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See why comedian Chipukeezy has broken up with fiancé



Chipukeezy and Vivian Mandera are no longer dating. The comedian has confirmed that their three year relationship has indeed hit rock bottom.

Earlier Vivian indicated that all wasn’t well when she deleted Chipukeezy’s photos from her Instagram account. She had also posted on Instagram that her man had been stolen from her.

Chipukeezy came out to set the record straight following speculations that his relationship was on the rocks after Vivian deleted his photos.

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba. We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people,” said Chipukeezy.

Chipukeezy and Vivian Mandera during good times

Chipukeezy further revealed that he won’t publicize his future relationship, he plans to keep his future girlfriend and most of his social life a secret.

I prefer my life to be now private because I don’t think I want to publicize my social life anymore. I wish her well and all the happiness that she deserves and may she find love. I don’t regret anything in that love because it is part of growing.

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Expensive electricity bills to continue for 15 more years



Official contracts have tied consumers to high electricity bills linked to thermal generation for up to another 15 years, records show.

A listing of the active diesel-run power generators shows that the longest power purchase agreement runs till 2035, leaving consumers with a longer wait before the expensive energy sources end. The Energy ministry last year began shedding the diesel-run power generation units by letting their contracts expire to reduce the burden on consumers.

Data from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) show that there are eight thermal power plants with a combined installed capacity of 660.82 megawatts supplying the national grid.

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter said the option of waiting for the expiry of the production agreements would be the easiest as terminating them early would be costly.

“We are slowly retiring them by not renewing licences when contracts expire. This is based on our grid analysis, which show that technically, they can be decommissioned without negative impacts to the quality and security of supply of electricity,” Mr Keter said. The Epra list show that the Triumph Power Generating Company was the latest company to be signed for thermal power supply in July 2015.

The firm’s 83MW plant has a 20-year contract expiring in February 2035. Others like Coast–based Gulf Energy with 80MW and Thika Power with 90MW will expire in 2034.

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Switching off thermal plants is part of the government’s gradual phase-out plan of expensive diesel power generators as it moves to provide cheaper and cleaner energy.

Last year, Iberafrica’s 54MW thermal plant was dropped off the grid after 15 years with the expiry of its power purchase agreement.

The use of thermal power has been blamed for keeping Kenya’s electricity relatively expensive compared to countries like Egypt which largely uses hydro sources retailing at Sh3.23 per kilowatt hour (unit) on average compared to thermal’s Sh18 per unit.


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Why Terryanne Chebet resigned as Metropol TV general manager



Popular media personality TerryAnne Chebet’s journey as the Metropol TV General Manager has come to an end.

Sharing the news of her resignation on social media, the Pan African Business Women’s Association (PABWA) patron explained that her exit from the media house is by far as one of the hardest decisions she has had to make.

In the post, Terryanne appreciated her colleagues and viewers for their unmatched support accorded to her during her time at Metropol.

“Today I say goodbye to my incredible team at @metropoltvke. What an incredible journey it’s been! You have taught me the real definition of being a leader and what teamwork is. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially because of your dedication and commitment to getting the job done.

“Our commitment to telling the stories of mama Mboga’s, SME’s and startups has inspired me greatly and I will take this to my next journey. I deeply appreciate you all for your viewership, criticism and suggestions that helped us build the first 24 hour Business News Channel in Kenya,” she wrote.

Terryanne went on to explain that her decision to step down was influenced by her desire to venture into entrepreneurship.

“As I now embark on my personal journey of entrepreneurship with @scarletdigital @keyaraorganicsI hope you will ride this journey with me. Love and Light.”

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Life has been an upward scale for Terryanne Chebet after unconventionally losing her job at Citizen TV.

The Keyara Organics CEO was first appointed the CEO of Fanaka TV, the first ever 24 hour Business Television Channel in Kenya.

‘’Business Television is my life. It is with humility and lots of enthusiasm that I am proud to accept my appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of Fanaka Television, the first 24 hour Business Television Channel in Kenya,” she shared.

The mother of two worked alongside Jimmy Gathu, head of TV and operations at Fanaka TV until her next appointment which was the position of General Manager at Metropol TV.

“I have formally left Fanaka TV in very able hands and I’m super proud to join the incredibly talented team @metropoltvke in delivering cutting edge Business Journalism.” wrote Terryanne.

Before she landed the General Manager’s position, Terryanne landed an ambassadorial position as the brand ambassador of Molfix Diapers, the mother company of Molfix diapers, Hayat Kimya Company.

Announcing the news on her Instagram, the elated TerryAnne couldn’t hide her joy at getting the opportunity.

“I’m so excited to be appointed the @molfixkenya brand ambassador! Just gratitude” she wrote.

Not long after she was appointed the patron for the Pan African Business Women’s Association (PABWA) in South Africa.

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The former news anchor again took to her Instagram to share the news with her fans who were equally over the moon for her achievement.

“What an incredible honour to be appointed yesterday as a patron for the new @pabwa_afcfta (Pan African Business Women’s Association). This association seeks to enable African women in business to optimize opportunities within the continental Free Trade Agreement,” wrote TerryAnne.


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VIDEO: Former Women Rep Joyce Lay turns to gospel music with new single



Former Taita Taveta Women Representative Joyce Lay seems to have found a new career as a musician.

Lay also vied for the Taita Taveta county senate seat in the last general election but lost to Jones Mwaruma.


On Monday she released her first song titled Najua, which also coincided with her birthday.

In a series of posts shared on her social media platforms, Lay revealed that she has now found a new calling after her political career came to an end.

She revealed that it had taken her 47 years to find her true calling.

“It took 47 years to know what God Has assigned me to do. This is because I wasn’t keen to allow Him to guide me,” she said.

“In 2018 I started on a deep spiritual journey. To know God more than what a preacher said. I wanted to have a deeper relationship and a wider understanding of who God is and why He created me. I started reading His word more and spending time in prayer. God is faithful,” she further wrote.

Lay also said she relocated to the United States after losing a bid for the senatorial seat in 2017 and it is there that she got the song idea.

“I went to the US for about four months. I had made up my mind that I was going to relocate there and venture into business. I had done my research and a business plan,” she narrated.

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The one day as she was outside her porch reflecting on her journey and trying to figure out what lay ahead of her, a song came into her mind and she sang it for about 10 minutes. She said she found it not normal.

“I would wake up in the middle of the night with a new song and just start singing. At some point I couldn’t get much sleep because of the fire burning inside my belly,” she recounted.

“God. Sometimes I would sing the whole night. I spent time to seek God’s direction on this and I know that this is truly for His glory and not for entertainment. He will pour out His Spirit in a way that we have never experienced before. He is God. He doesn’t not lie!”

The former Women Representative said she then decided to record it on the phone and then the studio.

“I took the decision to record music in April this year. This is after getting a clear message that the songs are not for me to keep but for God’s glory to be revealed in the world,” said.

Lay says she now has many other songs.

“It’s amazing because it wasn’t only one song but a second song and a third, fourth, fifth upto 32 songs were dropped into my heart through the Spirit of God,” she said.

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