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Schoolgirls arrested for loitering at night around clubs in school uniform




Police arrested eight secondary schoolgirls  in Maralal town at the wee hours of Saturday after they were found loitering around night clubs in school uniform.

According to Samburu Central OCPD Abagaro Guyo, the girls were on their way back to school.

“We arrested the girls who were hanging around the night clubs, they had left their belongings in a bus and started loitering in town at 2am,” said Mr Guyo

The police boss called on parents to mind the security of their children, especially girls.

Further, the area’s Woman Rep Maison Leshoomo urged parents to be escorting their children to school to avoid such incidents.

Night buses
However, area residents called on the police to treat school going children with lenience, adding that they had to travel by night buses to reach their destinations early in the morning.

The students were released later in the day after their parents picked and escorted them to school

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“It took him 6 years to put a ring on my finger” actor, Abel Mutua’s wife opens up



Former Tahidi high actor, Abel Mutua impregnated his then-girlfriend Judy Nyawira while both were still in college and the experience was rocky.

The college sweethearts have proudly shared the last 12 years in each other’s arms, roofing a daughter, now aged 10 years.

However, the birth of their daughter changed their lives.

Mr and Mrs Abel with their daughter


During a Q&A session with the actor’s wife, Judy, Instagram fans delved into the couple’s marital life.

One fan posed:

What was your experience marrying Abel?

Mrs Abel admitted that despite having sired a child together, Abel was not ready to settle down and it took him 6 solid years to make an honest wife out of her.

Mr and Mrs Abel’s wedding

Even though the entire journey started off in an odd manner, the years are unregrettable for them.

Well, first came the baby then the long wait of almost 6 years before he could make up his mind about settling down. Thank God he did though with a proposal ndani ya gari…’Eeeh, babe tunaeza oana sasa?’ And here we are 12 years later.

More children?

Well, it has been 10 years and fans probed about baby number two. Judy responded:

It’s never a smooth road! It has its good and bad days.

Previously, the youthful production mogul revealed that their daughter’s birth caused them trauma.

The birth of our daughter traumatized us so much because we were not doing well then, and that is why we have not had a second child yet.

Actor, Abel Mutua with daughter

Reiterating the same, Judy Nyawira felt one was enough for them for the time being.

Never! That ship already sailed but it’s by choice. One is enough aki, for us. It was a mutual decision.

On what captured her interest in the scriptwriter, Judy blatantly admitted:

He is/was very good-looking and after 12 years of marriage, aki sina mahali pengine naeza enda.


The popular Kenyan actor who has made a name for himself in the lucrative industry had in the past opened up on leading a strenuous life that rendered him unable to afford basic needs.

So bad was it that Nyawira was the one who cleared the bills, catered for food and his clothing.

I was so broke to the extent that I couldn’t afford to buy my underwear. It is my wife,who was buying me innerwear at the time. I may not have much (financially), but one thing I am thankful for, is the good wife God gave me.

Couple, Judy Nyawira and Abel Mutua

By Ghafla

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Late Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki spent time in a wheelchair or bed



Three years ago, as Catholic faithful prepare for Lent-the religious observation of simple living, fasting and prayers-many were also silently praying for retired Archbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki who was struggling with poor health and old age.

Catholics observe the 40-day Lent period which ushers in Easter, the most solemn holiday in the Christian calendar. Archbishop Ndingi would have taken an active role in Lent, but then aged 86, he was either on the wheelchair or in bed. He suffered memory and speech lapses.

Though weak in body, but strong in faith, the octogenarian routinely had visitors into his home most of them Catholic faithful and neighbours. Visiting hours were strictly between 10 am to lunch hour.

Most of the visitations were dedicated to prayers and soothing hymns. Occasionally during such moments, Ndingi was usually jolted into faint motion as he struggles to connect with his guests.

Sometimes a feeble smile flashed across his face. He had lost the ability to talk but could still afford a mumble, intermittently pausing to utter phrases like “thank you”, “I know you” or “I am very happy”.

Sister Teresia took care of the retired archbishop and those who have visited the house say Sister Teresia’s ensured Ndingi was comfortable.

“She cleans and feeds the Archbishop as he can no longer do any task for himself,” said a source at the time.

Retired Archbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki in 2015.

Apart from Sister Teresia, two priests prayed for him in the morning and evening. His successor, His Eminence John Cardinal Njue-who prefers driving himself- occasionally visited Ndingi.

At the height of his active life, Ndingi was a leading voice on matters democracy, constantly pinpointing failures of leadership during the Kanu regime. He never tired from reminding Kenyans the importance of participating in the democratization through elections, lobbying or civil activism.

When the man of God was hale and hearty, he loved afternoon swims at his five bed-room Luna Gardens home in Lavington.

Ndingi fell sick after retiring. He started experiencing gradually memory loss before the problem escalated to the current state.

Those who visited him said he is a strong-willed character despite his failing health, which sometimes required check-ups at a Catholic-run hospital in Nairobi.

RIP Ndingi.

This article first appeared in The Nairobian on 17 February, 2017.

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CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo tests positive for Coronavirus



CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has tested Positive for Coronavirus. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the journalist confirmed that he had contracted the disease.

Cuomo, who is the brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), said he was experiencing symptoms after being exposed to others who tested positive for the virus.

“I have been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I have fever, chills and shortness of breath,” he said.

The journalist said he is quarantined in his basement at his home and will continue working from there.

“I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina. That would make me feel worse than this illness!” he said.

The governor announced his brother’s diagnosis at his daily briefing Tuesday. He seemed confident of his recovery, saying his brother is “not as strong as he thinks, but he will be fine.”

On Monday night, Cuomo interviewed his brother and towards the end of the show, the two joked with each other, with Chris telling the Governor: “You take care of yourself. You know there is only one of you.”

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