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COMPLICATED AFFAIR: Another woman claims to be the real wife to Kori, accuses the deceased of breaking up her marriage [VIDEO]




A woman claiming to be the first wife to Joseph Kori, who is accused of killing his wife, alongside his mistress, says that she does not believe that her husband committed the crime.

Grace Wanjiku accuses the deceased, Mary Wambui, of breaking up her marriage to Kori, adding that their love interest had already paid dowry before he neglected her and their daughter.

Police are holding a man Joseph Kori alongside his alleged lover Judy Wangui over the killing of his wife in Juja, Kiambu County. The police officers have been given 14 days to carry out investigations into what is being termed as a love triangle with fatal consequences.

Watch courtesy of NTV (The English version is below it)


Joseph Kori Karue and his lover Judy Wangui Mungai are in police custody as key suspects in the murder of his wife Mary Wambui Kamangara.

It has been established from the deceased’s Facebook profile that she was a jealous lover despite being a born again Christian.

“Married to Joseph Kori Karue two sons. Born again Christian. I love Jesus as a personal saviour. Humble, patient and jealous when it comes to love. Am loving and caring. I love children so much and my siblings to death,” read sections of Kamangara’s Facebook bio reads.


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Kiambu woman killed by husband, Mpango wa kando described herself as jealous lover

Kamangara is reported to have been inflicted with fatal injuries on the fateful Saturday evening, January 26, after she convinced Wangui, her former employee at her hardware, to take her Four Ways Junction home after a day of merry making.

Kiambu woman killed by husband, Mpango wa kando described herself as jealous lover

Wangui had shown up at Kori’s Garden Estate home that morning, ostensibly to look for her side lover but accidentally met with Kamangara according to a report by the Daily Nation on Wednesday, January 30.

Kamangara’s son who opened the gate was offered a pizza date by Wangui but ran back to the house to seek his mother’s permission to go out with “daddy’s auntie”.

Esther Kamangara, sister to the deceased said, her sister wanted to know who wanted to go out with her son.

Kiambu woman killed by husband, Mpango wa kando described herself as jealous lover

Kamangara went out only to meet Wangui her former employee whom she had suspected was having an affair with her husband but concealed her suspicion.

They engaged for a while while and agreed to go out for a lunch date.

Police sources said the two left Garden Estate in Kamangara’s white Mercedes Benz car and had a good time at Homeland Inn along Thika Road.

Kiambu woman killed by husband, Mpango wa kando described herself as jealous lover

After the merry making they left for Wangui’s N60,000 per month apartment where she had stayed for two years at Four Ways Junction.

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It was reported that on reaching Wangui’s house, Kamangara found her husband Kori seated and even saw his photos hanging on the wall confirming her suspicion.

Kiambu woman killed by husband, Mpango wa kando described herself as jealous lover

A  fight ensued leading to the death of Ms Kamangara whose body was later found wrapped in bed sheets, stuffed in sack and dumped in a dam on Sunday, January 27.

Kori was arrested at the scene having earlier reported his wife had been abducted and led police to Wangui’s home where blood-stained clothes were retrieved and the latter also arrested.

Kiambu woman killed by husband, Mpango wa kando described herself as jealous lover

Facebook posts by Kamangara showed she was an outgoing and jovial person who held her family close to her heart.

Social media posts by Kamangara never showed any sign of friction but painted a picture of a flourishing family.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Chipukeezy narrates how Victor Ber walked all over him before the fame and money



Comedian Zeddy has been on a roll blaming Victor Ber for his heartless behavior that left most new talents jobless despite showing potential of growth in the industry.

According to the lady, the creative director allegedly shuts down all new talents instead of rooting for their success.

This is how the late Njenga Mswahili stopped performing on the show; and even Kasee despite having won a huge crowd with his jokes.

To prove her point, Zeddy has now resulted to sharing videos of fellow comedians opening up  about their experiences with Victor Ber.

So far the lass has shared receipts of the Chipukeezy and Njoroge the comedian narrating their experiences with Ber.

Chipukeezy speaks

Although the video is not current, the interview proves what Zeddy has been saying true. This is judging from what Chipukeezy said about his experience with Ber.

In the interview, Chipukeezy narrates how Ber discouraged him during an audition; just after Churchill had given him the green light  thanks to his witty jokes.

Vicor Ber, the reason why I mention why Victor is because I will never forget him. So I tell them, Churchill ameniambia I am the future and I need to audition. So they tell me tell a joke….then after that Virctor Ber laughed and was like “kijana ukona talent ingine kama mbio kumbia, boxing….comedy wacha!

Njoro the comedian

Judging from the interview below, it’s evident to see that even some of these top comedians had it rough before landing on their own two feet.

