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Raising the dead: Tricks women use to ‘wake up’ husbands in bed



Sex is a source of power. For men, it is what validates their masculinity, proof that they are energetic, providers and great lovers.

Basically, a man wants to prove he is the super hero.

You know, he got his game on and can pull a stunt or two…even if his mind may occasionally wander off during the steamy session.

Sadly, most men, when it come to mchezo, as the Coast guys put is, fail miserably. They can hardly make a woman reach the ‘Big-O’ and can’t tell where the G-spot is.

So, what happens when a man’s libido is low? The Nairobian has learnt that most married women ‘secretly’ boost their husbands’ libidos. And the men have no idea!

Take the case of Mwanaisha Jumaa, 28, a housewife.

“Before my wedding, I was taught by my aunties that I should give my husband plenty of watermelon and pumpkin seeds. Of course, I can’t just give them to him fwaaa like that. It would crush his ego if he thought I doubt his skills and energy in bed.

“So, I blend the seeds and add the powder to his porridge or smoothies without his knowledge. If my marriage was to fail today, sex or lack of it won’t be the reason. I have no complaints when it comes to that. He is as strong as an ox in bed and he lasts for a very long time.”

Mwanaisha’s school of thought is backed by science since “watermelon seeds contain zinc which help in naturally treating male fertility. Another super food to boost libido is peanuts. This nut is quite famous as it’s cheap and readily available for men across all generations,” says the self-taught sexual nutritionist.

Amina Shehe, an elderly housewife also has her secret.

“My husband is a long distance truck driver. I understand he gets into extramarital relations due to the nature of his job. On the day I expect him home, I make sure there’s a steaming bowl of octopus soup waiting for him. It greatly helps him in bed; otherwise I’d be forced to cheat,” she says.

Another less-known but excellent food that helps in libido is shark fin. This is an ancient medicine the older Swahili generations know of.

Amina Swaleh, a salonist says her grandfather had so many wives and lovers and before he died, he shared some secrets with her.

“I couldn’t imagine how he kept them all satisfied and happy. But before his death, I learnt that his secret weapon was dates smoothie. His first wife used to soak dates in water then blend the mixture with milk or serve it as it is. I heard that the smoothie helps increase sexual performance and makes the man last longer in bed. ”


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Ali Kiba finally reveals his marriage with Kenyan wife is almost dead but not yet over



Singer Ali Kiba has revealed that things are not fine at home and it’s true his marriage to Kenyan lady Amina Khalef is currently on its death bed.

The singer, however, denied that the two have already divorced.

Speaking in an interview, Kiba said that a lot of rumours have been flying around about her union to Amina and most of it is not true. He, however, confessed that his wife had to be taken to back Mombasa as the two sort things out.

”It is true our marriage is on the rocks, but it is not true that I have divorced her.” he said. 

”I have not taken her back to Mombasa. It is also not true that she refused to stay with my mother and siblings. Stop spreading lies and work,” he added. 

By Ghafla

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Babu Owino takes on Mariga over relationship with Anne Thumbi



Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on Wednesday took a dig at Kibra parliamentary seat aspirant McDonald Mariga, asking him to choose between Nominated MCA Anne Thumbi and the Kibra seat.

Through a post on social media, Babu said Mariga was wrong to associate himself with Thumbi since she had a son with the late Ken Okoth.

“This is the lady who had a baby with the late Hon Ken Okoth. Mariga must choose between the lady or the seat.

“Hauwezi dharau the late Ken by taking both his seat and his wife. Choose one Omwami,” said Babu.

Thumbi has been seen beside Mariga in recent days and a photo of her sitting next to the former Inter Milan midfielder evoked a number of reactions online.

On Monday, Mariga was cleared by the IEBC to contest for the Kibra seat after a decision to reject his candidature was overturned.

The tribunal, chaired by IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati, declared that Mariga was a validly registered voter and could not be denied his right to vie for Kibra MP seat.

“We make the conclusion that the complainant was duly registered as a voter. The respondent (Returning Officer) decision of September 10, 2019 declining the nomination of the complainant is hereby set aside,” said Chebukati.

The tribunal directed the Returning Officer, Beatrice Muli, to process the application for Mariga’s nomination immediately.

The tribunal’s verdict means that unless any case against him is filed at the High Court, Mariga’s name will be on the ballot on November 7.


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Polygamous MP proudly parades his two ‘First Ladies’ during political rally



Nakuru East Member of Parliament, David Gikaria, recently excited a public gathering when he paraded and introduced his two wives to a gathering.

The incident happened during political rally under the ‘Inua Mama’ campaign in the MP’s home turf.

When invited by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to ‘greet’ the crowd, Gikaria seized the opportunity to introduce his wives.

“I’m the Nakuru East MP and when one has a wife or wives, he has to acknowledge them. I have several Nakuru Town East First Ladies. Let me introduce them to you,” Gikaria said while beckoning his wives to the podium.

Both wives stepped forward with smiles on their face as they waved to the cheering crowd.


“This is Veronica Wairimu, she is the First Lady number one. And this one is Dorcas Wangui, she is also the First Lady number one B. First Lady number one C is not here, but I will bring her here another day,” the MP said while alternately embracing each of his two wives.

Gikaria’s declaration is well within Kenya’s law which allows a man to marry more than one woman.

In 2013, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law the Marriage Bill which legalised polygamy.

It brings civil law, where a man was only allowed one wife, into line with customary law, where some cultures allow multiple partners.

By Nairobi News

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