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William Ruto not qualified to be President – Martha Karua



NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua says Deputy President William Ruto is not qualified to be the country’s 5th president.

Taking to twitter, Karua has asked Ruto supporters to stop dragging her name into their campaigns because she would never endorse his State House bid.

“That is true! I hold the view that William Ruto is the least qualified for the job (presidency) and as such would never endorse him,” Karua notes.

Karua was responding to reports doing rounds on social media claiming that she has endorsed Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

“Just leave me out of it and I will not be bothered,” she further says.

Karua, who lost the race for Kirinyaga Governor seat to Anne Waiguru of Jubilee party, has always expressed her reservations on the Deputy President style of leadership.

“I am being very upfront, I will not support him (in 2022). Its called choice in democracy,” she previously said on NTV’s Side Bar.

“Mimi sijakubali kamwe! (I do not agree at all) that Ruto will be the next president of Kenya,” Karua said in the past.

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Kenya Airports Authority responds to Sonko’s JKIA toilet rant



The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), has explained why toilet facilities at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) are in a poor condition.

This after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, who arrived in Nairobi on Thursday morning from London, ranted on social media about the pathetic state of the facility’s washroom.

A statement shared on their Twitter handle, KAA said that the washrooms at the airport are the way they are due to vandalism which is currently being experienced at the airport.


They also said they have commissioned a contractor who is on the ground and is systematically repairing and replacing the faulty equipment.

“Our attention has been drawn to concerns on social media relating the washrooms at JKIA. These cases are as a result of vandalism which we are unfortunately experiencing at the airport,” KAA’s statement read.

“We currently have a contractor on the ground who is systematically repairing and replacing the defective equipment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but assure all airport users that we strive for customer satisfaction,” the statement further read.


KAA came under harsh criticism from Kenyans after Mr Sonko shared a video capturing the urinal in the men’s washroom with exposed cables with no appropriate water flashing mechanism.

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Mr Sonko vented on how he had to connect two wires that were visible from the area that is supposed to have the flush button, for water to come out.

He also claimed that he was electrocuted while answering a short call in the toilets.


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TRAGIC: Deadly confrontation with boda boda riders costs lorry driver his life



The driver of the lorry whose occupants were attacked by boda boda riders after a fight over a mobile phone on Saturday evening at Githurai, Kimbo estate in Kiambu county has died.

Mr Josephat Muriuki, who had offered two women a lift, succumbed to injuries on Wednesday at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where he was receiving treatment.

Another unidentified man is said to have died while the two women are nursing serious injuries and staring at bills running into hundreds of thousands of shillings after being injured in the melee off Thika Road.


On Wednesday, police said that Mr Muriuki and a boda boda rider, who is on the run together with his fellow riders, had differed after the latter allegedly stole a phone belonging to the lorry driver.

The death of the two men and the life-threatening injuries inflicted on the two women were as a result of how all big things start small.

Here a chronology of events that led to the fatalities:

  • It all started on Saturday 13, 2018 evening when Mr Muriuki differed with a boda boda rider and accuses him of stealing a phone. He takes the rider’s motorcycle, loads it into the lorry and leaves.
  • As they always do, the boda boda rider then mobilises his colleagues about the incident and a plan to retrieve the motorcycle is launched.
  • As this goes on, two women, Anne Mukami and Minnie Waithera, who are hawkers, ask for a lift home after they are through with their work and Mr Muriuki offers to take them home. They are unaware of what he has at the back of his lorry.
  • As soon as they join the road leading to Kimbo, they notice a swarm of boda boda riders chasing after them.
  • Mr Muriuki then decides to drive to the Githurai, Kimbo Police Station but just a kilometer away, he hits a wall and the boda boda riders corner them.
  • The riders at first stone the lorry and later beat up all its occupants before leaving with the motorbike.
  • The occupants are then rushed to various hospitals in Kiambu and Nairobi counties.
  • On Sunday things are calm until Nairobi News and NTV report about the incident.
  • On Wednesday morning, police through Ruiru police commander James Ng’etich say that they have launched a manhunt for the boda boda rider.
  • On Wednesday evening, reports indicate that Mr Muriuki the lorry’s driver has died while receiving treatment at KNH.
  • The suspects are still at large.
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Honey gatherer finds Sh27,000 in forest, gives it to rightful family



A honey gatherer who found Sh27,850 in a forest handed it over to a family in Bomet whose son has been missing for nearly a fortnight.

Nicholas Sang, 27, was on a honey gathering mission in Bondet Forest when he stumbled on the money.

“The money was laying on the ground in the middle of the forest. Besides the money, I recovered a pair of socks and a handkerchief,” he said.

Sang who doubles up as a tea picker then took to finding the owner of the wallet.”From it, I retrieved an identification card belonging to Robert Kipkurui Tonui, from Kapsengere Village, Bomet County,” he said. In the wallet, there was also a Boda Boda sale agreement which indicated that 27-year-old Tonui had sold a motorcycle for Sh60,000.He had received a Sh30,000 deposit.

Finding Tonui

Sang, said that when he finally managed to locate Tonui’s home, he was surprised to find he had been missing since April 7.

“The family reported the matter at the local police station and returned to Bondet forest where the search party found additional items belonging to Tonui; which included a coat, underwear and another pair of socks,” he said. They, however, found no body.Tonui’s mother Ester Simotwo said she last saw her son on April 6th.

“My son has been working as a power saw operator and just left home without telling me where he was going,” she said.Mrs Simotwo said she hopes that her son who is a father of one, was still alive.

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“My gut feeling is that he is alive and somewhere out there,” she said. Tonui is related to former Roads Minister Franklin Bett who has also been in the search party.

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