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How I met Moi’s grandson, girlfriend left with hotel bill narrates




Marsha Amario , the girlfriend of retired President Daniel Moi’s grandson, Collins Kibet Moi, has narrated how the two met.

After finally checking out from a hotel in Kitale where she was being held over a Sh100,000 bill, Marsha recounted her life with Collins, who they met in 2017.

They met at Karen Hospital in Nairobi. She said Collins approached her and within no time, she was in love. Her love for Collins, she revealed, was born out of rejection by her siblings.

He used to read a lot on remedies of rejection on the internet and bought books to assist me live a normal life despite my condition,” she said.

She soon started noticing his queer behaviour from the man he was now supporting financially. He would borrow money from her promising to refund her only to default.

He could use my phone to make calls and after exhausting the airtime, he would take advance credit of more than Sh1,000 which I had to repay whenever I wanted to make calls,” she explained.

At one point, she claimed, Collins assaulted her while threatening to kill her. She, however, forgave him when he came to the house and apologised profusely.

So when Collins told her that he wanted to surprise her during her 30th birthday in Kitale, she could not resist the offer, hoping that the break would rekindle their love.

I blame myself somehow but I didn’t think that it would come to this. I knew it was my birthday and therefore I just expected that things would be different,” sheexplains.

Collins, however, denied the assault claims saying he could never beat the woman he loved.

Would I be mad to hit my wife. I would not do such a thing. Let’s hope she was only saying this out of frustration in the situation she was. I love her so much and I hope she will be able to forgive me and take me back,” he said.

Let her settle down, I know she is annoyed with me but very soon I will be meeting her just to find out if she is okay,” he said.

Source: Sunday Nation

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VIDEO: Kenyan rapper Kahush confirms he is Health CS Kagwe’s son



Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has become a household name since the invasion of coronavirus into the country.

Kagwe has always been a private man when it comes to his family, but Kenyan online detectives never disappoint.

The netizens had been speculating that the young rapper identified as Kahush is the CS’s son.

In an interview with NRG radio, Kahush for the first time opened up about his family and confirmed what many had been anticipating to hear.

“Mutahi Kagwe is my dad. It is pretty obvious because his picture is in the video. Yeah that is it,” he said.

Kahush is a humble artiste who has not been implicated in any scandal and has instead been concentrating on his music.

The young man is not based in Kenya. He lives in England. He went viral after the release of the song Mi Siwezi.

Kahush seems to be a low-key person judging by his social media posts which are limited for any celebrity kid or musician.

It is worth noting that in the video, which attracted the attention of many, the CS’s son observed social distancing, something which his fans were proud of.

It seems the young man has been in the country for a while since the coronavirus spread in most parts of the world.

Many consider Kahush to be very humble but always comparing him with the eloquent CS who has continuously encouraged Kenyans in the COVID-19 fight.


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Wife of man who dumped me 5 years ago is my employee – Woman gloats



A Nigerian lady identified as Fanu Omolade has got people talking after a personal experience she shared online.

Omolade took to her page on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to reveal how she was dumped by a man because of her condition and how she is winning presently.

Narrating her experience, the young woman said that in 2014, her ex-lover dumped her and married another woman because she was jobless and did not have any money.

However, five years later, Omolade who identifies herself as a blogger on her Twitter bio, revealed that she just discovered that the woman her ex-lover married is her employee.

“Five years ago, he ditched me and married another woman because I was jobless and broke, guess what?? I just discovered his wife is one of my employees,” she wrote.

As expected, netizens took to her comment section to share their opinions about her post.

While some think that the post is trash, some advised her to treat the woman very well.

Other people think that the woman may not need the job because of money and some asked if she would be letting her go after her realisation.

Reacting to the question about sacking her ex-lover’s wife, Omolade said that she will not be doing that.

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VIDEO: The real reason Betty Kyallo has left K24



Details have now emerged on the circumstances surrounding the exit of Betty Kyallo from K24 where she has served a start anchor for the past two years.

Despite the assumptions that Betty quit, Pulse Live Kenya can exclusively report that her exit from the station was a result of being declared redundant in far-reaching structural changes which will be rolled out this week.

While announcing her exit, Betty did not reveal the circumstances under which she was leaving, only saying her reign had come to an end.

“I really appreciated you all. It’s now time for me to say Goodbye here on K24 TV, if we meet again great, if not you know how you can find me on all my social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, Betty Kyallo lately its going to be popping and we are going to be doing great things there. Thank you so much for all your support I appreciate You God bless you and I love you. Good Night,” she said.

A source at Mediamax, who is aware of the matter, revealed that K24 will be doing away with its entire newsroom in a new deal that will see them partner with KTN for the news feed.

The changes effectively do away with the need for news anchors and reporters who will be sent home in a mass firing in the course of the coming week.

K24’s political anchor Anne Kiguta will, however, be spared from the firing as her show Punchline will be the only news-related show that will air on K24.

The drastic reforms have caused distress among K24 reporters who will now battle unemployment during the Covid19 crisis.

Veteran editor Peter Opondo recently resigned from the station in protest to the changes that are said to have come from the board of the Kenyatta-family owned media company.

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