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Vera Sidika lands a new TV gig



Vera Sidika is turning out to be a jack of all trades, the bootyful socialite is all over the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Vera shot to fame in 2012 after he debuted as a video vixen. She transformed to a fully fledged socialite in subsequent years.

In 2015, Vera debuted as an actress when she starred in season one of near-reality show Nairobi Diaries which airs on K24 TV. She however quit after the first season.

In 2018, Vera debuted as a singer after breaking up with her boyfriend Otile Brown. She released a song dubbed ‘Nalia’ which received a warm reception.

Vera the TV host

Vera will soon debut as TV presenter in an upcoming show. The socialite is set to co-host a show dubbed ‘Hello Mr Right’ alongside comedian Dr Ofweneke.

The socialite was seen preparing for the new show in photos she posted on Insta Stories. She also informed her fans to prepare for the the new show which will air on Star Times TV.


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‘Recovering from caesarian section isn’t a joke,’ Kambua says after giving birth




Gospel singer Kambua is looking gorgeous after giving birth.

The mother of one, has for the first time revealed that she gave birth through Caesarian section (Cs) though she didn’t give more details.

The Rauka show host also revealed that she’s still recovering from the surgery, saying it takes time for the scar to heal.

This is me thanking God that I can fit into one of my pre-preggers dresses🤣. My body has changed ALOT and I am embracing it all. I stretched in ways I never knew were possible! Isn’t God amazing? And then went through a CS (story for another day). Recovering from it is not a joke! I have chosen to be kind to myself. Giving myself the time I need to heal, and also to nurture my toto. I haven’t even told you about the edges I’ve lost because of breastfeeding! But I have no regrets. It’s all been worthwhile. Next year I will think about diets and workouts. (That baby pouch will need to go)😅. But for now I’m counting my blessings, enjoying the chubby cheeks and snug clothes lol.

Of late several plus size or rather women who’ve gained weight especially after giving birth have been body-shamed online.


Talking about it, Kambua told off cyberbullies.

Also, please be kind to your friends’ postpartum. There’s SO much pressure to “snap back”, without considering that being alive after birthing a child is a miracle in itself. Watu wa, “umenona”, please have several seats over there…’

In another post, she wrote a special prayer to God, thanking him for everything.

You know why we smile? Not because the road is easy, but because even through the fiery trials, the grace of God carries us! If people opened up and shared half of the things they’re going through, you’d be shocked at how heavy some of the burdens are. Oh but grace! It makes all the difference. Knowing that God has built in you the capacity to endure whatever comes. If you’re feeling tempted to give up, don’t! If you’re consumed by fear and anxiety, be sure that is NOT the voice of God. May you hear Him above the noise and chaos. He says to be still. Be still and know that He is God! He is faithful. And He has never failed me yet.


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King Kaka says his life is in danger in the wake of ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’




After steaming a superstorm online on Saturday with his latest poetic release titled, Wajinga Nyinyi, Kenyan rapper King Kaka a.k.a Kennedy Ombima is requesting for protection from unnamed persons who he seems to have rubbed the wrong way.

In Wajinga Nyinyi King Kaka is brutal with the words and bare-knuckled take down of Kenya’s tattered social fabric made worse by the never ending corruption.

King Kaka hinted at removing the video hours after releasing it. He also sort asked for protection without specifying the source of the threat.

The video has been treading for two days now.

Many Kenyans agree with what the rapper’s video. It is addressing the state of the economy, healthcare and poor living conditions for a lot of Kenyans.

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Tell dad I’m dealing with Raila, Didmus to late Wamalwa son



Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa was forced to cut short his speech after he was heckled during the burial of William Makali, son of former Vice President Kijana Wamalwa in Kitale. Trouble started when Barasa criticised opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The MP allied to Deputy President William Ruto vowed to lead Western leaders in scuttling Raila’s ambition of becoming Kenya’s fifth president.

Barasa revisited the Kibra incident where ODM supporters roughed him up and snatched his signature maroon cap, blaming Raila on his attack.

“Willy go and tell you father (Michael Wamalwa) that Barasa is going to deal with the man who denied him the chance to rule Kenya. Tell him that I’m going to ‘unleash vengeance kicks’ on Raila for the humiliation I got in Kibra [during] mini-poll,’’ Barasa said amid heckling from mourners.

He angered the crowd more when he asked Raila to accept defeat in 2022 and warned him that he risked being jailed if he caused violence.Jeers from angry mourners intensified when he asked Saboti MP Caleb Amisi to leave Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to avoid losing his seat in 2022.

“Mr Amisi, you know that you were lucky to have won the Saboti seat and you know that I am capable of ensuring you lose your seat in 2022 if you don’t quit ODM,’’ Barasa continued.

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Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka and MPs John Waluke and Justus Kizito scoffed at Barasa for disrespecting other leaders.Lusaka condemned the legislator’s insults on Raila and asked him to play mature politics.‘’Elected leaders should address other leaders with decorum. Don’t use a funeral platform to attack other leaders,’’ Lusaka told Barasa.

Kizito faulted Barasa for being used by a senior leader in the government to insult rivals.“We know you are being used by someone to attack and insult respected leaders in the country and we will not tolerate your behavior,’’ he warned.

Waluke described Barasa’s political outbursts as provoking and disrespectful.On his part, Amisi asked Barasa to engage in mature and constructive politics and “stop acting like a political hire.”

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