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Kenya’s most hidden gay population unmasked



Researchers on HIV have reported a breakthrough in reaching Kenya’s most hidden gay men as World Aids Day was observed on Saturday.

Mapping the Internet, researchers have identified a big number of gay men in Kenya, some who only transact through online networking sites.

“We are now able to reach a big number of a previously hidden group with HIV health care,” researchers said in a report.

The Virtual Mapping exercise carried out from June to July uncovered 6,672 gay men from Kisumu, Kiambu and Mombasa counties.

The uncovered, otherwise referred to as men who have sex with men, or MSM, included 1,567 from Kisumu, 1,469 from Mombasa and 3,635 in Kiambu.

The three counties had been selected for the study due to their regions’ high HIV prevalence rates, significant Internet use and relative urbanity.

The study was carried out by the National Aids and STI Control Council (Nascop) of the Ministry of Health and the University of Manitoba, Canada.

The final report prepared by Nascop and a private NGO, Partners for Health and Development in Africa (PHDA), says this is a major breakthrough in HIV control.

It is estimated that there are about are 19,175 MSM in Kenya. The HIV prevalence in this group, at 18.2 per cent, is three times higher than in the general population. Nascop says this presents a serious risk in the spread of the disease.

Traditionally, the new report says Kenya’s MSMs have been meeting their clients in a variety of ‘brick and mortar’ hot spots.

For example, in Nairobi’s CBD, estimated to have 11,000 MSM, most of the traditional hot spots, about 137 work stations are concentrated in a small area around River Road.

These are within a one kilometer radius of the Sex Worker Outreach Programme (SWOP) clinic on Keekorok Road in Nairobi.

A map of Nairobi’s “red light hot spots” in 2013 included bars, streets, hotels, sex dens and strip clubs.

Through the strategically-located SWOP clinic network, HIV researchers report to have mobilised more than 74,000 male and female sex workers.


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DANGEROUS: Pilot caught sleeping in the cockpit while flying 747 passenger jet [VIDEO]



A senior chief pilot “with nearly 20 years flying experience” has been filmed sleeping in the cockpit of his passenger jet.

The man was in the China Airlines 747 while his co-pilot recorded him snoozing on the job.The embarrassing video surfaced just days after the Chinese airlines pilots ended an unprecedented seven-day strike over issues such as pilot fatigue and long working hours.

Taiwan’s flag carrier, which has its headquarters in Taoyuan International Airport, has responded to the incident saying the clip was filmed before the most recent strikes took place.The video shows the highly experienced chief officer with his eyes closed and his head down as he sits in the main seat of the cockpit.

While he is yet to be named, he is reportedly the airline’s most senior Boeing 747 pilot, with 20 years of experience flying mainly Tokyo, Okinawa, Seoul and Hong Kong routes.The chief pilot is also said to be an instructor in charge of simulations at the China Airlines Flight Training Centre.

Facing accusations including ignoring flight safety procedures, the pilot is said to have “received adequate punishment”, a statement by China Airlines said.The airline added that the video was filmed prior to the February strikes which affected roughly 20,000 passengers booked on about 100 flights.China Airlines has also suggested the co-pilot who filmed and released the video may also be punished for choosing to record the clip instead of wake his senior officer up.

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Kenyan accountant extradited to US over Sh3.6b fraud



A Kenyan man accused of stealing Sh3.6 billion ($36 million) from an American media technology services company has been extradited from his South American hideout.

Edward Martin Karuku, alias Paul McDaniel 42, was a former accounting manager who has been on the run since 2017.

He was returned to California from Costa Rica on Thursday to face charges of wire fraud.

According to NBC, the accused fled to Costa Rica in early 2017. He is accused of embezzling funds from Hypermedia Systems Inc., a media-technology services firm, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said that as part of his job, McDaniel was charged with making payments to Hypermedia vendors.

According to the indictment, McDaniel formed a corporation using a name similar to one of Hypermedia’s vendors, then directed more than Sh3.6 billion in funds to the shell company and created bogus invoices on letterhead of actual Hypermedia vendors to justify the expenses.

McDaniel allegedly used the stolen funds to pay off Sh2.3 billion in credit card debt, and transferred Sh800 million to his personal bank accounts.

He was arrested in Costa Rica in 2017 and remained in custody there pending extradition to Los Angeles.

He is facing 10 counts of wire fraud, each of which carries up to 20 years in federal prison.

Source: NBC and Nairobi News

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VIDEO: Uhuru loses temper, threatens to deal with CS Macharia




A video has emerged in which an irate President Uhuru Kenyatta tells off  Transport CS James Wainaina Macharia for not living up to expectation .

Kenyatta made a surprise visit to a Chinese construction site where he found the construction work had stalled and started to enquire the reason behind it.

He also enquired on how they had been allocated funds and listened as the CS and the Chinese contractor each gave a different figure, much to the President’s dismay.

The CS tried to interject the President to save face for the Chinese but a seemingly infuriated Uhuru could hear none of it.

In their defense, the officials from the Chinese company insinuated that there was shortage of funds and that the project would be fast-tracked if they received enough monies.


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