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Controversial pastor Kanyari is back in circulation as Bishop Mwangi



Self-proclaimed and controversial prophet Victor Kanyari is back in circulation under a different brand name.

Kanyari, the lead preacher of Salvation Healing Ministry, now goes by the name Bishop Mwangi, which he says is his other name.

Kanyari was in the limelight after being exposed three years ago for performing fake miracles using potassium permanganate, which turns purple when dissolved in water.

He used this chemical reaction ruse to convince followers that his prayers washed away mysterious diseases by asking them to step into water and witness the disease being ‘washed away’ and change the colour of water in the process.

The exposure got Kenyans wagging but soon died out as no one complained to the police. Kanyari was then asking those who wished to be prayed for to panda mbeguwith 

Sh310 through mobile phone money transfer. That saga resulted in his gospel singer wife Betty Bayo divorcing him.

But the man has since repackaged himself as Bishop Mwangi, with a somehow different voice and ‘reloaded’ miracles, for which he asks for a discounted Sh250 as “seed offering.”

Kanyari has been broadcasting half-hour audio clips that are aired on Radio Jambobetween 4.45am and 5.10am.

Pastor Kanyari

The Nairobian obtained the recordings after several complaints from listeners about Bishop Mwangi.

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One complainant was miffed by his promise to a sickly woman that she would be cured after parting with the ‘seed offering’ money.

It is back to the old trick of prayers for sale.  Another complaint to the radio station and seen by The Nairobian reads in part: “This is Emmanuel and am requesting hiyo namba ya Pastor Mwangi coz he has requested for some amount of money akisema anarudisha baada ya maombi na ajanirudishia nikimpigia anaweka number busy(07415292**) (sic).”

In the 30-minutes recording, ‘Bishop Mwangi’ begins with a short prayer, then goes straight to claim that he is anointed prophet who has seen many people out there suffering, including the educated but jobless and whom he has been sent to liberate.

He claims to be praying from the top of a hill and that God has commanded him to ask listeners for Sh250 as “seed offering” for miracle prayers, and that those who will heed the call  will be blessed ?nancially, get jobs, healed and even acquire plots to build in Nairobi, among other windfalls.

In between speaking in ‘tongues,’ ‘Bishop Mwangi’ interrupts the programme to share his three different mobile phone numbers through which listeners can send the Sh250 and wait for his call for prayers.

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“God has sent me like Moses in the Bible who was given a stick. In my case, he has given me the power to pray for people through the phone. You don’ have to see, neither must we meet for you to receive your miracle. The Sh250 offering you will send is your password to riches and peaceful life”, he tells the listeners.

Pastor Kanyari: Photo/ Facebook

After some time, he introduces a woman only identi?ed as ‘Mama Mitchell’ for a short testimony about how she sent the seed and got healed from diabetes and high blood pressure.

“I had suffered for a very long time. But when I heard the prophet and heeded his call through the seed money, I was healed immediately,” she claimed.

Kanyari then continues to claim that a woman who was suffering from arthritis in Busia was healed after kupanda mbegu, as was another HIV positive woman who is now free of the virus.

 Among the problems and ailments, he claims he can take care of on-air through prayers include broken marriages, asthma, failing businesses, unemployment, desire for big cars and plots and liberating those who have been bewitched.

“There is a woman who was selling plastic materials and her business was not doing well. When she heard my voice as commanded by God, things suddenly changed for the better and she now owns a supermarket,” he claimed, adding that: “I was in Malaysia, Switzerland and Canada praying for people and now that I’m back home in Kenya, it’s your turn (to receive a miracle)…not long ago, I was in Congo and Mauritius where the disabled were healed. In Tanzania, I prayed for a woman who had never conceived for 17 years and she got child!”

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Benachi flaunts car in a warm message on his struggles in Nairobi



US-based Kenyan singer Benson Ongachi alias Benachi is having the time of his life in North America since relocating and getting married to his wife , Joan.

The Mwanake hitmaker star has in past years not shielded away from showing his ups and downs and finally making it in the United States.

Benachi still sings and is an occasional minister in Donald Trump’s new-age America and has a travel catalog that stretches through Dallas, Atlanta and New York among other cities.

He is happy with his achievements, he resides in a cozy neighborhood and once in a while shares bits of it and experience with his wife.

The recent post he shared how he struggled to break through the music industry while in Nairobi.

