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Dusit hotel to hold memorial for 6 employees on Wednesday



Dusit hotel will hold a memorial service for six of its employees who were killed in the Tuesday attack that left 21 people dead.

A statement from the hotel management said the memorial will be held on Wednesday at Consolata Shrine.

The hotel which has temporarily closed following the attack said those killed are Beatrice Mutua, Bernadette Konjaio, Erickson Mogaka, Trufosa Nyaboke, Dedricks Lemisi, and Zachary Nyabwaga.

Michael Metaxas, the hotel’s General Manager had said on Thursday that three workers were recovering in hospital following the attack, when he announced 4 had been killed. But the number has since increased to 6.

Dusit hotel and Cellulant, a digital payment service provider lost a similar number of people in the attack.

Cellulant said it will also hold a memorial at Christ is the Answer Ministry (CITAM) on Valley Road on Tuesday next week.

Staff Cellulant lost include a product developer Ashford Kuria, an information security expert Dennis Mwaniki, a manager in charge of Cellulant hub Jeremiah Mbaria, a quality assurance officer John Ndiritu, a software engineer Kelvin Gitonga and an implementation engineer Wilfred Kareithi.

The attack also claimed the lives of two foreign nationals, Luke Potter (Briton) and Jason Spindler (a US citizen).
Potter worked for Gatsby Africa, a charity organization as its Africa programmes director, while Spindler was the director of a business development firm based in Nairobi. Spindler had survived the September 11 attack in New York in 2001.

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Football enthusiast James Oduor, who was known to friends as Odu Cobra also died in the attack. He worked at LG Electronics, and had tweeted during the attack asking “”What’s happening at 14 Riverside man. We’re trapped in our buildings. Gunshots and non-stop explosions.”

Two others killed in the attack were two close friends–Abdalla Sheikh Dahir and Feisal Rashid Ahmed-who are said to have been working on a project for Adam Smith International (ASI) called the Somalia Stability Fund aimed at fostering peace in Somalia through more than 100 local communities.

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1 Comment

  1. Ritchie

    January 21, 2019 at 09:10

    Rest In Peace and we will never forget you.

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For Kenyans in US charged with illegal sale and distribution of Opioids



A mother an a son are among four Kenyans indicted in US over alleged sale and distribution of Opioids.

The Kenyans are among a total of 10 suspects, six of whom are Americans who allegedly worked under the guidance of one Dr. John Michael Korzelius who is 68 years old.

The four Kenyans are Louise W. Mureithi, 69, her son Harrison Maruje Mureithi, 42, Duncan Muthoni Wanjohi, 23, and Xavier Muduki Mabale, 42.

Dr Korzelius, who worked for ChiroMed, a group of clinics in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties, is charged with the offence of illegally writing medically unnecessary prescriptions at a pain clinic to fake patients who sold the drugs.

According to authorities, Louise, Harrison, and Xavier were arrested on Wednesday and arraigned in US District Court in Santa Ana, California. Wanjohi however,  is yet to be arrested and chaged.

Court documents indicate that Xavier reportedly recruited sham patients while Harrison  and Wanjohi of provided cash to him to pay for the oxycodone prescriptions written to the sham patients.

Investigators say in the last two years, they have impounded 30,737 oxycodone pills and $177,610 in cash.

Xavier is also accused of assisting fake patients to fill out forms claiming sicknesses to obtain the pills.

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VIDEO: DNA? Only my mother would know the truth, says Uhuru’s look alike



The man at the centre of attention because of his uncanny resemblance to the Kenyan president is now speaking out.

“Only my late mother would know the truth,” he told a local reporter when asked whether he would consider taking a DNA test in order to establish his family tree and lineage.

“People call me Unye and I have really suffered because they all expect me to dish out money to them,” he said.

“I am not looking to capitalize on my resemblance to the president,” he added.

Kenyans were surprised this last week when a photo of the man appeared online.

The photo was shared numerous times on social media platforms and Kenyans, in their usual nature, took the opportunity to derive the much needed comic relief.

The man, whose name has since been revealed – Michael Njogo Gitonga – resembles the head of state in terms of the shape of his head, the structure of his facial features and intense eyes, which, without a doubt,  Uhuru inherited from his father, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Watch:


President Uhuru Kenyatta's lookalike (right) with a friend
President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lookalike (right) with a friend

The president’s doppelganger’s appearance looks like he had travelled from his pre-2013 days before adding weight.

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Kakamega: Woman burns son for eating chapati without permission 




Police in Kakamega have arrested a 38-year-old woman accused of burning her 8-year-old son’s hands on Thursday, August 6.

Nancy Mukongolo, a resident of Matete area in Lugari Constituency, doused her son’s hands in paraffin, wrapped weave hair around the boy’s fists and set it ablaze using a lit cigarette.

The victim’s grandparents, Jackton Shikuku and Agnes Jackton, say Nancy harmed her son after the boy, without seeking permission, ate two chapatis she had prepared Thursday afternoon.

“This is the second time Nancy is attacking her child over food. It is now time lawful action be taken against her, lest she kill the boy over food someday,” Shikuku said.

The minor said his mother attacked him shortly upon returning home from playing with his peers.

Geoffrey Bakuli, an official of Urafiki Initiative, a non-governmental body which advocates for observance of children’s rights, took the boy to a Lugari hospital, where he is receiving treatment for burn injuries.

Meanwhile, the child’s mother is being held at Matete Police Station as investigations into the matter continue.

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