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According to Njoro, Ber laughed throughout his jokes only for the guy to shut him down right after his performance

Nilipata jamaa anaitwa Victor Ber, he was the creative director. Nikapiga jokes zangu hapo thinking i am very funny. The funniest man in this planet, the guy was laughing, nikasema ahhh sasa mimi ndio the next…hamnijui.

He went on to add;

Akaniangalia akaniambia Kijana unafanya nini na maisha yako…nikamwambia nafanya journalism..akaniambia niende nyumbani niendelee na journalism, comedy ikona wenyewe.


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Chaos as ex-street children, UK family fight for missionary’s body



Patricia Botwright moved from Britain to Kenya with a noble mission two decades ago. Through her Hingham Christian Fellowship, she set up a church and a home where street children found refuge.

For years, she offered them what any good parent would — good education. In her, the children grew to see their only mother and father, all in one. In them, she saw a family. But the over 500 reformed street families at Covenant Community Orphanage are now grieving. Botwright died last week.

Their grief has been exacerbated by her family from the UK, who, understandably, are keen to give their daughter a deserved send-off. The two groups want the bigger part of her, even in death.

Burial rights

Yesterday, the two sides clashed in Kisumu’s Dunga estate as her UK family fought with the residents for burial rights of the deceased missionary.Hingham Christian Fellowship started in Uganda before Botwright relocated to Kenya and established Covenant Community Orphanage in 1999.

But when donors pulled out in 2014, she transferred the land on which covenant stood to another charity organisation which renamed it Victory Orphanage.

Botwright, 80, is said to have relocated to Mamboleo area and opened another home, calling it Covenant Orphanage. When the missionary died several days ago, the Dunga family insisted that they would bury her at the orphanage while the deceased’s family, which sent representatives, maintained that she had requested to be cremated.

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Her body, which was moved from her home in Mamboleo where she died and taken to Avenue Hospital, had been brought for viewing after several agreements were reached between the parties. However, chaos erupted when the Dunga family, which consists of adults she rescued from the streets as children, refused to have the body taken from the site where it was being viewed to the hearse.

They stood in front of the hearse, blocking bouncers from taking away the body. The Dunga family claimed it was too early to have Botwright’s body taken back to the morgue and wanted to view it until evening. When bouncers attempted to forcefully take the body inside the hearse, some youth overpowered them and grabbed the coffin, placing it on their shoulders and marching with it within the compound while chanting. The rowdy crowd, who ignored Covid-19 guidelines of social distancing, marched around the compound and placed the body at three different points.

“We can’t allow mama’s body to be taken away this early. It was agreed that we remove her in the evening,” Peter Okumu, a former street child said.

They then left with the coffin and started marching with it along the streets. Police who were at the scene to ensure Covid-19 guidelines were adhered to, were forced to use teargas to disperse the rowdy crowd.

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According to Charles Otieno, one of the leaders of the organisation, the family had been given until 1pm to view the body and take it back to the morgue. However, they insisted that the body be viewed until 4pm.

Last will 

A grave dug in preparation for the burial had been barricaded with boulders to prevent an abrupt burial. The Briton’s UK family claimed Botwright had written a will directing that her body be cremated when she dies.

However, the Dunga family held that their mother wanted to be buried within the organisation. “Mama told us to bury her body here,” Marvins Opande said.

Kisumu Central OCPD Martha Ng’etich said the two groups had agreed to have the body viewed and taken back to the morgue. “When we got report that things were getting out of control, we had to send police to restore order,” she said.

Ng’etich said the body would be interred as agreed by the two families.Yesterday, Erick Latet, an official at the orphanage, told The Standard that the missionary’s body was cremated at 11am yesterday.

“Madam Patricia was cremated. Her will was that her body be cremated, and that is what we did,” Latet said.

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Victoria Kimani: I’m still single



Just so you know, singer Victoria Kimani is still single and thinks dating life is horrible.

Speaking while she appeared on the We Are One Africa Show, Victoria said she has been single for the longest and hasn’t even been asked out by a man for a while now.

“The last time I went out on a date was September last year.” She revealed.

The 34-year-old noted that she doesn’t think she is ready to date again at least not at the moment.

“Dating life is horrible. I don’t know why I’m talking crap as if I’m dating. I’m not dating anybody”. She added.

The last time she was in a relationship was three years ago.

The sexy singer dated hunk Nigerian Stanley Obiamalu, a video producer and director who at the time was understood to be residing in South Africa.

They broke up in June 2017 and ever since Victoria has on several occasions been quoted saying she is still single.

Despite still being single, April last year in an interview with K24, Kimani opened up on her desire to get married and have children in the future.

Victoria, however, noted she was willing to wait for as long as it takes until the right man comes along because she is “tired of falling in love with bad boys”.

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By Nairobi News

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