“Nilitembea sana nikihustle Nairobi,kupiga root 11 ju ya kukosa bus fare. I never thought that one day I will be able to own a car. Enyewe you don’t know about tomorrow. God is Good, God is faithful,” he wrote.

He added: “Struggles are part of life, but they are not a totality of what life entails. So we must remember to discover all the other ingredients that make life worth living. Victory belongs to Jesus.”

He hit the limelight when he did a collabo with the late Kaberere in 2014 following the release of mwanake.

The couple also has a daughter, Olivia.

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‘Help me beg for forgiveness,’ – Nyota Ndogo thrown out by her husband



Mombasa based artiste Nyota Ndogo spent the night in the cold after being thrown out by her mzungu husband over disrespect.

Nyota had told her husband to wear a dera, a unisex cloth worn by people from the coastal region but he did not take it lightly.

‘I gave my husband a dera to wear, I told him that here in Africa a dera is worn by both men and women. I did not even know how I found myself outside. I did not even know that I could run this fast, but it is so cold outside I can’t deal with it. Let me go and try beg my husband from the window. I was only joking, maybe I should tag him so that you can help me beg him to let me into the house,’ Nyota Ndogo said.

Her post, written in Swahili read: “Nimempa mume wangu Dera avae nimemwambia huku africa tunatumia dera kulalia waume kwa wake hata sijui nimefika nje vipi sikujua naweza kua na mbio hivyo lakini hii baridi hapa nje ndio yanishinda ngoja nikabembeleze kwa dirisha ilikua matani tu sijui nimtag munisaidie niingie ndani.”

Nyota Ndogo

Just days ago, she posted something on her social media that left more question than answers saying even if she got dumped she would get married over and over again.

‘I cannot stay in a marriage that has no peace.

I cannot stay in a marriage where I am constantly getting trouble just to show people that I am OKay.

I Cannot stay in a marriage where I am being oppressed just because I have a husband who has money.

If I am dumped I will get married again and again and again and again. Even twenty times if need be.’


‘Don’t be a person that constantly cries foul don’t mind being laughed at keep your happiness first.

At the end of the day I pray that God sustains my marriage for 100 years because I love this man.’

Nyota Ndogo

Her post continued, “Siwezi kukaa kwenye ndoa isiokua na Amani.siwezi kukaa kwenye ndoa ninayo pata tabu ili kuonyesha watu AM OK AND AM NOT.

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siwezi kukaa kwenye ndoa ya mateso kisa nipo na mume mwenye pesa nikiondoka ntateseka sasa najiganda tu haponikionyesha watu tabasamu la uongo.ya mwisho NIKIACHIKA NITAOLEWA TENA NA TENA NA TENA NA TENA. HATA MARA ISHIRINI.usiwe mtu wa kulia lia usijali kuchekwa jali furaha yako.MWISHO WA SIKU NAMUOMBA MUNGU AILINDE NDOA YANGU MIAKA MIA MOJA COUSE I LOVE THIS MAN.

By Mpasho

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Gilad Millo’s message as son joins Israel Defense Forces



Nairobi-based ex-diplomat Gilad Millo is a happy father after his firstborn son Omer got into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a paratrooper.

Celebrating his son, the singer shared it was hard saying goodbye to his 20-year-old son.

“I hugged you this morning for as long as I could until it was time to let you go. How can a father possibly be prouder?”

“My son, my boy, my firstborn, my pride, my Omer sending you off today to join the Israel Defense Force, as a paratrooper knowing that tomorrow mom and I are on a plane back to Kenya, was one of the more difficult moments we’ve known since you came into this world a little over 20 years ago,” he wrote.

In an Instagram post, Millo revealed that Omer decided to return to their native country singly, a state he represented for long as deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi.

“This is the choice you made, to be a real Israeli, to return to Israel alone and serve your country as a lone soldier and as you say, to aim as high as you can and give it your all. I ask God to protect and keep you healthy, safe, happy and strong! Counting the days till I can hug you again. Love you to the moon and back – your very proud Dad!”

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The Israel Defence Forces (IDF), the Paratroopers Brigade -also called the 35th Brigade, was founded in September 1948.

Military service is mandatory to Israel citizens with few exceptions. Joining is done two times a year, April and December.  Millo’s son successfully enlisted in the December slot.

Men should be between 18 and 23 and stay for two years and eight months. Women; 18 and 22 and serve for two years.

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