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Friends, family mourn young bubbly woman killed in Riverside terror attack



A quick inspection on Tish Mutindi (a victim of the Tuesday Terror attack at Dusit D2 Hotel) reveals how much she was loved by friends and family.

Ms Mutindi, an employee at the Dusit complex,  is among the people who were killed during Tuesday’s terror attack.

The pictures she posted on Facebook show a vibrant young woman full of life. Her sudden death has certainly come as a shock to many as they remembered her for her many good qualities as a person.

A friend of her’s has reminisced how when she heard of the news of the attack at Dusit D2 Hotel she tried reaching her on phone in vain.

“When I heard of the Dusit incident, Tish Mutindi M you came in mind, reached out but did not hear back from you. Just found out that you didn’t make it out. I’m truly heartbroken. May your soul rest in peace,” said Geraldin Mwelu.


Many of her friends expressed sadness and lamented how much they would miss her.

BeaNjeri Karei said, “Tish Mutindi M Rest In Love beautiful! I’m at a loss of words 💔 You were about to usher in another year! You had so much still to bless with! Love and Light. Lord, You’re needed in a big way. Her young babies… Her hubby… oh my Lord! You alone can grant the strength, and peace that is needed. Jan 15 2019.”

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Knight Muteti wrote, “I am so disturbed, I didn’t know that I will lose someone I know in today’s incident. RIP my classmate Tish Mutindi M. May God strengthen your hubby and the girls.”

Merry Lyne Dee commented, “Rest in peace hun… We loved you but God loved you the most😭.”

Jane Jebichii said, “My heart breaks to know you are no more girl Tish Mutindi M. Rest in peace baby girl till we meet again. It’s a dark evening.”


Daniel Kamau said, “Tish… so sad to hear of your passing on… you were a really friendly and cheerful soul… Condolences to all family and friends… May God’s peace that surpasses human understanding guard our hearts during this season.”

Leah Ngari said, “I am so saddened by your departure. Such a lively and bubbly soul. Rest in peace.”

Phyllis Kimani wrote, “It still feels like a bad dream. Rest with the angels Tish. My heart bleeds for your young family. Till we meet again!”

Emmanuel Masseno said, “RIP my siz Tish Mutindi M I am lost of words. You were such an amazing person since I knew you way back in 2006. May the Lord give strength and courage and comfort to your hubby and the girls. Indeed, death is cruel. The terrorists effect is too much to bear. Go well my sister. Go well my friend.”

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MIRACLE: How Victoria Mugo, a Kenyan woman in US lost both her hands and legs [VIDEO]



A Kenyan woman from Aurora, Colorado, is a quadruple amputee. She lost her hands and her legs when pneumonia led to septic shock.

But Victoria Mugo , a mother of 1, is grateful to be alive.

Each year, more than 250,000 Americans die as a result of sepsis. The key is catching and treating it early.

Victoria is a celebrity of sorts at The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA). The medical staff considers her a miracle.

For months, Victoria was in the ICU there. She lost both hands and both legs. Yet, on Monday, she came back to say “Thanks.”



“Because I’m grateful for life,” she told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.

“You don’t get any sicker than Victoria was,” explained Carolyn Golas, Sepsis Coordinator at TMCA.

On Jan. 9, Victoria was rushed to the ER with pneumonia. Within hours she was in septic shock, a toxic response to the infection.

Victoria Mugo

“She had about an 80% chance that she would not survive,” said Golas.

Victoria was put in a coma and on life support. Blood flow to her extremities slowed down. When the 38-year-old mother woke up, her hands and legs were dying.

“I could just snap them and not feel anything,” she said.

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All four were amputated.

“I am not sitting in a corner feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have my arms or my legs, I’m walking now (on prosthetic legs),” Victoria said.

Victoria’s faith in God is her strength.

“He got me through it. He is the one who has brought me this far,” she said.

She said she has what matters most, her son, Alexander, and the rest of her loving family.

Her smile is a smile of gratitude. Her fighting spirit is fueled by faith.

HCA Healthcare patient Victoria Mugo, pictured with son Alexander, prior to her sepsis hospitalization

Facts about sepsis from TMCA:

  • Sepsis is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. killing more than 250,000 patients per year.
  • In Colorado nearly 12,000 people will be diagnosed each year and nearly 3,000 will not survive.
  • Patients with septic shock have a mortality (death) rate of about 50-60%.
  • Once you have had severe sepsis you are at a greater risk of it reoccurring.
  • For more information you can go to the Sepsis Alliance at


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Job seeker loses phone, ID to crafty thief at Uhuru Park



A 30-year-old police impostor who allegedly stole a desperate job seeker’s phone promising to hire him to help in making deliveries to Kenya Defence Forces was charged with theft and impersonation.

Samuel Mwaniki Murigi was accused of stealing Evans Onyango Ogutu’s phone and national ID card at Imenti House on July 23.

Murigi was also accused of impersonation after presenting himself as a police officer attached to Central Police station Nairobi to Ogutu.

Ogutu was taking a rest at Uhuru Park after a job search in and around Nairobi CBD became fruitless when Murigi sat next to him while on-call, purporting he was advising his phantom boss that he would need to hire an extra hand to help him with meeting supplies.

Murigi claimed his boss had secured a contract to supply some items to Kenya Defence Forces and desperate Ogutu approached him for the job.

The suspect reportedly told Ogutu to accompany him to Imenti House to process a pass into military facilities to begin the job immediately and he obliged.

On arrival, Murigi reportedly took the phone and the ID card to proceed with the “process” and disappeared in thin air. The matter was reported to Parliament police station.

On July 4, Ogutu spotted Murigi at the same point and informed the police. Two undercover officers arrested Murigi and allegedly found pictures of himself in different police uniforms.

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The suspect denied all the charges before chief magistrate Joyce Gandani of Kibera law courts.

He was freed on a Sh200,000 bond and an alternative cash bail of Sh30,000. The case will be mentioned on August 19.


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Police officer drowns while bathing in river




Police officers in Rachuonyo South sub county have launched investigations into the death of a 30-year-old police officer who drowned in River Awach while swimming.

Constable Godfrey Odhiambo Juma who was attached to Kosele Police Station met his death when he was swimming in the river near Riwo area in North Kamagak Location.

The tragic incident happened at around 1pm on Wednesday, Agust 6, with reports indicating the officer drowned deep into the waters and died on the spot.

Homa Bay county Police Commander Esther Seroney said officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have taken up the matter to ascertain how the officer met his untimely death.

Seroney noted the officer who was accompanied by two of his friends who are civilians.

She explained that the deceased jumped into the water to swim but was overpowered by strong currents thus drowning.

His colleagues who were waiting for him at the river banks became suspicious when they realised that he had taken long to resurface.

North Kamagak location chief Benson Midigo said the officer was a regular swimmer at the river.

“This is not his first time to the river; he has been going there to take a bath occasionally,” Midigo disclosed.

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The body of the deceased was retrieved by members of the public with the help of police officers from Kosele police station and was taken to Rachuonyo sub-county hospital awaiting postmortem.

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