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Kenyans on Twitter descend on singer Vivian for saying she walked from Nairobi West to Nyayo 



Secular musician Vivian Wambui, better known as Vivian, has been trolled for what might have been an error on what she said on Friday during an interview.

While speaking about the beginning of her career, her road to success and the hardships she encountered, the Chingi Changa singer was quoted saying that she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo.

Though she did not clarify which Nyayo she was talking about, many on social media concluded that it must have been Nyayo Stadium, which is a stone’s throw away from Nairobi West.


Last year, in a long post on Facebook, the recounted her life struggles, detailing how she once earned a living as a mali mali’ hawker.

“I sold cups, plates, thermos to make ends meet,” she wrote back then.

She urged her fans not to despise someone’s humble beginnings and those who are struggling in life.

“Your current situation is not your future,” she wrote at the time.

But her blooper on Saturday saw Kenyans on Twitter turning her into their punching bag.

“Hahaha walking from nyayo to Nairobi West is simply crossing a road and some mtaro…..!!!!,” said John Musembi.

“Looks like the lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about. You don’t save fare walking from Nairobi West to Nyayo; Nyayo Stadium and stage is within Nairobi West. Tell us something else,” added Omondi Ramell.

Moses Karanja said: “Someone can even walk that Blind Folded. It’s as simple as walking from Nyayo stadium to Jeans Bar. What a fake a** story” 

I used to walk from upperhill to Kampala road industrial area, journey of one good hour, so what is this you’re telling us?? I thought nyayo is under Nairobi west,” said KiplimoKip.

Sir Anthony said.” Its like walking from your sitting room to bedroom upstairs, i mean Nairobi West is Nyayo by itself. I got lost there as well. Guys walk from kawangware to industrial area what are you telling us.”

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PHOTOS: Actress Shiro from Aunty boss steps out in bikini



Shiro aka Nyce Wanjeri has lately been reaching out to her fans through her YouTube show; especially now that the Local TV series came to an end.

Just like the rest of the cast, Shiro has been trying to remain relevant in the entertainment industry; and this means keeping up with what fans want or rather would like to see.

When everyone else was sharing their bikini photos online the actress chose to hold back as she awaited to drop bomb bikini photos that have left tongues wagging on social media.

Aunty boss aka Nyce Wanjeri

Judging from the photos shared on her page just recently; we can all agree that the lady has the perfect body for tiny bikinis; and for this reason we cannot blame her thirsty fans for wanting to see more of these pictures.

Nyce Wanjeri

Silprosa’s bikini photos

Nyce Wanjeri however joins the likes of former Aunty boss actress Silprosa who brought the internet to a stand still with her swimsuit photos.

Having the young lady parade her thick curves on social media was the beginning of her new journey on social media! Many of her fans went on to praise Silprosa for embracing her imperfect imperfections that brought nothing but the best out of her.

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And with these swimsuit photos, the actress ended landing a job with Akothee Safaris; something she never dreamt of even in her wildest dreams! Anyway, let’s just say that 2020 was Silprosa’s year!


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VIDEO: Garden of Joy is officially a GREEN PROJECT



Garden of Joy by Optiven is fully installed with solar powered street lights.

The initiative is an add on not initially earmarked for the project.

Implementation of water recycling technology, Recycling of biogradable waste and hundreds of trees in place.

We have been undertaking intentional education on green energy as per sustainable development goals no 11 and No 7

The launch of the green initiative was graced by reknown artiste -JUSTINA SYOKAU, of the hit song Twendi twendi.

Joy and dance broke out to celebrate this great step as Optiven ups it’s game in greening projects under it’s portfolio. Watch the video here>>>

The project is ready to build with owners already groundbreaking for their dream homes.

At a price of 1.495M, get a piece of Joy today. We also have installment options as well.

To secure your plot TODAY, call us on 0723400500 or visit

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Death of festivals dims Lamu hope to revive ailing tourism



Maulid. Food and Expo. Art, yoga and kite festivals. These are just a few of a slew of art and culture experiences that Lamu County used to dish out to the world and which boosted its tourism profile.

Lamu Old Town, also known as “the island of festivals”, had a splendid array of events and festivals ranging from Eid-Ul-Adhar to the Lamu Fishing Competition, Lamu Art Festival, The Lamu Cultural Festival, Lamu Yoga Festival, the Kite Festival, Shella Hat Contest and the Lamu Painters Festival.

But these events were put on the back burner as the tourism sector took a nosedive.

Coming on the backdrop of the Mpeketoni terror attacks in 2014 that also hit tourism hard, hospitality industry players say the vital sector is in the doldrums and want the festivals reinstated. Speaking during a forum in Lamu at the weekend, hoteliers and other players questioned why the county government has not been keen in reviving the events.

Hotelier Salim Abubakar said the county’s tourism sector was on the decline after the festivals were lifted. He urged Governor Fahim Twaha to restore the events and revive the sector.

“All the festivals that were introduced in the calendar of events are crucial. They served to attract visitors, both domestic and international, to Lamu. We need them back so that the tourism sector can be improved,” he said.

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Marketing strategy

Former Lamu Tourism Association (LTA) deputy chairman Ghalib Alwy said the body, in partnership with the county tourism office started the festivals to attract more tourists. Mr Alwy said it is important that the events are retained.

“We launched those events as a marketing strategy for Lamu tourism. Through them, we were able to attract tourists from Kenya, East Africa and the world. This is after the terrorism attacks led to an almost 90 percent decline of the sector. It’s only through the festivals that tourists got the confidence to visit Lamu again. The events must be reinstated,” said Mr Alwy. Mr Mohamed Hassan noted that local tourism was still doing badly, attributing the situation to a section of foreign countries that are still having active travel advisories against their citizens visiting Lamu.

“The travel advisories still play a big role in scaring away tourists. We want as many festivals as possible as they have the ability to ensure the tourism climbs back on its feet,” said Mr Hassan.

Some of the festivals known and which are still being celebrated by many in Lamu includes the annual Lamu Cultural Festival that is marked between November and December, the Maulid Festival marked every January, New Year’s Dhow Race marked on January 1 and Eid Ul-Fitr marked every July.

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The festivals are said to attract more than 30,000 visitors from around the world.


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