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Dusit hotel to hold memorial for 6 employees on Wednesday



Dusit hotel will hold a memorial service for six of its employees who were killed in the Tuesday attack that left 21 people dead.

A statement from the hotel management said the memorial will be held on Wednesday at Consolata Shrine.

The hotel which has temporarily closed following the attack said those killed are Beatrice Mutua, Bernadette Konjaio, Erickson Mogaka, Trufosa Nyaboke, Dedricks Lemisi, and Zachary Nyabwaga.

Michael Metaxas, the hotel’s General Manager had said on Thursday that three workers were recovering in hospital following the attack, when he announced 4 had been killed. But the number has since increased to 6.

Dusit hotel and Cellulant, a digital payment service provider lost a similar number of people in the attack.

Cellulant said it will also hold a memorial at Christ is the Answer Ministry (CITAM) on Valley Road on Tuesday next week.

Staff Cellulant lost include a product developer Ashford Kuria, an information security expert Dennis Mwaniki, a manager in charge of Cellulant hub Jeremiah Mbaria, a quality assurance officer John Ndiritu, a software engineer Kelvin Gitonga and an implementation engineer Wilfred Kareithi.

The attack also claimed the lives of two foreign nationals, Luke Potter (Briton) and Jason Spindler (a US citizen).
Potter worked for Gatsby Africa, a charity organization as its Africa programmes director, while Spindler was the director of a business development firm based in Nairobi. Spindler had survived the September 11 attack in New York in 2001.

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Football enthusiast James Oduor, who was known to friends as Odu Cobra also died in the attack. He worked at LG Electronics, and had tweeted during the attack asking “”What’s happening at 14 Riverside man. We’re trapped in our buildings. Gunshots and non-stop explosions.”

Two others killed in the attack were two close friends–Abdalla Sheikh Dahir and Feisal Rashid Ahmed-who are said to have been working on a project for Adam Smith International (ASI) called the Somalia Stability Fund aimed at fostering peace in Somalia through more than 100 local communities.

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1 Comment

  1. Ritchie

    January 21, 2019 at 9:10 am

    Rest In Peace and we will never forget you.

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STRANGE: Kenyan man in US says women reject him because he is a perfectionist, great cook



A Kenyan man in Boston, Massachusetts in the US cannot find a wife because he is a great cook. Albert Kiage is not your average ‘hustler’. He has everything going for him. He has a good job, a string of real estate properties in the United States and Kenya and drives top-of-the-range SUVs.

His house is furnished with all the fancy electronic gadgets anyone would wish for in life. What’s more, Kiage’s says he has a balance worth writing home about in his bank account. What Kiage, however, lacks is a wife.

Not that he has not tried getting one. He is divorced once and has watched three women leave him because he is not only too clean, but also a great cook and a perfectionist to boot.

“I think I am an incurable germophobe, with an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that drives women away. I had constant wrangles with my first wife over small matters of hygiene and we divorced in 2007 after two years of marriage. I couldn’t stand her. I found her too dirty for my house. We just couldn’t cope,” complains Kiage.

Biggest problem

He says he has dated three women since then. In all the cases, he says, the relationships were serious and he hoped they would lead to marriage.

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Unfortunately, that was not to be. “The problem has always been the same. The first one always complained that I am a perfectionist. The two other cases were almost similar, with one complaining about my insistence to cook all the time. Truth of the matter is she was a joke in the kitchen,” says the accountant.

His biggest problem with most women stems from the fact that he is an incredible cook. Having lived his entire adult life single, save for the short-lived marriage, he has perfected his cooking skills and can’t stand bad food.

“You can only eat out for so long,” he says. “As a gym enthusiast, you want natural foods which you cannot find readily when you eat out. I am also very keen with my diet, it has to be balanced,” he says.

Living alone has taught him many things, culinary-wise. He can whip up every discernible Kenyan meal, including chapatis. “In fact some Kenyan female friends even come for chapatis, cake and barbecues at my home over the weekends. They know I am good at it. We always laugh over my obsession for cooking and cleanliness, but it’s never that serious,” he says. This, however, comes at a cost. It has continuously kept potential wives away.

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House wife

They come, settle, try to keep up with his standards, but many cannot. Partly because life is too busy in the United States for anyone to depend on homemade food every day of the week, and partly because Kiage must eat at home. He is able to do it. He doesn’t see why he should relent. Not that he chases them away. They just chicken out.

“They become increasingly uncomfortable, since I insist on cooking for both of us. I don’t mind at all. But many say, it is un-African,” he says. He says many women in America, whereas they are busy and crave independence, they still want a chance to play the role of a traditional house wife. And many are not ready to compete with him in roles that were traditionally considered to belong to women.

Kiage says his culinary skills must have been nurtured when he was young, when he was growing up with his father in Eldoret.

“I lived with my father and I used to do everything on my own. So I learned everything and became quite independent. Living as a bachelor only made me perfect the skills,” he says. He says he is praying and hoping to find a fellow perfectionist to settle down with.

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Source: Standardmedia.co.ke

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Ruto: I’ll retire from politics in 10 years’ time



Deputy President William Ruto says he will exit the political stage within the next 10 years when his political time lapses.

Speaking at Kitale ASK Showground on Friday during a retirement ceremony for Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa Bishop Samuel Thiongo, Dr Ruto said that politicians should not overstay in power because there’s life after politics.

The Deputy President also urged leaders to focus their energies on addressing challenges facing Kenyans.

“I have been in this political scene for a while now and I learned a lot of things. I will mentor the youth so that they can understand because even as we speak I have also started to get ready for it and in the next 10 years I will retire and leave the youth to take over,” said Ruto.

Source: Nairobi News

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JKIA ranked among the busiest airports in the continent



The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi has been ranked as one of the busiest airports in Africa.

The latest report by Airports Council International has ranked the facility as the fourth busiest airport in the continent.

Johannesburg International Airport (South Africa) has been named the busiest airport in Africa, handling at least 281 passenger flights on average per day.

Cairo International Airport (Egypt) and Bole International Airport in Ethiopia are ranked second and third busiest airports in the region.

Source: Daily Nation

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