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Activists want suspected American child molester on the run charged



A crime story published in a little-known website in the US state of Pennsylvania has stirred a campaign to have a suspected sex pest and his wife extradited to face justice in Kenya.

According to Lancaster Online, an American couple proclaiming themselves as missionaries packed their belongings in 2008 and travelled to Kenya to establish a children’s home.

Gregory Dow and his wife Mary Rose, who had sold their farm in East Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania, pitched their wagons on a 1.2-acre piece of land in Boito, Bomet County, where they started the Dow Family Children’s Home.

On its website and fundraising promotional materials, the children’s home is described as refuge for orphaned and abandoned children. By 2015, more than 79 children called the place home.

But in 2017, Mr Dow fled Kenya never to come back after an arrest warrant was issued against him over claims he was sexually assaulting children under his care.

According to the Lancaster Online, before his travel to Kenya, Mr Dow had been convicted for sex-related crimes in the US and had actually served time.

“It’s this history that makes me very sceptical about claims that the charges in Kenya were trumped-up and that the Dows are innocent. It’s a story that has bothered me and if there’s any way to uncover the truth, then please share with me what you find,” Ms Lindsey Blest, the author of the story, said when the Sunday Nation spoke to her on the phone.

After Mr Dow left the country, his wife tried to flee in September 2017 but was arrested by the police. She was charged with cruelty to children by, among other things, having girls implanted with birth control devices.

According to police records, she was released on bond on September 16, 2017. She later fled the country leaving the orphanage behind. However, back at their Lancaster home, the couple maintains their innocence and instead blame their neighbours at their Boito home for “turning against them”.

The orphanage they built is now deserted with the children already moved to other homes. The website they had started to help them in sharing information about the orphanage cannot be traced online.

Mr Dow has since gone into hiding. The Sunday Nation camped outside a house believed to be their home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but there was no indication that somebody lived there. But the Lancaster Online reporter who spoke to the Sunday Nation said Mr Dow had told her in a phone interview that the man who sold them the 1.2-acre piece of land came up with a scheme to get the property back.

“They got a few ‘rebellious’ teenage girls to lie,” he said. “It’s sad to say we live in a society where people are guilty until proven innocent.”

But Kenyans in the US don’t seem to have bought this line. Ms Lilly Richards, the founder of Kenya Women in the US, an online social group, went on Facebook asking for the Dows to be extradited. “Share the link and spread the word. Let’s get justice for these children.”

Many Kenyans living in the US expressed outrage that Mr Dow had escaped minutes before his arrest. His children apparently also managed to get out of the country. Even though his wife was later arrested, she eventually escaped.

Kenyan-born Anthony Kamau of Wilmington, Delaware, said there was a need to pursue justice for the alleged victims.

Janice Jenkins, an American citizen who knew the Dows and their previous case in Iowa, takes issue with the church that encouraged them to go to Kenya to work with children despite a questionable past.

“They fundraised for them to go to Africa knowing well that Dow was a registered sex offender. This is like putting a child in a candy store. I spoke with Doug Lamb before Greg and Mary Rose went to Kenya. Doug dismissed me as if I was trying to cause trouble,” she said. “Why would he as a pastor encourage them to go, gather support for them, support them financially?”

Ms Jenkins said she is willing to assist the Kenyan authorities in the investigation. “I want the children in Kenya to know we believe them; we are praying for them. We will stand with them for justice!” she added.

The office of the Attorney-General and the Director of Public Prosecutions in Nairobi did not immediately respond to our enquiries on the case.

Source: Sunday Nation- By CHRIS WAMALWA

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Broke Kenyans beg Sonko’s daughter for help after she flaunts pile of cash



Broke Kenyans spent the better part of Friday afternoon begging Saumu Mbuvi to help them with cash after she flaunted wads of money on social media.

The first born daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko posted a picture of herself sitting in an office with a section of the desk piled with money.

She captioned the picture with a message about knowing her worth and not being afraid to walk alone.

“I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I am not afraid to eat alone,” wrote Saumu Mbuvi.

The post attracted numerous reactions with most Kenyans telling her to be grateful of her fortunes in these harsh economic times.

Others went ahead to explain their tough financial situations including not being able to raise college fees

Ms Mbuvi later deleted the post but not after screenshots had been taken.


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Twelve police officers dead, one injured after IED attack in Wajir



Twelve police officers were killed in Wajir late Friday, when Al Shabaab terrorists planted an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) on the road.

A senior police officer in the region said the attack occurred on Saturday morning at Konton centre, and were pursuing attackers who raided the village late Friday and drove away with three police reservists.

“They appear to have planted explosives on the road because they knew they will be followed,” another officer said.

According to police sources, there were 13 officers in a Land Cruiser that ran over the landmine, twelve of whom died on the spot.

Capital FM News later learnt that a missing officer had been accounted for, settling earlier concerns that some officers may have been kidnapped by the attackers.

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai however, put the number of police officers on board the patrol vehicle hit by an IED at 11.

A brief statement dispatched to media houses Saturday afternoon indicated that the officers were on a routine patrol of the Kenya-Somalia border between Khorof-Harar and Konton area in Wajir.

“I have dispatched additional resources including air surveillance capability to continue with the operation,” Mutyambai said.

Source:Capital FM

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Governor Sonko sues Star over HIV story



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has sued Radio Africa and a journalist over an article published in The Star newspaper titled how ‘HIV report helped Sonko out of Kamiti Maximum Prison.’

The article published on June 7 was based on a documented that indicated a court had shortened Sonko’s prison term by three months.

Sonko has however told the court that he has never contracted the HIV virus as published by the paper and has attached medical documents from both Nairobi Hospital and Nairobi women’s hospital.

Through his lawyer Cecil Miller, Sonko says his HIV status is confirmed by the two tests carried out by the institutions in 2011 and 2019 respectively.He avers Radio Africa has knowingly exposed him to embarrassment and public ridicule.Sonko said the contents of the publication painted him as an immoral person and someone infected with the HIV Virus.

The Governor further say the publication branded him a convicted criminal who should not trusted by any right-thinking members of the public and particularly my voters who elected him Governor.Sonko says Radio Africa chose to recklessly and maliciously publish false statements without caring to verify the truth and he has suffered damages.

According to the court documents, Radio Africa published the said article as a vehicle for character assassination without any regard to his rights.

He is seeking general damages for libel and slander and any other relief court may deem fit to grant.Sonko accused the journalist who authored the story of being driven by malice, propaganda, bias and personal vendetta against him.Sonko had demanded an apology from The Star after the said publication or sue for damages.

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