Prof Mugenda had attempted to slit his throat and had a towel wrapped around his neck when he jumped to his death:Report - Kenya Satellite News Network
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Prof Mugenda had attempted to slit his throat and had a towel wrapped around his neck when he jumped to his death:Report



For a man whose life was confined to the exactness of science and the proof-ability of statistics, Prof Abel Mugenda’s death has been shrouded in intrigue and vagueness.

A week after his death, new information shows that President Uhuru Kenyatta might have been misled on the professor’s cause of death.

Although his family announced that he died after a short illness, details are emerging that Prof Mugenda, husband of Judicial Service Commissioner Prof Olive Mugenda, may have committed suicide.

The Saturday Standard perused a police report indicating that the university don leapt to his death from his room at a prestigious hotel in Nyeri town.

He jumped

The report indicates that the 66-year-old jumped to his deathfrom the sixth floor of the four-star hotel at 5am on January 5.

For a man who commanded attention in lecture halls in some of Kenya’s most prestigious universities, it is ironical that to the staff at the hotel, Prof Mugenda has become a sort of elephant in the room.

A topic too big to be broached.Prior to his death, the academician had stayed at the hotel for four days, from January 2 to January 5.

Staff at the hotel remain reluctant, even afraid, to speak about the incident that has shaken the academic world.

Those who do, talk of a conspiracy to conceal any information that might shed more light to why the man of books took the fatal plunge.

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“It is very true (that he jumped) lakini imefichwa (the incident has been concealed),” said a staff member.

The guarded reports that appeared in the press and President Kenyatta’s statement issued last Saturday said the professor had died after a short illness.

Yet, multiple corroborating statements point to the troubled last minutes of his life in which the lecturer allegedly attempted to slit his own throat before taking the jump.

Documents at Nyeri Police Station indicate that the officers had received a report that a man who had booked into the hotel as Abel Mugenda had fallen from a ledge on the sixth floor and died on the spot.

A police source privy to the incident said the officers believe the don took his own life and are not treating the death as suspicious.

Some hotel workers said the renowned professor of statistics and research looked disturbed from the moment he walked through the imposing hotel entrance and further past the well polished shiny floor, onwards to the reception to book his room at the beginning of the year.

Mugenda got a room in the new wing of the hotel established in 2015.

He was all alone most of the time and would appear in the dining hall for meals. He was mostly on phone but we would not notice something unusual,” said a staffer.

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The Saturday Standard has been reliably informed by officers who reviewed the surveillance footage that Prof Mugenda had attempted to slit his throat and had a towel wrapped around his neck when he jumped.

The professor, our source said, left his room on the fourth floor then took a lift to the sixth floor from where he jumped.Our source further said a witness saw the professor leap from the building and yelled to prevent him from jumping but it was too late.

The source said there was pressure to keep the incident quiet due to the stigma around the idea that a successful professor would choose to die.Until his death, Prof Mugenda, who was just shy of turning 66, was a professor of statistics and research at United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa).He will be buried on Friday next week at Thogoto village in Kiambu County.

Mugenda is survived by his wife Olive and four children; Albert Gitau, Christopher Nyoike, Angela Wambui and Linda Wambui.

Saturday Standard


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Mbagathi Hospital reveals why mother walked with dead baby for 5km



Mbagathi Hospital has admitted that inefficiencies in its operations led to Immaculate Auma trekking to city mortuary with the body of her dead baby last week.

The hospital, however, maintained that Auma’s baby did not die at the facility but was instead pronounced dead on arrival.

Yesterday, Nairobi Health Executive Charles Kerich, who was speaking at Mbagathi, said that Auma arrived in the hospital at 9.45am with her six-month-old infant who was declared dead by a pediatric clinical officer.

According to reports by Standard Media Mr Kerich said that according to hospital policy, Auma was referred to the police to file a notification. He added that she left before the hospital could assist her to move the body.

“A nurse at the hospital offered to assist Immaculate to organise for transportation to the police station and onward to the mortuary. However, while the hospital was organising for a vehicle, the mother was discovered to have left with the body of her child,” said Kerich.

Source: Standard Media

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Kenyan woman battling cancer in US appeals for help to pay her house rent




A US-based Kenyan woman has touched the hearts of many with her story. Zipporah Kamau who was diagnosed with one of the most devastating forms of cancer last year and has been going through Chemotherapy in Seattle, Washington, says the doctors recently told her that she had only three days to live.

Her story is heartbreaking to say the least. In a tragic twist of fate, soon after she arrived in the US in November 2017, her son was struck by a car and died in Nairobi.

When she and her then husband attended the funeral, he passport got lost and she was forced to apply for travel documents to get back to the US.

She stayed in Atlanta, Georgia, for a while before relocating to Seattle to live with her friend, only identified as Beth. It was then that she got sick and was diagnosed with Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer that begins in infection-fighting cells of the immune system, called lymphocytes. Now the doctors tell her that she may need to go through dialysis as her kidneys are failing.

“I have gone through 9 rounds of Chemo and now they have told me that I have to start another round of palliative chemotherapy but I don’t think I can do it any more. My body is totally ruined by the previous round of Chemo,” she tells Jeremy Damaris of Kikuyu Diaspora TV in an interview.

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“They recently said I had only three days to live and that my kidneys are affected..but I know I can live longer than that in Jesus mighty name,” she adds.

Zipporah Kamau (Right) pictured here at an event in Kenya in 2016. PHOTO/BMJ MURIITHI

Looking emaciated and weak, she appeals to well wishers to come to her aid and help her to at least pay her house rent which has accumulated to over $4,000 as she has not done so since June last year.

“I live with a friend where I am supposed to pay $600 a month but because of my condition, I have’t been able to meet my end of the bargain for the last six months. My roommate is a very nice lady but she can only do so much,” says Zipporah as she fights off tears.

Zipporah Kamau during the interview. PHOTO/SCREEN GRAB

During the interview, she sends a message to her children back in Kenya. “Whatever happens, just know that I love you all very much,” she says, after calling each of them by name. She wishes she could pay fees for her children who are in college. “I hope to see you some day when I get stronger,” she tells them.

Photos taken in 2016 show a healthy looking  and bubbly woman compared to the recent pictures which depict a pale shadow of her former self. You may send your donation via CASHAPP.  The number is +1 253 499 3845 (Zipporah Kamau) or via MPESA at +254 718 504 548 (Jeremy Wambui)

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To get the full story, Watch the video below [in Gikuyu] courtesy of KDTV:

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VIDEO: Uhuru loses temper, threatens to deal with CS Macharia




A video has emerged in which an irate President Uhuru Kenyatta tells off  Transport CS James Wainaina Macharia for not living up to expectation .

Kenyatta made a surprise visit to a Chinese construction site where he found the construction work had stalled and started to enquire the reason behind it.

He also enquired on how they had been allocated funds and listened as the CS and the Chinese contractor each gave a different figure, much to the President’s dismay.

The CS tried to interject the President to save face for the Chinese but a seemingly infuriated Uhuru could hear none of it.

In their defense, the officials from the Chinese company insinuated that there was shortage of funds and that the project would be fast-tracked if they received enough monies.


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