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Court saves Marble Arch Hotel from demolition by Sonko



Court has barred the Nairobi County government from demolishing the Marble Arch Hotel located along Lagos Road, Nairobi.

Governor Mike Sonko had threatened to bring down the hotel, owned by businessman Mike Maina who is believed to have been responsible for the Nyama Villa Estate demolitions.

On Monday however, Justice Samson Okong’o of the Environment and Land Court issued temporary orders blocking the county from bringing down the hotel.

He further directed that directed the Officer Commanding Central Police Station Nairobi to provide protection to the business premises and ensure its not interfered with.

The hotel management had been issued with a 14 day notice demanding that they vacate the premises.

Maina and Sonko were involved in a heated exchange where the latter accused the businessman of using a fake title deed.

An irate county boss ordered for the demolition of toilets belonging to Maina right opposite the hotel.

The structures he said sat on land belonging to the county fire station.

The government has since suspended the demolition of structures countrywide.

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Shock as Vihiga teenager dies while ‘teaching’ his peers how to commit suicide




Residents of Keyonzo village, Vihiga County were left in shock after a 14-year-old boy died while ‘teaching’ his friends how to commit suicide.

Reports indicate that the deceased was with his friends when he took a rope ready to demonstrate to his friends how successful suicide missions are done when the rope accidentally strangled him to death.

Confirming the incident, the Assistant Chief Esther Vidijah said the incident has left the village and the family in pain wondering what led the young boy to attempt such a thing.

The chief said efforts by his friends to rescue him were futile as the rope quickly tightened around his neck.

The of the deceased was taken to Vihiga Referral Hospital mortuary as police launch investigations.

The administrator cautioned parents and guardians to monitor their children especially during this difficult time when they are at home as schools remain closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Grief as suspects who tried to steal goats in Kirinyaga are hacked to death





Four suspects were on Monday morning hacked to death Mithuthi-ini village, Kirinyaga County.

According to residents of Mithuthi-ini village, the four were allegedly found stealing livestock.

The villagers further alleged that the suspects are notorious and decided to lay a trap and pounced on them as soon as they showed up to steal goats from one of the area residents.

Confirming the incident, Mwea East Deputy Police Commander Lucas Chebet said the four were cut into pieces by residents using pangas.

The deputy police commander stated that two other suspects managed to escape the scene.

Bodies of the deceased were transferred to the Kerugoya Hospital mortuary.

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How to stay afloat during Covid-19 period



Over the last three months, I have done the more talks, Webinars, Facebook Live shows, mentorship forums and one-on-one telephone engagements than the entire year 2019.

During this Covid-19 period, I have discovered 8 very workable ways of staying afloat:

*1. Have an Achiever’s Mindset: Achievers accomplish big goals by staying focused. You need to keep the focus in order to say No to distractions, you need a Lion’s courage to say Yes in other issues and a lot of self-discipline to say ‘Not Yet’ to many society’s enticements around you

2. You need a Winning Power within YOU: You must believe that you fit into something better and bigger than yourself. You must adopt the attitude of accepting yourself and the way you are. The real you. And you have to be proud of yourself.

3. Conquer the BAD in you: This bad could be jealousy, selfishness, dislike of successful people, bad habits or just having negative thoughts most of the time. You need to start new good habits. Stop watching negatively skewed news, challenge your negative thoughts and associate yourself with positive people.

4. Dine with Dreamers and Change your life for good: I recommend three types of people that you need in your life;
i. Positive people, these will positively inspire you big.
ii. Go-Getters, these have dreams and goals in life.
iii. Visionaries, these are creatives, they make impossible possible.

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5. Have a marathoner’s Energy: These are people who have great energy earned after a lot of preparation, practice, eating right and having supportive networks. Just get it right like a marathoner.

6. Be a True Lion: A lion is not bothered by the noise of Napier grass. It’s always bold and confident. Learn to know where you look, where you spend your energy and thoughts. Not everything in life matters and you cannot be everything. Just do one thing and do it so well.

7. Master your Art: You need to ask yourself; what am I best at? What am I know for? Work on this niche and keep perfecting it.

8. Be Curious: In life, be eager to know stuff, research, explore and always ask for more information. Those with inquisitive minds get better and better in life. Life is mysterious and needs more digging.

The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog:

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