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VIDEO: Sonko confesses to smoking weed, says Uhuru should become Prime Minister in 2022



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has shared sensational details about his marijuana smoking days in Parliament during his tenure as Makadara MP.

And that’s not all. The governor claims to have shared puffs with the current governor of Kiambu in the precincts of Parliament.

Presumably, the two would routinely sneak out for their smoking sessions before strolling back to the chambers to discuss affairs of the nation while still under the heavy influence of marijuana.

Sonko also came out to openly advocate for a Uhuru Kenyatta Premiership come 2022. “We need him so as to complete the development projects he initiated,” said the governor.

In a tell-it-all interview with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange on Wednesday night, Governor Sonko revealed some secrets that many would rather have them to stay in the closet.

Jeff: “You can’t say that on air without evidence. ”

Sonko: “I have evidence, we used to smoke with him in the toilet, he used to hide them inside his socks. I stopped but he is still smoking.”

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Sonko’s confession of abusing marijuana comes as no surprise to city residents. He has previously been photographed  quaffing copious  amounts of hard liqueur.


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Brampton City in Canada to Honor Kenyans in the Diaspora



The Kenyan national flag is set to be raised for two weeks in the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, in honor of Kenya’s Independence Day.

The flag-hoisting ceremony also seeks to appreciate the participation of Kenyan-Canadians living in Brampton. The ceremony will be held at Brampton City Hall by the Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, on Saturday, December 14th, a day when Kenyans living in Canada will mark the 56th Jamhuri Day.

Several political, community leaders, Federal Members of Parliament, Regional and Municipal Councilors from the Greater Toronto Area are expected to attend the inaugural flag-raising event. A representative from the Kenya High Commission in Canada is also expected to attend.

“This is a great achievement and a milestone not just to the Kenyans living in Canada but to Kenya as a country. We are so proud to have the Canadian government recognize, for the first time, the contributions of Kenyans in this country.”

“This is a significant step towards getting integrated with other communities that form part of the immigrant Canadian society,” said Kenyan Canadian Association (KCA) President Ephraim Mwaura.




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Kenyan Edwin Macharia Lands Plum Job at US-Based Company Dalberg




US-based financial consulting firm Dalberg Advisors has appointed Kenyan Edwin Macharia as its Global Managing Partner.

The company’s equity partners voted in Edwin.  He will work for a three-year term starting January 2020. Mr. Macharia has been working at the Dalberg for the last 11 years, working in different capacities, including helping in establishing the company’s East Africa office in 2008.

Macharia previous worked at both McKinsey & Company and at the Clinton Foundation before joining the New York-headquartered Dalberg.

“I am excited to build upon these foundations towards our shared vision for the future of Dalberg,” said Macharia, who replaces Yana Kakar, whose two-term tenure has ended.

Dalberg founder Henrik Skovby, said: “Edwin has spearheaded a lot of innovation into the new business lines within the Group. That will serve him well as he steps forward to lead Dalberg’s biggest and longest-standing business.”

Dalberg Advisors is best known for its focus on inclusive and sustainable business, policy and investment strategy.

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Stivo Simple Boy names Wema Sepetu as his ideal woman



Musician Stivo Simple Boy of the popular ‘Mihadarati’ hit song has for the first time opened up on the kind of woman he fancies.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva, Simple Boy affirmed his earlier position that he is a virgin and revealed that all he is looking for in a woman is in Miss Tanzania 2006, Wema Sepetu.

“Wema ni mtulivu, hana maneno na pia amebarikiwa na sura; vitu vingi tu sana,” said the rapper as he riveted his stand on why he has never been in a relationship.

Spotting braces, the 29-year-old declined to reveal his Kenyan crush and, in a twist, claimed that women have been hitting on him on social media and making passes whenever he is out and about in his neighbourhood.

“Sina mchumba, nangoja ndoa. Kama Mungu atanijaalia na mtu basi tutaona. Bado, (sijajihusisha na mapenzi) kabisa. Kila kitu kina wakati wake, huwezi kimbilia kitu ambacho huwezani nacho. Mwanamke (anayemvutia) awe ni; mcha mungu, ajiheshimu na pia awe mwaminifu.”

Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy [Photo: @stivosimpleboy]


In an interview with The Standard, Simple Boy narrated how he was continuously teased over his looks when growing up and cyberbullied when he became famous.

“It was worse when I was growing up. Children would make up songs about how ugly I was. They would block my path and call me a squirrel. I am used to my face getting all the attention… God created me like this. What do people expect me to do?” he posed.

Aside from the bullying, he is making great strides in his music career and recently floored legends; Nyashinski, Bahati and Khaligraph Jones at the just concluded Mashujaa Awards.

He bagged the Artiste of the Year award at the gala held on Thursday, November 21, at the Carnivore Simba Saloon.


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