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Lost in morgue: After 3 months of anxiety, family finds daughter’s body in mortuary



A family from Isabalu Village in Central Maragoli, Vihiga County is reeling from sorrow after they discovered – on January 23 – that their relative died in the grisly Fort Ternan Homeboyz bus crash, which claimed 55 lives in October last year.

Susan Ludenyi, 32, was headed to her parents’ home from Nairobi, when the accident happened.

Ludenyi had visited her Nairobi-based friend, identified only as Caro, in September; and was returning to Vihiga on October 10, 2018, when the Homeboyz bus she was aboard veered off the road and rolled several times at Tunnel area on the Muhoroni-Londiani Road in Kericho County, killing at least 50 on the spot.

Susan Ludenyi died on October 10, 2018. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
Susan Ludenyi died on October 10, 2018. [PHOTO: EDAILY | FRANCIS ONGUKO]

Ludenyi had – until September 2018 –, spent most of her lifetime in Vihiga.

Ludenyi’s mother, Margaret Daisy, said she had, on numerous occasions, tried reaching her daughter on phone after October 10, but her attempts were unsuccessful because her cell phone line was off.

Ludenyi’s friend, Caro, would, in mid January this year, call Margaret to inquire if Ludenyi had arrived home safely.

When Margaret answered on the negation, Caro advised her to go look for her body at the Kericho County Referral Hospital mortuary because she [Caro] suspected that Ludenyi had boarded the ill-fated Homeboyz bus.

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Margaret sought the help of Central Maragoli MCA, Evans Chunguli, and Vihiga Constituency MP, Ernest Kagesi, who faclitated her travel to Kericho, where she positively identified her daughter’s body on January 23 after confirming with officers at the Kipkelion Police Post, where Ludenyi was registered as dead.

Ludenyi’s remains have since been transported to Vihiga, where she will be buried on February 1.

Ludenyi, who separated from her husband, is survived by a son and a daughter.

Her family has appealed for assistance in educating Ludenyi’s children.


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The Kansoul rapper Madtraxx was recently on social media to mourn his late sister Dr Njeri Mungai who died two years ago after slipping and falling in her bathroom.

She was 8 months pregnant when she died.

In his post, Madtraxx confessed how he misses her and also how life changed since she left.

”I miss her so much. Every day I think about her. I feel her energy. Such a big gap was left in our family and the world by her passing. I wish she could see the strides made in destigmatising mental health problems. I love her so much. Two years now. Still hurts. God holds us in his hands,” he wrote. 


Njeri, in 2017, fell on the bathroom where she was found unconscious and having really bled. She was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Madtraxx promised will always remember his late sister because he named his daughter after her(Njeri).

“We could never live without a Njeri. I know she’s smiling down on us all. Today her energy is everywhere,” his post read. 

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Chinese man in love with Ngina Kenyatta has some Kenyans happy over “prospect of SGR debt forgiveness”



Zhe Fang Liu, a photographer who is on tour in Kenya has declared his underlying love for Ngina Kenyatta, the only daughter to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a story done by the Nairobian, Liu claimed he loved the president’s daughter for her selfless nature even though he had never met her.

The publication also reported that Liu runs a photography agency in Los Angeles and China adding that he has been living in the US since his parents migrated there when he was 5-years-old.

The 28-year-old is optimistic that he will get a chance to express his love for Ngina before he leaves the country in June and even marry her.

“My parents always continuously asks when I’m going to get married. I just got overwhelmed and decided to tell people that I’m going to marry Ngina,” he stated.

“So, I figured I wanted to at least go on a date and cook her dinner to see if we have the same values. They say the beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes as they are the doorway to her heart,” he added.

Ngina Kenyatta, a daughter to President Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyans took to social media over the matter with some making hilarious comments.

Sasa hakun haja ya kulipa loan ya SGR, said Kiman wambu in Twitter.

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“He should get a Huduma Namba and it will increase his chances tremendously,” Solo Ngatia stated.

“Everything in Kenya belongs to China,” Isaac Mugiadded.

“That’s good. The dowry itself could offset our Chinese loan. Take her,” @CryptoKenya , another tweep, weighed in.

“To avoid war and make peace among kingdoms, in the Game of Thrones, they’d marry from one another’s tribe to cement that,” yet another netizen remarked.

Ngina Kenyatta is the second-born daughter of the president and her siblings are Jomo who is the firstborn, and Jaba who is the last born.

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Kiss Fm presenter Linda Nyangweso: I felt a lot of shame eating in public



Kiss Fm presenter Linda Nyangweso has opened up about her struggle with weight.

In an episode of the ‘Legally Clueless’ podcast, the presenter shared how having weight issues made her afraid of even eating in public.

“The truth is I feel like every woman is insecure right? I have always had body insecurity issues because I just don’t look like the other girls who I am told are supposed to be the beautiful ones, it’s hard to be a plus sized girl. I went to an artsy school where everyone was limber, skinny and blonde and then I joined an industry where beauty is more marketable than anything. It has been an ongoing insecurity. I used to hate taking pictures because it was evident that I was very different. I was not only super short, I was also super fat and so you kind of standout standing next to these tall Amazonian girls around you,” Linda confessed.

“I had to stop that because I like who I am, I deserve to take up space. I constantly feel like I have to apologize for existing because I didn’t look like what you think I should look like. I stopped feeling that way when I realized that if I’m constantly apologizing for existing I am not actually living.”

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Only when she was at peace with her image did things easy up on her. She said now she doesn’t mind much.

“I eat and I don’t feel shame about it, I used to feel a lot of shame about eating especially in public because I always felt that when people see me eat they think I am constantly eating. I stopped eating in public, I never ate is school because I was afraid people assumed that is all I am doing anyway. These days I am shameless about that. I can say I am hungry and I don’t feel like that makes me look fatter,” Linda said.

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