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Appoint Moi and Kibaki too after Moody Awori, Kenyans tell Uhuru



Disappointed Kenyans are now telling Pesident Uhuru Kenyatta to go ahead and appoint retired presidents Daniel Arap Moi and Mwi Kibaki to plum positions “since appointing younger Kenyans is tantamount to appointing thieves.”

A section of Kenyans had earlier questioned the wisdom of appointing 91 year old former Vice President Moody Awori as a member of the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund board.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with former Vice President Moody Awori during the National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park, May 2015. /FILE
President Uhuru Kenyatta with former Vice President Moody Awori during the National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park, May 2015. /FILE

But speaking during a KCB meeting on Thursday, Uhuru said Awori will ensure that money is not stolen at the Sports Fund board.

“I am being criticised for appointing a 91-year-old… put yourself in my shoes. Tumeona vile watu wakipewa kazi hizo vile wanafanya. Afadhali niweke mzee anichungie hiyo pesa…aaah mniwache bwana.”

In a Gazette notice dated November 28, Finance CS Henry Rotich noted that the board will be made up of five Principal Secretaries from the ministries of Education, Arts, Health, National Treasury and Sports.

The board is expected to manage the fund, prepare and submit quarterly reports to Rotich.

They are also tasked with developing infrastructure and facilitating Team Kenya for their national assignment.

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But with this appointment, Kenyans have asked why Awori, who turned 91 on Wednesday, had to be appointed to the board instead of young people.

During his tenure, President Uhuru Kenyatta said his government will ensure that he tackles youth unemployment.

Uhuru said the government has established a number of initiatives to nurture and build an entrepreneurial culture among the youth.

This includes the Sh6 billion Youth Enterprise Fund, which has so far benefited more than 2,000 youth enterprises and trained more than 200,000 entrepreneurs.

Mageshad wrote on Instagram: Acha za ovyo prezo. Usicheze na Wakenya. Just go ahead and appoint Kibaki and Moi to complete the equation then.

“Awori is 91 years old. He is making a comeback to public service as a board member while his 94-year-old counterpart in Kabarak is enjoying his retirement and pension with peace,” @ItsMutai said.

He added: “Something is fundamentally wrong in this country. Who really advices leaders in this country?”

“Awori, born in 1928, appointed to Sports Fund. Nothing against Uncle Moody, but do they want him to die in a public office so that he can receive a state-funded funeral?” @SaddiqueShaban

@scentor said: “19-year-old teenager former VP Moody Awori appointed board member of Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund. The young idealistic people truly have a place in our beloved government.”

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“‏When a Moody Awori trends you fear the worst. When you realise it isn’t what you first feared, the shock departs temporarily only to be replaced by more shock and sadness,” @cirasvoice said.

He added: “Initially for the loss of a great man and later for the loss of direction of dear country.”

“Awori now being given a state job when we have young energetic lads that can do the job….91 yrs for Gods sake..Then you’ll here some idiot somewhere saying that the government is empowering the youths,” @ItsKubasu said.

@NjeriwaKamau3 said: “Even a young Moody Awori wouldn’t be fit for the appointment. The guy has zero experience in sports. Uhuru is impermeable to basic common sense and logic.”

“No hate to uncle Moody Awori but at that age? Is there no one else I mean 91 year old man should be retired, enjoying his pensions,” @Sam_Lulli said.

@RobertAlai said: “Moody Awori getting appointed on boards is a great insult to the youth of this country by @UKenyatta. How does someone support this? Methuselah.”

“Hey @UKenyatta this is really good work.  However I have no doubt that his Hon Moody Awori has some investments and if not, he has grand kids he can take care of. Stop recycling these fossils. What value can a 91-year-old add to Sports, Arts and Social Dvt in Kenya?” @Kvaati said.

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Another user asked Awori to decline the appointment and allow a young Kenyan to join the board.

“The most noble thing ex-VP Moody Awori can do is to decline the appointment,” @AlexMenjoh said.

He added: “Thousands of youths are jobless and can do a better job than him. His future is in the past and the best thing is for him to do is continue investing his billions to create employment for other youths.”

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Church where pastor killed his wife before committing suicide demolished



A church in Mombasa where a pastor stunned his congregation by stabbed his wife to death and then slit his own throat two weeks ago has been demolished.

The Ground for God’s Gospel Ministries at Chembani village in Kiembeni was pulled down on Sunday in the presence of relatives of the deceased.

Local administrators supervised the demolition of the church as congregants and family members of Elisha Misiki Nyadoya and Anne Mughoi watched.

