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VIDEO: Woman jailed for 10 years “by mistake” touches the hearts of Kenyans in the Diaspora



Some Kenyans in the United States are expressing their dismay at a report that a woman was imprisoned for ten years despite the complainant’s attempts to withdraw the case.

Lydia Achieng’, who is currently serving her jail term in Lang’ata Women Prison was arrested in 2010 over allegations of defiling her neighbour’s Class Eight son.

Upon learning of the controversial matter, the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji ordered immediate investigations into the case of Ms Achieng’.

“I want us to share this but also come up with HOW we can help her. Georgia wants to Lead this charge,” said Eric Mwangi, a Community organizer based in Atlanta, in a statement sent to KSN on Tuesday.

“This lady should be released ASAP and should not work a day of her life because she’s paid her dues and we as Kenyans and fellow Citizens across the World should come together with the support of Kenyan organizations who can help her settle back to civilian life,” wrote Mwangi.

Other Kenyans took to social media to air their views. Jkariuki wrote: “This is very sad. We all need to stand with the poor lady.”

Maggie Mwambia wrote: “Even as we stand to be counted, it is always very important to hear both side of the story. Citizen is writing that the DPP has concluded that she lied to the media. May the truth Prevail. Aving said that, I am still ready to help her.”

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Here is Achieng’s story courtesy of Inooro TV:

In a Twitter post, the DPP ordered an immediate follow up on the matter to unravel the circumstances under which the woman was imprisoned despite being found innocent. “Despite the fact that the convict was charged during the era of Police Prosecutors and before the 2010 Constitution, the DPP has directed that an immediate review be done,” read the tweet. Speaking to Inooro TV, Achieng’ said at the time when she was accused of the crime, she was living with an orphaned young girl who she had offered to help educate.

The girl is said to have gotten into a relationship with one of the neighbour’s sons but she refuted the claims saying they were only friends and they used to borrow books from one another. “If I find you with Rajab, I will punish you severely and take you back home,” Achieng’ warned the girl However, the son’s mother went ahead and initiated arrest of Achieng’ accusing her of defiling the minor. She was presented in court and charged with defilement and detained in remand for over a year with the complainant failing to attend several proceedings.

Finally, the son’s mother showed up in court and said she wanted to withdraw the case but the request was denied by the presiding judge who directed she seeks help of the Attorney General to withdraw the case. “The judge said such cases can only be withdrawn after she presents a letter from the Attorney General asking for withdrawal,” she said. The complainant’s efforts to access the Attorney General were futile. Achieng’ was sentenced to 10 years in jail, she tried to appeal but it was turned down by the court. She is set to be released soon.

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GOFUNDME: Kindly help Jackie Koli bury her mom and get justice



Jackie Koli’s mom, Beatrice Wanjiku Gitura (pictured above), was murdered in cold blood after she went missing on Friday, May 22, 2020.
On Saturday May 23rd, her body was found in her car a few Kilometers from Embu Town.  Her throat had been slit, hands tied with a rope and a piece of cloth tied across her mouth. It was double tragedy since the sister to her mom (Jackie’s auntie) passed on the same day- Friday morning after battling with cancer.Jackie, an only child, needs our financial support as she prepares to bury her mom and seek justice. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Kindly donate here via Gofundme

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VIDEO: Mom to Kenyan lady in US murdered in cold blood



With great sadness we wish to inform you of the sudden and unexpected passing of Jackie Koli‘s mom, Beatrice Wanjiku Gitura.

She went missing on Friday May 22 and later found murdered in her car. Her throat had been slit, hands tied with a rope and a piece of cloth tied across her mouth.

The body was in the passenger’s seat and the car was abandoned on the roadside. Beatrice, 57, went missing on Friday after leaving work. Her body was found in Njukiri, Embu, about 20km from her residence.

The late Beatrice Wanjiku

It’s a double tragedy since the sister to her mom (Jackie’s auntie) passed on the same day- Friday morning after battling with cancer.
Jackie, an only child, needs our financial support as she prepares to bury her mom and seek justice. Any help will be highly appreciated.
Jackie Koli lives in Seattle, Washington State.

Kindly make your donation through either of these channels:

GoFundMe-Help Jackie bury her mom and seek justice


253-245-6057 – ($PriscillaMuiruri)
206-372-2899 – ($Jacklinekoli)
Zelle: 206-372-2899 – (Koli Ann)








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Diaspora remittances decline by Sh2.2b in April



Money coming in from Kenyans living and working abroad dropped by Sh2.2 billion in April to total $208.2 million (Sh22.3 billion).
This is compared to Sh24.5 billion received in March, according to the latest data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). It was the lowest monthly remittance since February last year when Kenyans overseas sent back home $199 million (Sh21.2 billion at today’s exchange rate).
However, the cumulative inflows in the 12 months to April were higher at $2,801 million (Sh299 billion) compared to $2,750 million (Sh294 billion) over a similar period last year.
“Remittance flows from the US and Canada (contributing about 58 per cent of all remittances in April) remained largely unchanged from March, while inflows from UK, Germany, South Africa, EAC region, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia declined, reflecting the impact of Covid-19,” said CBK in its weekly bulletin.
CBK expects the Covid-19 pandemic which has disrupted economic activities around the world, to curtail the remittances, which have recently been critical pillars of the country’s exchange rate.
Foreign exchange
In March, diaspora remittances generally went up but inflows from South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius and Oman declined, reflecting the impact of the coronavirus disease on a critical source of foreign exchange for the country.
Nearly 40 million people in the US have filed for unemployment as Covid-19 wipes out livelihoods in the world’s largest economy, and where a lot of Kenyans live and work. So far, remittances from these regions have continued to flow in steadily. However, the tide of money from North America and Europe will not last forever as the pandemic hits these regions hard.
An article by CNBC showed that 70 per cent of companies in Dubai expect to go out of business in the next six months, a situation that would affect a lot of Kenyans working in the Gulf states.
Economists have noted that most Africans in the diaspora are employed in jobs that do not have safety nets, and are not eligible for the welfare cash that a lot of industrialised countries have provided for businesses and households in distress.
Currently, most of those abroad might have raised their remittances due to increased distress calls from relatives and friends back home who are feeling the heat of the pandemic.
Many Africans working overseas have either been laid off or sent on unpaid leave and are now living on their savings. Diaspora remittances have become Kenya’s key source of foreign exchange reserves, more than even tea, coffee and tourism.
In the region, the World Bank expects diaspora remittances to decline sharply.
Expected to drop
“In 2020, remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries are expected to drop by around 20 per cent to $445 billion (Sh47.6 trillion), from $554 billion (Sh59.2 trillion) in 2019,” said the global lender in a new report on remittances and migration.
“In the midst of this sharp decline, the relative importance of remittance flows as a source of external financing for low- and middle-income countries is expected to rise.” Nigeria remains the largest recipient of remittances in sub-Saharan Africa and is the sixth-largest beneficiary among low- to middle-income countries, with an estimated amount of $23.8 billion (Sh2.5 trillion) received in 2019, an increase of more than half a billion dollars compared to 2018.
Ghana and Kenya are ranked a distant second and third in the region, with $3.5 billion (Sh374 billion) and $2.8 billion (Sh299 billion) received, respectively.

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