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Ted Josiah speaks on why he is overdoing the single dad thing



Veteran producer music producer Tedd Josiah has confessed that he’s the only reason why his first marriage never worked.

Speaking in a radio interview with Massewe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Josiah said that he was really immature when he first got hitched and wasn’t ready at all.

“I was young and stupid when I married my first wife. I was so arrogant and at that time I was not ready to marry. I played a part in making sure the marriage did not work. I was a really bad boy,” he said. 

Tedd remarried and settled down with Reginah Katar in 2016 only for her to pass on a year later after delivering her first baby.

He said that one of the reasons why he posts her daughter so much is because of guilt he carries from neglecting his kids from his first union.

“Losing the kids was so painful. I had another daughter who kept waiting for me at the gate every day but I was nowhere to be seen. That wound is still very fresh, but now is when we are trying to repair the bond that was broken then with my other two children,” Tedd said.

“All the love that my other two children did not receive I decided to give to Jay, and all the mistakes that I did should not be repeated. It is a second chance that God has given me.

“Once the marriage broke I had a lot of time to reflect. I realised I needed children and I was so lonely. Sadly I can’t go back to my first marriage, because there is no chance for a reverse wheel in my life. We had differences that we can never solve,” he said.

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Willy Paul serves up nudity as he goes fully secular



The upcoming music video to Singer Willy Paul latest song promises to be both scandalous and explicit if a post on his Instagram page is anything to go by.

Willy Paul posted an X-rated video of women from different races all nude, using only a leaf and the pineapple fruit to hide their modesty.

His new song titled “Bure Kabisa’ plays in the background.


Bure Kabisa, is a song about a jilted lover who pours out his sorrows after being played by the person they were dating.

It is, however, not clear if the video is actually a snippet from what Willy Paul is shooting for his new song or just a hype stunt.


If indeed this is the route the former gospel singer is planning to take, then he would be living up to his current bad boy image.

After releasing the indelicate song ‘Lamba Nyonyo’ and ‘Chuchuma’ which stars women with big bottoms and sexy bodies, twerking.

The artiste first hit gossip headlines after releasing his hit song ‘Hallelujah’ in collaboration with Ugandan secular artiste Nandy.

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The controversy was further fuelled after a video of the duo performing the song, seductively, on stage went viral.

Despite the apparent undeniable shift, the musician is yet to fully admit to being a secular musician.

He has, however, managed to maintain a considerably large fan base in the country and continues to be one of the most popular artistes in Kenya.

You can watch the video here.

By Nairobi News

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Jacque Maribe, Eric Omondi celebrate son’s graduation



After years keeping it a secret father of her child, former Citizen TV news Anchor Jacque Maribe has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Maribe shared a picture of herself with her four-year-old son, Zahari, leaning on comedian Eric Omondi.

Maribe refers to the comedian as her son’s father putting to rest speculations that have long been going round of the child’s paternity.

“Family first. Happy graduation day Zahari. We, mum and dad @ericomondi are proud of you!” wrote Ms Maribe alongside the cute family photo.

Eric on the other hand also posted the same picture on his Instagram page writing the word “family” as the caption of the photo.

The two dated back in 2014 but later parted ways under unclear circumstances. Maribe later flaunted her baby bump but was elusive in commenting about the father of her child.

The comedian also in numerous occasion has evaded the paternity questions (on Maribe’s son) thrown at him during interviews. Both Maribe and Omondi are single.

Eric went on to date Italian Chantal Graziola but broke up earlier this year, while Ms Maribe became engaged to Joseph Irungu alias Jowie. The latter is currently in remand as the prime suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani

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Dennis Itumbi also congratulated the two. “Congratulations – The Omondi’s. Zahari’s graduation is a great statement of your solid guidance. May your bond last for an eternity and more. To both of you my friends, God’s blessings! Bishop na pia President walisema, “Wanaosema, wacha waseme! Au sio?” he said.

By Nairobi News

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Willis Raburu’s wife Mary Ngami expectant?



Media personality Willis Raburu and wife Mary Ngami could be expecting their first child after their May 2017 wedding.

This is after Ngami shared a photo on her Instagram page that has doused the grapevine with petrol and fanned reports that she may be heavy with child.

Making a return on Instagram after a long hiatus, Ngami made a triumphant return rocking a luminous orange hoodie with her husband.

In the photo, the 10 Over 10 host was photographed in glee, gently laying on Ngami’s belly.

“I have never met a man that I wanted to be his wife. And then he came along, it’s so natural to make a life ‘Cause he’s a perfect compliment, ’cause I’m a boss in my world. But when we’re together, he just makes me feel like his girl.

“He’s givin’ me love, so steady. He touches my heart, now. I’m ready. He touches my soul and my spirit. He’s givin’ me love, so steady (love me so steady)”#steadylove?” She wrote.

They have neither denied nor confirmed the reports.


The two lovebirds tied the knot in a colourful invite-only ceremony in Runda and thereafter jetted out to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Their honeymoon was, however, not as pristine as they expected.

“Our honeymoon was a disaster. I was paying for our honeymoon on the day of our wedding. And, making it worse, I sent half the money that was needed because I did not have enough cash with me on that day,

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“It was chaos! I was like: ‘I have brought somebody’s daughter here, and on our first day, she wants to cry… And you know on top of that, how do you say it in a good way. She was in the zone. So, there was no activity at the junction. So, ni kupendana tu like a brother and sister oh,” said Raburu.

Sometime last year, the TV presenter revealed that Ngami helped him get closer to God- praying for him on the daily.

“Listen, do not be fooled. I am who I am today and will continue to grow and succeed because of the prayers of my Wife. She is beautiful on the outside and the inside. @maryaprude_raburu I celebrate, honour and love you. Thank you for drawing me closer to God,” he wrote on social media.


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