According to the police, on the fateful day, the pastor left his front row seat and approached his wife, who was also a senior pastor, on the pulpit and stabbed her with one of the knives he had hidden in an envelope.

Misiko died instantly from his stab wounds and Mughoi died at a local hospital a few hours later, police said.


The couple had been engaged in a long-running feud over the ownership and leadership of the church.

The pastor had accused his spouse, a mother of four, of plotting to edge him out of the church leadership which he claimed he had founded.

Misiko left a 17-page suicide note in which he accused Mughoi of changing ownership of the church to bear her name alone.


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DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: Kenyan man passes away suddenly in St. Louis, Missouri



It is with heavy heart that we sadly announce the sudden passing of Jacob Simatwa of Endebess, Kitale-Kenya and a member of the Kenyan community in the United States.

Jacob died on January 24th, 2020 while living in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in a house he shared with another roommate. He spoke with friends and went to sleep that night but never woke up in the morning.

He was an alumni of Coastal Carolina University and is well remembered as a notable athlete. He was a member of the men’s cross country and track & field team from 2002-04.

Also a member of the 2003 Big South Outdoor Track & Field championship team, Simatwa was a four-time Big South Outdoor Track & Field individual champion in the 400 meters in both 2003 and 2004 and was part of the 4×400 meter relay team in both 2003 and 2004 as well.

The Funeral committee in the United States met on January 25th 2020 via teleconference call and received preliminary information on the death and committed to lead fundraising effort to repatriate the body back to Kenya following his family’s plea.

We are sincerely appealing to the Kenyan community and well wishers in the United States to assist in raising funds to send Jacob’s body back to Kenya. Prior to his death, Jacob was jobless and with no insurance coverage nor any personal reserve cash in the bank.

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Kenya Community in St Louis will hold a memorial service on Sunday February 2nd, 2020 at 5pm.
Venue: Christ Covenant church
465 Shackelford Rd, Florissant, MO 63031
Pastor Paul Macharia 314 2297708.

The funeral planning committee has come up with a budget of $17,000 to cover burial and funeral expenses from USA to Kenya. No amount is too big or small; any amount will be greatly appreciated. You can use any of the following

CashApp handles for those in USA:

  • Joe Kipnusu +15154478262 ($kipnusujoe)
  • For those in Kenya send contributions to Peter Simatwa MPesa # 0720 204350
  • You can also contribute using this GoFundMe

Please join this WhatsApp Forum to help us raise funds and get updates as we plan on sending our comrade back home.

Thanks and God bless you all, Funeral Planning Committee

For any further inquiry, Call or text any Funeral committee members below:

  1. Chair – Prof. Lewis Kwemoi Chongwony (USA): +174027415275
  2. Peter Simatwa (Jacob’s cousin in Kenya): cell # +254720 204350
  3. Prof. Paul Sabila (Maryland): +1 (860) 964-6011
  4. Faith Langat-Korir (Kansas): +1 (816) 529-1014
  5. Tim Sirkoi (Florida): 1 (802) 299-8591
  6. Lucy Sakura (Texas): 1 (817) 724-2781
  7. Joseph Kipnusu (Iowa): +15154478262
  8. Esly Kania (Minnesota): +17635684575
  9. Isaac Kibet (Missouri): (314) 255-8717
  10. Vincent Sambrir (Kenya): +254722 364714
  11. John (Jacob’s brother in Kenya): +254716822693.
  12. Timothy (Jacob’s brother in Kenya): +254720064730
  13. Cyprian Manyu (Texas): +1314 243-4303

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Gym instructor dies tragically just hours after jokingly posting about death



A renown Kenyan gym instructor died hours after jokingly posting about death on Facebook.

Zablon Osiemo was involved in a fatal road accident of January 26, hours after he uploaded the said post.

In his last post, Osiemo laughed off the ignorance of those who keep asking him about the financial benefits of going to the gym.

He ended the post in jest by saying “ignorance will keep Kenyans unfit and kill them faster than Coronavirus.”


Genge rapper Hubert Nakitare aka Nonini was among the first people to eulogise the gym instructor.

In his post, Nonini said he and Osiemo had embarked on a 30-days fitness challenge and were only on the second day when the latter died.

“Death is so unfair. How does this happen to my friend Zablon Osiemo. Rest well brother, we had 28 days to go on our fitness challenge,” Nonini wrote on Facebook.

Osiemo was a Fitness instructor, owner and founder of Zablonfitness. He was also a former participant in the Mr Kenya Body Building Championship where he emerged fifth in 2015.

He also held the title for Nairobi’s lightweight category and was once the unbeaten Kenya lightweight champion.


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