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Tragic drowning that killed soldier and two sons



Tuesday was a painful day for 37-year-old Eunice Karambu. It started with an extraction of a tooth at a clinic in Thika Town. And 12 hours later, Karambu nearly committed suicide after she was unable to locate her husband and two other sons.

Authorities at the 12 Engineers Battalion’s Thika Barracks broke the news of the death of her husband, of 12 years, Sergeant James Meme Kobia, 38 and her sons Joseph Kithinji, 11, and Vincent Muchui, seven, confirming her worst fears.

The three drowned in a 30-feet gravel excavation quarry inside the garrison, only 100 metres from their military quarters.

The police said bodies of the three were recovered at 11pm after an eight-hour operation by a Disaster Response Unit from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) headquarters. Blithe response

But the family of Meme, from Mboone village in Keigoi, Igembe South, yesterday said poor response by KDF could have cost another life.The family wondered why Karambu was kept in the dark over the death of her husband and children for such a long time.She only came to learn the truth after the three bodies were retrieved from the quarry.

Alongside sons

Sgt Meme is said to have picked a tyre, he intended to use as a floater, and plunged into the pool only to drown alongside his two sons.The military kept the incident away from the media and denied journalists access to the pool.

The police signal on the incident indicated a report was filed around 7pm at Makongeni Police Station by Corporal Stephen Meleji, of the Military Police, based at the Thika garrison.In Meme’s rural home, a sombre mood engulfed his family and neighbours as they tried to come to terms with the deaths.

Ms Karambu was devastated and could not speak about the tragedy.Family members were closely wathing her, especially after she attempted take the life of her remaining son and commit suicide at their home at Thika barracks.Karambu’s father and her brothers-in-law said they immediately drove to Thika after learning about the incident on social media.Meme’s elder brother Martin Kobia said his remaining son is being taken care of by officers at the barracks.

“Meme’s colleagues informed the family Karambu had attempted to kill her son and herself upon learning about the incident,” said Karambu’s father, Mr Henry Mworia.Kobia described his brother, who joined the KDF as a 17-year-old, as a humble and dedicated soldier who loved his family.

“He could not start something without consulting the family. He loved his family so much, that is why he died trying to save his children,” Kobia said.He said he had spoken with Meme the day he drowned and they were planning a family get together on December 31.

The tragedy is a big blow to the extended family which has been grappling with the sickness of Meme’s mother. She was admitted to the Thika Memorial Hospital awhile back.The burial of the three is set for December 28.


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Kirinyaga woman rep mourns nephew who perished in street racing accident



Kirinyaga County women representative, Purity Wangui Kuria-Ngirici, is mourning the death of her nephew, who was among the victims of a horrific accident which claimed several lives during a street racing event on Sunday evening.

Immediately after the incident, atleast eight people were reported dead and several other injured in the accident which happened at Oldonyosambu area on the Arusha-Namanga road in Tanzania.

On Monday, Ngirici took to Facebook to eulogize her departed nephew.

The young man name Robin, a nephew of Kirinyaga County women representative, Purity Wangui Kuria-Ngirici. He is among the people who died in the street racing car accident along the Arusha-Namanga road. PHOTO | COURTESY


“The cruel hand of death has snatched my beloved nephew Robin who perished from the Arusha Namanga accident. Robin was a young man of virtue. I recall with nostalgia his passion for everything his mind set to do. He was a sociable bubbly gentleman who like any other young person had great dreams for his future. Rest in eternal peace my dear nephew. You will be fondly missed,” he post read.

Reports indicate that casualties of the accident were both of Kenyan and Tanzanian nationalities.

Photos of the accident shared online showed mangled wreckage of the vehicles and lifeless bodies of some of the victims lying at the scene of the accident.


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We won’t stop accepting money from ‘corrupt’ politicians, Bishop tells Raila



An Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) bishop has slammed leaders who have been castigating churches for accepting donations from politicians said to be proceeds of corruption during fundraisers, saying that they will continue receiving the money until the courts declare such leaders corrupt.

Bishop Timothy Gichere of the ACK Mt Kenya Central diocese said no one should label or condemn others as corrupt as one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

He added that the church cannot distinguish between “clean” money and money gotten from corruption scandals.


The bishop urged those condemning the church to stop it and allow the investigating agencies to do their work without undue political interference.

“When leaders come to church and contribute money with clean hearts, we can’t decline because we are not in a position to know if the money is gotten from corruption and we are not there to rebuke and label people as corrupt because that is the obligation of the courts.

“Let the judicial process go on without politicising the war on graft so that the culprits can be arrested and charged,” he said.


Speaking at the Murang’a GK Prison on Sunday when he led Easter celebrations with prisoners, Bishop Gichere said the church supports the war on graft but cautioned leaders not to politicise the matter for the fight to succeed.

But at the same time, the bishop cautioned politicians not to be using the church to spread hatred and ethnicity, adding that the leaders should not be going to churches for publicity but should instead seek spiritual nourishment.


“It is unfair for politicians to be using the church as a campaign platform and to spread hate,” he said.

The bishop spoke a day after opposition leader Raila Odinga accused some religious leaders of allowing their churches to be used for money laundering.

Mr Odinga claimed that the huge amounts of money being donated to some churches every weekend are proceeds of corruption and need to be investigated, saying this could be part of a money laundering racket.

“There are some church leaders who are true to their calling while others are not. We need to [question] the source of the millions of money being taken to churches. For example, if someone’s salary is Sh1 million a month, where do they get Sh5 million every week or between Sh15 and Sh20 million a month to hold fundraisers in churches?” he posed.

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Missing doctor’s body found in Septic tank in her home



Police have recovered the body of International Hospital Kampala (IHK) doctor who has been missing for days.
Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said on Monday that Dr Catherine Agaba’s body was recovered in a septic tank at her home in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb.
Mr Onyango said that a guard, who was arrested last night led police detectives to where her body was dumped.

“After arresting the askari in Pakwach District in northern Uganda, he confessed and said he had participated in her murder and led us to Muyenga where he had dumped the body in a septic tank,” said Mr Onyango.
The area LCI chairperson identified the suspect as a 24-year-old guard. He said the house belongs to Kooki chiefdom Prime minister Chiefdom Prime Minister Hajji Ahmed Kiwanuka.

Local authorities said the guard killed Dr Agaba in attempt to protect his job. The doctor had reportedly accused the guard of not doing a good job.
“We found her subwoofer, phone and other items in his possession,” the area LCI chairperson said.

Dr Agaba disappeared on April 13, 2019 after she reportedly asked for annual leave from her workstation- IHK. Since then, she has not been sighted anywhere. Several distress messages have been circulating on the social media to trace her but have so far yielded nothing.
Police have arrested several suspects in the murder.
One of other suspect is a Uganda doctor based in the US. The doctor who has not been named reportedly worked at Nsambya hospital in Uganda before going to the US.

On Friday, the management of IHK said they last had contact with Dr Catherine Agaba on April 9 when she applied for her annual leave. Since then, she has not been cited anywhere.
“Our last contact with her was on Tuesday April 9 when she applied for annual leave. We appeal to anyone who has any useful information regarding her disappearance or whereabouts to report to the IHK Human Resource Office or nearest police station. We continue to stand with and pray for her and her family during this trying moment…” the IHK statement reads.
The family also put out a social media post informing the public about their missing relative, but have not received any feedback on her whereabouts.

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