the hearing be stopped until he files an appeal challenging a ruling issued last November.

The ruling allowed the governor to conceal certain information regarding her lifestyle.

Raila had released a dossier claiming President Uhuru failed to include Waiguru’s name on a list of corrupt State officers.

Uhuru’s list saw several senior government officials, including Cabinet Secretaries lose their jobs.

Jojomuga wrote on Twitter: I salenda. This is too much for me to bear.

Munyaojk tweeted: Asi. How things have changed.

JOGUMTU wrote: Hehehehe, I told you. The is no opposition in KENYA. Kila mtu sasa ajipange.


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