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Hero guard who died saving tens of people at Dusit attack



It was a quiet afternoon and work was going on well for Dendrix Lemisi, a security guard with Senaca security firm.

Lemisi was absorbed at his work station in the control room on the third floor of the Grosvenor building at 14 Riverside Drive.

From here, he monitored activities within the building as patrons and visitors moved in and out of the vast compound.

Then the afternoon tranquillity was suddenly turned on its head. First, there was a deafening blast followed by rattling gunfire across the compound.

Pandemonium ensued as hundreds of people in the hotel, and those working in offices on the upper floors of the complex, started screaming and running for cover.

The place was under an attack. A terror attack.

Lemisi, 47, had the choice take the closest exit and run for dear life and limb. Having worked as a security guard since 2013, flight would not have been too hard.

He chose to stay instead.

Lemisi tossed himself into the line of the terrorists’ fire and rescue many helpless civilians who were running up and down in the confusion that ensued.

Meanwhile, those who worked with him at the control room made for the exit and managed to leave the building unharmed.

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Armed with only bravery and the determination to save lives, Lemisi went from room to room calling out for people who were stranded and then guiding them out to safety.

He had done a heroic job by leading tens of people out of harm’s way. His colleagues even persuaded him not to go back into the chaos in the building.

“He was determined to save as many people as possible,” said a colleague of his, who did not wish to be named.

By this time, the terrorists had advanced into the building and were now shooting indiscriminately at whoever they came across. A hostage situation was fast building up and hundreds were now trapped in the complex.

Outside, reports of a terror attack had spread and security forces drawn from multiple units were descending into the building to evacuate people and kill the assailants.

In one of the many rooms, Lemisi came upon a woman who was stuck alone. He held her by the hand, hoping to see her off to safety. But the terrorists had spotted the pair and waylaid them. They sprayed bullets at them. The rescuer and his evacuee died on the spot.

The guard, who hailed from Shinyalu in Kakamega County, has been described as a gallant soldier by his employer.

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He is survived by his wife and four children. The firstborn girl is a first-year student at Chuka University.

While grieving his son, Mzee Zacharia Amusala said he was proud of him for “putting his life on the line for the sake of other people”.

“There would probably be more deaths if he had chosen to run for his life. It was unfortunate that he died,” Mzee Amusala said.

By the time of the attack, Senaca security firm had 11 guards in the complex, two of whom were manning the control room. Another security guard, Henry Obwoga, also died in the attack.

Rescue hero Inayat Kassam may be the irrefutable depiction of valour since the Tuesday terror attack. Kassam and other private security experts put their life on the line by storming the complex and leading hundreds to safety. But Lemisi will surely go down as a hero for saving lives and sacrificing his.

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Amina Abdi quietly quits troubled Capital FM



Capital FM presenter Amina Abdi Rabar has called it quits at the station which had recently been hit by a massive exodus of presenters.

Amina’s exit was not announced neither did she tell her listeners that she was leaving the station she had worked for for almost a decade.

In the last few weeks, Fareed Khimani who returned to Capital FM last year, has been hosting the morning show alone and disclosed tha there will be a new co-host who will be joining him soon.

“Amina Abdi will not be returning and I will be joined soon by a new co-host. She has gone to do big and better things,” he said.

Amina, who is a vivid social media user, did not tell her followers that she was leaving her morning show leaving many to speculate on what exactly transpired between her and station owned by city billionaire Chris Kirubi.

Her social media pages showed that she had deleted almost everything to do with the media house only leaving the material she promotes and the show she hosts on NTV, The Trend.

Her departure from Capital fm comes just a month after another long time presenter Miano Muchiri left, and unlike the quiet departure by Amina, he said he was leaving his mid-morning show which he had hosted for more than a decade.

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“The time has come to say goodbye to radio I would love it if you tuned in tomorrow one last time from 10:00-14:00,” he told his listeners then.

