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VIDEO: Sonko confesses to smoking weed, says Uhuru should become Prime Minister in 2022



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has shared sensational details about his marijuana smoking days in Parliament during his tenure as Makadara MP.

And that’s not all. The governor claims to have shared puffs with the current governor of Kiambu in the precincts of Parliament.

Presumably, the two would routinely sneak out for their smoking sessions before strolling back to the chambers to discuss affairs of the nation while still under the heavy influence of marijuana.

Sonko also came out to openly advocate for a Uhuru Kenyatta Premiership come 2022. “We need him so as to complete the development projects he initiated,” said the governor.

In a tell-it-all interview with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange on Wednesday night, Governor Sonko revealed some secrets that many would rather have them to stay in the closet.

Jeff: “You can’t say that on air without evidence. ”

Sonko: “I have evidence, we used to smoke with him in the toilet, he used to hide them inside his socks. I stopped but he is still smoking.”

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Sonko’s confession of abusing marijuana comes as no surprise to city residents. He has previously been photographed  quaffing copious  amounts of hard liqueur.


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MY STORY: When ‘happily ever after’ turns into a nightmare



Hers was the perfect marriage … a dream come true until one day her husband lost a sizeable amount of money in a business venture that failed. Pearl Mumbi, 29, shares her ‘happily ever after’ gone wrong.

“My name is Pearl Mumbi, a mother of two. My boy is eight years old and the girl is six. When I met my Prince Charming, I was about 20 and I could sense he was a good man.

And true to my intuition, he turned out to be the ideal husband. Ours was an enviable marriage.

What with this man who treated me like a queen and always took good care of me?

He was the kind of man who would cook for me and always took me out on dates. Everything felt so perfect and I enjoyed every step of the journey.

When we welcomed our firstborn, it was pure bliss. At this time, I was working as a cashier in one of the local supermarkets in Nairobi.

In 2014, after we got our second baby, my husband asked me to quit work as I was really having a rough time with house helps.

‘Sweetheart, stay at home and raise our babies, I’ll take care of us,’ he promised. I was comfortable being a stay-at-home mum as I knew he would provide for us.

My husband did not disappoint and he even moved us to a bigger house. All our bills were paid on time and he carried out his parental responsibilities without fail.

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He set apart Sundays as our family time and he enjoyed taking us out with the kids.

During week days he ensured that I wasn’t bored and always brought me movies and magazines to keep myself busy. Also, to ensure I was comfortable, he paid a laundry lady who used to come and wash our clothes.

One day in December 2016, my hubby informed me that he wanted to start a wines and spirits shop with a female business partner.

That was not what I was expecting to hear and I thus told him I wasn’t comfortable with the choice of partner.

Besides, I told him that since the children were not too delicate anymore, we could hire a house help as I joined him in business.

Well, he was adamant and went ahead to open the shop with his lady friend.

He had invested a huge amount of money in the venture and was hoping it would pay back soon. Unfortunately, that was not to be. And in a month’s time the business collapsed … and that was when the nightmare began.

My once responsible husband started drinking heavily and would come home staggering at odd hours of the night.

He would insist I wake up and warm the food for him and sit with him as he ate. Woe unto me if I accidentally dozed off.

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I would be woken up with a hot slap. I remember the first time he hit me I had served him food and then he threw the plate at the wall, breaking it.

He then asked for water and threw the glass at the wall. This behaviour shocked me as I had never known him to be violent before.

When I asked him what the problem was, he beat me up to a pulp. The second time he beat me, I ran to the kids’ bedroom and locked the door, which he broke down and beat me up until my son woke up.

The following day he would claim that he had been high and would even insist on buying me olive oil to massage my sore body.

He would then cook us a delicious meal. However, he continued with the violence and often times he would get angry without provocation.

One evening I was watching TV after putting the children to bed, he came home drunk and had lost his phone.

For some reason he started complaining and tried pinning the blame on me. I tried to defend myself and the next thing I saw is our TV flying my direction.

My husband in his anger had thrown the TV at me. I was lucky I managed to move out of its way on time as it crashed on the floor.

That was my turning point. I did not feel safe anymore. I locked my sleeping children in their room and still in my nightdress, I took a taxi from Waiyaki Way to my mum’s place on Ngong Road.

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Interestingly, the following morning he called to ask if I would be coming over to stay with the kids as he wanted to leave for work, yet I was still nursing a black eye from a dog’s beating I had received earlier that week.

To him it was business as usual, and I played along. I told him I’d be coming home though I was shaking like a leaf as I was scared of what he would do to me.

I went home, got two taxis and loaded my children’s clothes, and we moved to mum’s place.

He tried reconciling with me, but the last two weeks had cancelled every good thing he had ever done for us.

I was in constant fear that he would harm me. He helped out for two months but when he realised I was not going to change my mind, he stopped sending child support.

