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Raising the dead: Tricks women use to ‘wake up’ husbands in bed



Sex is a source of power. For men, it is what validates their masculinity, proof that they are energetic, providers and great lovers.

Basically, a man wants to prove he is the super hero.

You know, he got his game on and can pull a stunt or two…even if his mind may occasionally wander off during the steamy session.

Sadly, most men, when it come to mchezo, as the Coast guys put is, fail miserably. They can hardly make a woman reach the ‘Big-O’ and can’t tell where the G-spot is.

So, what happens when a man’s libido is low? The Nairobian has learnt that most married women ‘secretly’ boost their husbands’ libidos. And the men have no idea!

Take the case of Mwanaisha Jumaa, 28, a housewife.

“Before my wedding, I was taught by my aunties that I should give my husband plenty of watermelon and pumpkin seeds. Of course, I can’t just give them to him fwaaa like that. It would crush his ego if he thought I doubt his skills and energy in bed.

“So, I blend the seeds and add the powder to his porridge or smoothies without his knowledge. If my marriage was to fail today, sex or lack of it won’t be the reason. I have no complaints when it comes to that. He is as strong as an ox in bed and he lasts for a very long time.”

Mwanaisha’s school of thought is backed by science since “watermelon seeds contain zinc which help in naturally treating male fertility. Another super food to boost libido is peanuts. This nut is quite famous as it’s cheap and readily available for men across all generations,” says the self-taught sexual nutritionist.

Amina Shehe, an elderly housewife also has her secret.

“My husband is a long distance truck driver. I understand he gets into extramarital relations due to the nature of his job. On the day I expect him home, I make sure there’s a steaming bowl of octopus soup waiting for him. It greatly helps him in bed; otherwise I’d be forced to cheat,” she says.

Another less-known but excellent food that helps in libido is shark fin. This is an ancient medicine the older Swahili generations know of.

Amina Swaleh, a salonist says her grandfather had so many wives and lovers and before he died, he shared some secrets with her.

“I couldn’t imagine how he kept them all satisfied and happy. But before his death, I learnt that his secret weapon was dates smoothie. His first wife used to soak dates in water then blend the mixture with milk or serve it as it is. I heard that the smoothie helps increase sexual performance and makes the man last longer in bed. ”


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I was warned against building my mother a house – Comedian Jalang’o



Comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has revealed that he was warned against building his mother a house.

Addressing Alex Mwakideu, Jalang’o narrated that after his father passed away, he decided to build his mother a house but was told it was against Luo traditions.

Jalang’o explained that according to the Luo, it was taboo for him to build her house and flouting it meant courting death.

The only remedy, he said, was for her to get another man before moving to the house. The funny bone, however, shrugged the demands aside and went ahead.

Mwakideu mimi naweza kwambia hakuna kitu kama uganga. Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Sijawahi amini kwa sababu unajua kuna zile tamaduni za ndani kabisa ambazo watu wanakuambia hii haiwezi fanyika kabla hii ifanyike. Kama wajaluo tuko na utamaduni mwingi sana ya kwanza ilikuwa siwezi mjengea mamangu nyumba.

“Nikawaambia kama mungu ambaye namatumikia ataniua kwa sababu nimemjengea mamangu nyumba, wacha nife. Mpaka sahii nangoja kufa kwa sababu nimemjengea mamangu nyumba.

“Kwa sababu wanasema kijana mkubwa ndio anafanya sijui nini na unapomjengea kwa sababu babako alikufa lazima apate mzee mwingine ndio awe mzee wa kambo ndio aweze kumtoa mama kwa nyumba yake kwenda kwa hio ingine…

“So mimi na kichwa yangu mbaya nikamnunulia mamangu shamba na nikamjengea watu wa kijiji wakalia najiingiza kwa shida nikawaambia wacha nife. Mpaka sahii niko na wewe hapa,” said Jalang’o.

Touted as one of the richest radio presenters in the republic, Jalang’o lost his father just hours after landing his first gig at Kiss 100.

“When my dad died he told me one thing, I have a letter from my dad before he died because I could not even afford to go bury my dad when he died.

“The same day I got my very first gig at Kiss 100 is the same day my dad died. Caroline called me and told me Jalang’o you are replacing Nyambane when she hung up my mom called and told me your dad is gone. That’s how sad it was for me,” he narrated.


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Two gorillas pull off amazing human-like pose for selfie moment



Two giant gorillas were not going to let a camera opportunity to skip them when an anti-poaching ranger pulled out his phone for a selfie on Thursday, April 18.

The two primates named Ndakasi and Ndeze live in Virunga National Park, a conservation area in the Democratic Republic of Congo which is protected by 600 rangers.

The two animals named Ndakasi and Matabishi live in Virunga National Park.  On this particular day, one officer Patrick Sadiki was on his daily routine job when he snapped a sweet selfie capturing the incredible human side of the gigantic apes.

One stepped about a metre away from Sadiki, keen to strike a womanly pose while the other crouched right behind for a memorable selfie moment.

The national park was created in 1925 and is among the first protected areas in Africa. Inside this magnificent eye-catching watershed, are the mountain gorillas which are listed as endangered.

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How Kenyan celebrities marked Easter in 2019



As much as many people in Kenya go to church during the long Easter holiday, quite a number don’t.

A good percentage of Kenyans use this opportunity to unwind, meet up with friends and family or go for trips they have been longing for.

Kenyan celebrities are no different. Some went to church others took trips within and outside the country while others went on with their businesses as usual.

Here is how some of your favourite celebrities celebrated Easter.

King kaka

The C.E.O of Kaka Empire spent his Easter holiday in Dubai with a fan who won herself a trip after attending the rapper’s Eastlando Royalty Album launch last year.

King Kaka posted a video of Susan, the winner of the trip on his Instagram page letting his fans know that their dreams are valid.

“I keep my promises, last year while launching my 5th album Eastlando Royalty I promised to take one lucky fan to Dubai. @_susan_ndungu bought a regular ticket and won. Thanks to @trippygotours who were the official tour partners for the Album Launch. Dreams to reality. For your information, ilikuwa mara yake ya kwanza kufika airport@, kaka wrote.

King Kaka (Photo: Courtesy9

Larry Madowo

BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo enjoyed his Easter holiday with his extended family in France.

The Kenyan journalist attended a church service where two of his nephews were baptised and dedicated.

“My grandma just saw 2 more of her great grandkids get baptised and everything is perfect! May we all live this long. Happy Easter!” he posted on his Instagram

Larry Madowo and family

Victoria Kimani

The singer went on Safari for Easter. Victoria who was all dressed up in an animal print two-piece posted pictures of her refreshing trip to the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. She shared videos of the breathtaking view of animals mingling on her Instagram.

Victoria Kimani

H_art the band

Kenyan music group H­_art the band celebrated Easter at the coast.

The band took advantage of the extremely hot weather and took a road trip down to Sarova White Sands Beach Resort & Spa with friends including popular Lucy singer, Ben Soul.

The band took advantage of the extremely hot weather (Photo: Courtesy)


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