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Police look for men who shared a meal with women before murder



Detectives are looking for two men they believe could shed light on the hours leading to the death of a woman in Nairobi on Saturday in a suspected crime of passion.

The two men shared a meal at Homeland Inn on Thika Road with the victim, Mary Wambui, and Judy Wangui, a suspect who is in police custody.

Also being held over the murder is Wambui’s husband and Wangui’s alleged lover Joseph Kori.

The two men police are looking for are believed to have information on what transpired between the two women before the fateful evening.

Also being sought is Wambui’s mobile phone, which was not found in her car yesterday. The white Mercedes Benz saloon was found abandoned at Kwa Maiko shopping centre in Githunguri, Kiambu County. Inside it were Wambui’s clothes. Residents said it had been abandoned there since Sunday. Detectives towed the car to Ngewa Police Station, where it was dusted for evidence.

Two children of the Koris, one aged 13 and the other six, were withdrawn from school by relatives to help them manage the shock, while in Nakuru, Wambui’s mother Virginia Njeri Kamangara had difficulty comprehending how her “selfless” son-in-law could have taken the life of her “heartbeat”, as the police suspect.

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“I am so sad,” said a distraught Njeri, the wife of Nakuru politician John Kamangara, who died in 2002. “I still can’t believe my beloved third-born daughter is no more. She was the pillar and heartbeat of this homestead.”

She said she last saw her daughter and grandchildren during the December holidays before the family flew out for a holiday in Dubai, Thailand, and Malaysia. Wangui appears to have discreetly joined Kori on holiday at the same time, according to photos on her social media account.

Njeri, Wambui’s mother, had last seen Kori a year earlier, when he paid for installation of electricity at her home in Kandutura village in Visoi Ward, a few kilometres from Rongai in Nakuru County.

“He is a good son-in-law, a selfless and good-hearted person. At no time did Wambui call me to say she was experiencing marital problems,” she said.

A neighbour, Jane Wangui Mwangi, said Wambui had been a Sunday school teacher in her youth, and in adulthood supported the local church.

“She tiled AIC Kandutura last year and also bought chairs and constructed a gate for the church,” she said.

Born on June 30, 1979, Wambui attended Kandutura Primary School in Visoi before joining St Columbus Secondary School in Nakuru town for her secondary education and a computer college in Nairobi later on.

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Her sister, Esther, said Wambui and Kori met in 2006 in Nakuru, where he ran Sanga East Africa Limited, a pole treatment plant. But the business encountered turbulence and they relocated to Nairobi, leaving a family mansion behind. They put the house up for sale in 2015 before eventually opting to rent it out.

In Nairobi, the family set up a hardware shop in Kahawa West, run and managed by Wambui. It was at the hardware shop where Wambui met Wangui, whom she employed as an assistant before Kori transferred the girl to the treatment plant in Nakuru, where she worked as a secretary.

Within no time, work-related conflicts ensued and Wangui, a second-year drop-out from the University of Nairobi, where she studied IT, was sacked.

In 2015 the girl rented a house in Thindigua on Kiambu Road, where she earned a living selling new clothes from the comfort of a white Toyota Allion. A year later she moved to Fourways Junction, where she has been living in a Sh60,000-a-month two-bedroom apartment. Within no time she started driving a white Mercedes Benz saloon car, just like Wambui’s. The car is now detained at Juja Police Station.

“Her life revolved around having fun and enjoying the expensive lifestyle financed by Kori,” a source, who requested anonymity said yesterday.

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Detectives were last evening piecing together evidence based on statements from Wambui’s house girl, the suspects in custody, and CCTV footage from Homeland Inn and Fourways Junction.

Wangui and Kori are currently detained at Juja Police Station, where family and relatives have been streaming in to check on them. Sources told the Nation Wangui’s family had hired a Nairobi-based criminal lawyer to represent her.

Source: Daily Nation

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City house help caught on CCTV beating up an infant



Irene Nzisa,

A 31-year-old house help was caught on camera beating up a three-month-old while feeding her with a bottle of milk.

The house help, identified as Irene Nzisa, had been employed at a Mlolongo home a month and a half ago to be the caregiver of two children.

Her employer installed a nanny cam in the living room to help her keep tabs of what happens in the house in her absence.


On Monday, the employer got the shock of her life when she left the house to take her older daughter to the hospital. On checking the live feed from her nanny cam, she saw Nzisa beating up her infant daughter.

A footage of the incident, shared with Nairobi News, showed Nzisa feeding the young one and at some point places the bottle of milk on the table and starts beating up the infant on her hands and thighs.

After a while, she stopped feeding the baby and placed her on the baby nest while pointing at her in rage.

“I was in shock, we could not proceed to the hospital after I saw that video. I just went straight home and on my way I contacted my husband who came with the police,” the mother of two told Nairobi News.

Nzisa was arrested and locked up at Mlolongo police post for a night before she was released the following day.

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“Her brother talked me out of pressing charges against his sister so I just withdrew the charges and she was released the following day.


“I am however scared she may end up in someone’s house and hurt other children that is why I’m spreading the information,” said the mother of two.

The elder daughter, a three year old, had showed signs of disinterest in Nzisa.

The house help often complained that the elder girl was being troublesome.

“She kept complaining that my daughter was being troublesome but I never knew she would take it out on the three month old,” the mother told Nairobi News.

Nzisa has since been released from police custody after her brother pleaded with the mother of the child she assaulted.


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Graduate becomes a guard at his former school – VIDEO



A University of Eldoret graduate in Bachelor of Science (Statistics) has resorted to being a guard at his former secondary school after failing to secure a job in his area of study.

Ernest Maiki Abraham returned to RCEA Kuinet Secondary School, where he left in 2011 after scoring a B+ in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, to man the institution’s main entrance.

The graduate told KTN that he resorted to being a guard after his efforts to secure a white collar job proved fruitless.

“Sikutarajia kama naeza kuwa hapa hata siku moja, hata vile nimejaribu nikakosa nikasema ai wacha niishie tu kwenye nitaishia kwa sababu nimejaribu nikajaribu na nguvu zote sijafaulu,” he said.

Maiki has sent out job application letters to top employers including tech companies, multinational corporates and supermarkets.

“Inafika mahali unakata tamaa, kwanza nikiwa University of Eldoret vitu mingi ilifika mpaka inanikazia wakati wa graduation. Inafika mpaka unakata tamaa kwa sababu maisha imekuwa ngumu,” he added.

He relies on his meagre guard salary to take care of his living expenses and those of his younger siblings.



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Parliament cop found dead in suspected murder by lover



Constable Hellen Kwamboka

A policewoman attached to Parliament was on Friday found dead in her house in Umoja estate.

Police say Constable Hellen Kwamboka failed to turn up for work on Friday and a decision to mount a search was made.

Detectives from Buruburu police station broke into her house only  to find her lying in a pool of blood with a deep cut on her head and blood stains all over the house.

The police say the deceased bore signs of strangulation on the neck.

“No murder weapon was recovered from the scene and it is believed that a boyfriend who visited her on Thursday had murdered her before escaping,” read a police report filed at Buruburu police station.

The scene was visited by the DCIO Buruburu and detectives.

Strangely, the police report stated that the door was locked from inside even as they insisted on the “boyfriend murder” narrative.

“The officers found the house locked from inside and suspected something was unusual. The house was broken into and the body of the officer found lying on her bed,” read the police report.

Constable Kwamboka’s phone is still missing and police suspect it was “stolen and switched off.”

Ms Kwamboka’s body has been taken to Chiromo mortuary as investigations into the matter kicked off.

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