To make ends meet, I ventured into business. I specialise in deras and trench coats for both children and adults and do most of my sales through my Facebook page Activewear Collections and Instagram page Pearl Mumbi.

I’m happy as I can afford to pay the bills and my children’s school fees, and have even moved out of mum’s place to our own.”

source:Saturday Magazine

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14 bodies found in Nairobi rivers



A major operation to clean up the trash-clogged rivers in the Kenyan capital has led to the grisly discovery of 14 bodies, most of them babies and children, the local government said Friday.

On Friday, clean-up crews found the body of an eight-year-old boy who had been strangled and dumped near the Nairobi River, just days after the bodies of twin babies were discovered in a plastic bag.

“Nairobi county youth conducting cleaning of Nairobi River have today (Friday) found yet another body of a… boy strangled and dumped near the river,” said county government spokesman Elkana Jacob.

“This makes a total number of 14 bodies of adults and infants retrieved from Nairobi rivers since Governor Mike Sonko launched the clean-up exercise,” he said.

Nairobi’s name comes from a Maasai phrase meaning “place of cool waters”, however the main river and its tributaries have fallen prey to industrialisation and chaotic urban planning.

Factories spew industrial waste into the rivers, while dozens of informal settlements with no proper sewage system or trash removal fill them with garbage and human waste.

Governor Sonko announced the latest in a string of clean-up operations over the past two decades in May 2018, however it began in earnest in early 2019.

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“These numbers of dead bodies retrieved from rivers are worrying. We have called on the police to investigate these cases. Who are the people behind these senseless killings,” he said in a press statement Saturday.

“Once we have clean running rivers, no one will dump anything into the waters without being noticed. My teams are working round the clock to ensure we achieve what we have decided to do.”

Aside from eight infants and the young boy found Friday, the bodies of five adults were also found during the operation this year in the Nairobi River, and its tributaries the Ngong River and Mathare River.

Fredrick Okinda, chairman of Komb-Green Solutions which is assisting in the cleanup, blamed illegal clinics performing abortions for some of the bodies found. He said some appeared to be foetuses.

“Some hospitals here are doing abortions to young ladies and they don’t have any place to dump the bodies,” he told AFP.

Abortion is illegal in Kenya unless the life of the woman is in danger.

Some of the babies appeared to have been “thrown after being born”, said Okinda.

His organisation had buried some of the babies next to the river.

“We are not surprised because you know this is a slum area… so when we come to the cleanup we were ready to face any challenge as long as we reclaim the lost glory of Nairobi River.”

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Heads turn in S. Africa as Kenyan President skips Ramaphosa’s inauguration attended by over 40 leaders



66 year old Ceryl Ramaphosa was sworn in as the President of South Africa for a 5 year term Saturday at a ceremony attended by about 40 leaders from the African Continent. However, conspicuously missing wa Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta who has been known to hop onto his plane whenever the slightest opportunity to travel presents itself.

Tanzania’s John Pombe Magufuli, who hardly travels outside his country, was among those present. Uganda’s Ypoweri Museven, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, DRC’s Felix Tshisekedi and Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnagagwa gravced the occasion.

Ramaphosa told South Africans on Saturday that ‘a new era’ had dawned as he was sworn in for a five-year term as president. More than 30,000 people gathered to witness the ceremony which included a flypast and military parade. Ramaphosa’s inauguration followed his ruling African National Congress party’s 57.5% victory in this month’s election.

Earlier in the week, reports had indicated that the President would travel with a delegation to South Africa, but State House spokesperson Kanze Dena yesterday confirmed Uhuru would not after all attend Ramaphosa’s inauguration.
“The President is not attending the event. There were no prior plans to attend the State function,” Ms Dena told The Standard when contacted on phone.
The South African parliament on Wednesday elected Ramaphosa, who has the majority in the House.
Dena said the President, presently, does not chair any regional economic bloc after he served as the New Partnership for Africa’s Development chair for a while.
“The President is not chairing any continental economic bloc for now,” she stated.
Among the dignitaries invited are Egypt’s president and chair of the African Union Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Fakhi. Also invited is the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres.
The restricted invite list is attributed to austerity measures since the SA government is planning to spend less money on the event than it did on Zuma’s inauguration.
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“We all know there is economic difficulty in this country. The budget that we are going to spend on this inauguration is less than what was spent in the previous inauguration,” Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, minister in the presidency, is quoted as saying in the local press.

“We had to ensure we don’t spend as much as we did in the last inauguration… taking into account inflation,” she said.
Dlamini-Zuma said the previous inauguration, where former president Jacob Zuma was sworn in for his second term, cost in excess of R240 million.
The Standard, however, learnt that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already submitted its list, only to be cancelled at the last minute.
“There are some Jubilee party officials who will however be in attendance,” said a senior official in government.
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Deputy President William Ruto’s planned 10-day trip to the US and Canada was cancelled by State House on the premise that Uhuru and his deputy cannot be away at the same time.


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