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Muhoho, Uhuru’s little brother, a gentle soul who works 14 hours a day and insists his children must learn to milk cows




Little is known about kid brother of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Muhoho Kenyatta who set the media scene alight last weekend when he represented the Head of State at the 25th memorial service of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in Bondo.

Muhoho seems to go to at great lengths to avoid public limelight, or throw his weight around basking in reflected glory of his more famous big brother, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Those who know him say the father of three, two daughters and a son, is a gentle soul who works 12 to 14 hours a day, often leaving his office at his Ruiru headquarters of the Brookside Dairies Ltd after 10pm.

Those who have worked for him say he is at ease with his employees both at the offices or on the farms, and if lunch hour catches him out of the office, he normally invites his employees to his table in hotels.

If for any reason his driver is not around or held up somewhere, he will just jump into his car and drive himself off to some appointment or duty. He has no airs at all,” one former employee recalled.

He is a strict timekeeper and methodical and does not entertain time wasting during working hours, even on his children.

When his wife Erica is not around and it falls on him to mind the children, Muhoho does not leave them at home, but packs them in his car to the office, where he assigns them to the factory to pack milk or to the farm to cut hay with the rest of the employees.

He has insisted his girls and his first born son, Jomo, now in first year in college, learn how to milk cows and boil the produce for themselves. No one is allowed to go off idling during working hours.

“They join us in the factory packing milk, or the boy joins us on a tractor to cut and pack hay and maize in silos. He would speak to us and his children too in Kikuyu,” a former employee recounted.

How does he relate with his big brother? “They are very tight. Muhoho often plays the master of ceremonies in family functions and respects his brother a lot.

“He calls him Mutungoria (the leader or boss). Any time he expected the President to visit him at the office, he would put everyone on alert by announcing “mututongoria ni aroka mwibange” (the boss/leader is coming, everyone be prepared,” one recalled.

From his earliest days, a former childhood friend recalls he always wanted to be a farmer and would say so to anyone who would listen.

When children rattled off their list if wishes, Muhoho never hesitated to make it clear he wanted to be farmer. We are not surprised he has become so successful and passionate at it,” commented a family friend who knew him from childhood.

Source: Sunday Nation

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