In mid-2019, the media house lost a host of its top talents, including radio host Anita Nderu who resigned saying she felt she had given her best and wanted new challenges.

Others who left the station are Web Editor and lifestyle writer/photographer Susan Wong, who resigned in January 2019 to return to her Canadian home and popular presenter Laura Walubengo, who quit in July 2018.

Others who also left were veteran presenters like Maqbul Mohammed, Cess Mutungi and My Two Cents co-hosts Sharon Mundia.

by NN

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Kiraitu Murungi wants Infotrack investigated over extortion




After coming in as among the worst performing governors, Meru Governor, Kiraitu Murungi, has demanded investigations into Infotrak.

The Meru Governor rubbished the study, claiming that the study was fabricated.

He demanded that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission investigated the firm over extortion.

Murungi said that they had asked him to pay Ksh 3 million for a more favourable score.

“Let them look at Infotrak. I am ready to go there and give evidence that they were asking for Ksh 3 million so that they can give us a better number,” he said.

In the poll, released on Wednesday, October 28th, Murungi ranked 38th out of the 47 county governors.

He got a score of 46.7 per cent.

He was in the company of Homa Bay governor, Cyrpian Awiti, a perennial underachiever.

There were also Nyamira Governor, John Nyagarama and Patrick Khaemba, of Trans Nzoia.

Also in the bottom were Dhadho Godhana, of Tana River, Granton Samboja of Taita Taveta, Mohamad Mahamud of Wajir and Mohamed Kuti of Isiolo.

Former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu ranked dead last in the poll, with Moses Lenolkulal of Samburu ranking 46th.

Infotrak took the study from 2019 over to 2020.

Hence, the reason why Waititu, who is now impeached, is in the poll.

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Oparanya ranked as the best performing governor, taking to spot with 82.3 per cent, while Makueni Governor, Kivutha Kibwana, came in third.

Kibwana, who faces widespread admiration for how he runs Makueni County, scored 74.4 per cent.

In second place was Salim Vurya from Kwale with 77.1 per cent.

Fourth place had Anyang’ Nyong’o, who scored 65.9 per cent.

The polling did set off another discussion among the political elite.

As with the MP ranking, done by the same company, some governor, just like Murungi, claimed extortion from Infotrak.

Infotrak has repeatedly denied extorting from politicians.

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Tanzania: Tundu Lissu denounced Presidential results




Tanzania’s Opposition leader, Tundu Lissu, has said that he will not accept the Presidential results, citing rigging.

Tanzania went into elections on October 28th, in one of the most hotly contested elections in the country.

However, the elections were marred by claims of violence, voter suppression and outright rigging.

Speaking at a presser on Thursday, Lissu said that he would not accept defeat due to the irregularities in the elections.

Lissu is the strongest of the other 14 candidates that ran against Magufuli.

“As far as we are concerned there is no election that has taken place. We shall not accept the results and so far we have asked Tanzanians to gather in large numbers for mass action and reject the results,” Lissu said.

Lissu was contesting on the Chadema party against Magufuli’s Chama Cha Mapinduzi.

CCM has been the ruling party in Tanzania since the country’s independence in 1961.

Lissu, though, says that the results do not reflect the will of the Tanzanians that showed up to vote.

Preliminary results show that Magufuli is well ahead of the other 14 Presidential candidates.

“We do not recognise what happened yesterday…because it was marred by irregularities. The results that have been announced since yesterday and which the Electoral Commission continues to announce today are, therefore, illegitimate. They do not reflect the true will of the millions of Tanzanian people who turned up at polling stations.” Lissu said.

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Magufuli has come under fire for dictatorship tendencies, and that has been evident in the build up to this elections.

Yesterday, during the voting process, the government shut down the internet in Tanzania.

Furthermore, Lissu had his campaigns suspended over claims of violence.

Magufuli has also shut down several TV and radio stations which are critical of his regime or say something that contradicts the government’s position.

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