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Atlanta resident Charles Kimani undergoes delicate brain surgery, family appeals for help




A Kenyan family in Atlanta, Georgia, is in dire need of financial assistance after one of their own underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his brain.

According to the family, on January 23rd this year, Mr Charles Kimani had a scheduled surgery to remove a brain tumor between his frontal sinuses. The surgery had been scheduled to last for 4 – 5 hours with an estimated 5 days post-surgery hospital stay.

During the procedure, it was discovered the tumor was larger than earlier thought and his surgery lasted 11 hours. Since then, he has been in the Critical Care unit at Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta.

The good news is that he is gradually recuperating. However, the illness is taking a toll on the members of his family hence they are appealing to the Kenyan community in the region and beyond to come to their aid.

“Charles still has a long road ahead of him and we are not sure when he will be cleared to return to work. We would love to help ease the financial burden on his wife, Susan and his 2 young children, Samantha & Mark,” says the family spokesperson in a GoFundme Campaign.

By the time of posting this appeal, the campaign had raised about $1,300 out of a $10,000 target.

“We are praying for his total and complete healing,”  adds the spokesperson.

Besides the financial help, the family is also kindly appealing for  prayers.

“Nothing is too little. As we say in Kenya, haba na haba hujaza kibaba (loosely translated, to “little by little fills the measure).”

On behalf of the entire family, thank you and may God bless you & increase your bounty.

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Blind 70-year-old Kenyan living in US pleads for help to return home – VIDEO



Kenyans living in the diaspora have formed a WhatsApp group to try and help an elderly Kenyan man living in the United States to return home.

In a message shared in the Diaspora Messenger, a website that connects and updates the East African community abroad, the Kenyans have appealed to well-wishers to help Mr William Mwangi Kagwima, who is aged 70.

“One of our Kenyan brother, migrated to Worcester MA, in 1998. Like every other immigrant, he worked hard until last year when he started losing his eye sight and could not work anymore. He has endured severe hardship and has exhausted his savings. Mr Kagwima is requesting the community to send him back home to his family,” the notice reads in part.

They also shared a short video clip of Mr Kagwima speaking in Gikuyu and explaining how he ended up to be where he is today.s


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VIDEO: US-based Kenyan man reunites with daughter he never knew he had after 43 years



A 67 year old US based Kenyan man who fathered a girl some 43 years ago has been reunited with his daughter.

It was an emotional reunion between father and daughter in Nairobi. Judy Wangui, having never met her dad is now married with two children.

According to K24, Peter Muriu met Mary Wangui, his Class eight sweetheart while he was in Form Three. As fate would have it, the man relocated to the United States. Little did he know that he had left an offspring.

Fast forward, 43 years later, the man traveled to Kenya after getting wind that a woman who looked exactly like him had been spotted.

“As I was roaming here and there, someone told me someone who was your girl back in the day got a baby who looks like you,” he said during an interview conducted on the fridges of the reunion party in Runda, Nairobi.

Innitially, Muriu toyed with the idea of conducting a DNA test.

“But I said before making a decision, I am going to see the girl. After seeing her, I said, Oh Lord, no need for a DNA here.”

The daughter was equally elated.

“Nimefurahi kumuona babangu maanake tangu nizaliwe sijawahi kuitana baba,” said Wangui.

Her mother, Mary Wambui, whose marriage unfortunately did not work out said all her children are very happy and have accepted him as their father.

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Death Announcement: Anne Wanjiku Giathi of Atlanta, Georgia



It is with humble acceptance that we announce the promotion to glory of our beloved mom Ms. Anne Wanjiku Giathi ( Mama Mukabi) of Kennesaw District (K4).
She rested Tuesday morning in Kenya. Following her demise, a prayer meeting will be held at KACC on Friday 15th @7pm & Memorial Service on Sunday after 11 Am Service at the same venue.
Let’s uphold the family with prayers and support.
Mukabi Giathi 4049884674
Teresa Karanja 4042773160
Naomi Kanyari 4047232111
Kanyari Muthoga 4043536317
God bless you

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