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Battered woman quits marriage, seeks solace



One gaze at Benta Akinyi immediately draws to her heavily scarred face. Perhaps used to the stares, Ms Akinyi exhibited little signs of self-consciousness.

She simply made herself comfortable and started recounting a beating she got from her husband the previous night.

“He has turned into a monster that beats me senseless. When I regain consciousness he asks why I am not dead. He keeps reminding me that he will kill me, and I think he means it,” said Akinyi.

Akinyi said she had reported the assault by her husband at Karuri Police Station, where her case was booked for investigation. But, she said, police were not helping.

“I have been to the police station countless times, but no one is helping me. That’s why my husband feels invincible. Each time I report, they dismiss me saying those are domestic issues.

I have also been to the Central Police Station but I only spoke to a counsellor,” she narrated.

A terrified Akinyi has since decided to walk out of the marriage with her two children. She vacated her Karuri home that was shared with Howard Muya.

She sought refuge at a hospital in Nairobi.When reached for comment, a woman the victim of abuse referred to as Officer Koki, said Akinyi had indeed been to the Karuri police station.

“Ms Akinyi recorded the assault case with us and she was promised that police would investigate the matter. Why didn’t she wait for authorities to do their work?” Koki asked.

Pressed to give an update on the investigation, the officer said she had not been to the station long enough to know all the details about Akiny’s case.

Mr Muya, on the other hand, was more forthcoming and admitted to beating Akinyi several times. He described his wife as a “difficult” woman.

The 29-year-old cooking gas distributor at Muchatha market said his wife often went through his phone and insulted his female clients.He also admitted to once biting his wife on the neck when she went to report a different assault incidence to the police.

“She pretends a lot to outsiders, but in the house, she doesn’t respect me at all. That is what makes me beat her,” said Muya, adding: “There is a way men feel when disrespected by women. Akinyi feels she can disrespect me just because she is older than me. I find that difficult to accept.”

Akinyi recalled the worst beating she got from her husband, which caused infection on her breasts.“In February last year, Howard (husband) came to the house and told me he wanted me gone. I was breastfeeding my daughter, who was only one-month-old.

He pulled out a metal rod and started hitting me all over my body and on my breasts,” she narrated.The injured breasts later started emitting pus. “There was a terrible pain in my breasts. Little did I know that my baby was feeding on pus,” she said.

Akinyi, 31, said she had also endured emotional turmoil after her husband started cheating on her shortly after they got married in 2015.“He brings a woman called Njambi in the house and the two call me all kinds of names because of my physical appearance,” she said.

Muya, however, denied cheating on Akinyi.But that was not the only abusive relationship Akinyi had been in.

Her face, she said, was scarred while she was living with a man called Felix in Homa Bay.Prior to meeting Felix, Akinyi said she was a runaway teenager after she was sexually assaulted by relatives who had taken her in after her parents died while she was eight years old.Before then she had sought help from a children’s home in Homa Bay, but said she was turned away.

When she moved in with Felix, Akinyi said a clergyman at a nearby church offered to pay her school fees and pay her a stipend in exchange for sexual favours. Felix, she claimed, was agreeable to the arrangement.So the cleric paid for her secondary education until the day Akinyi decided to call off the relationship.

She said Felix got furious when she made the decision to cut off their regular source of income and he decided to teach her a lesson.

“One day as we walked down the road, I did not know he was hiding a mug full of sulfuric acid under a piece of cloth. He poured the acid on my neck and back, which caused me severe burns. Shocked, I turned to find out what was happening and that was when he poured the rest of the acid on my face and chest,” Akinyi recalled.

She spent nine months in hospital, away from school where her classmates were preparing to sit the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

Akinyi said she beat many odds, completed school and was admitted to the University of Eldoret, where she graduated with a diploma in community development in 2014, a year before she met Muya.“I had sworn never to fall in love again. It actually took a while before I fell for Howard.

He always told me he was not ashamed of how I looked and would hold me even in public. I never knew he was capable of hurting me,” she said.

A human rights counsellor at Central Police Station, who only gave her name as Veronica, said she had unsuccessfully tried to convince Akinyi to quit the abusive marriage.

“I have tried several times to make her leave, but she always went back to the husband despite the emotional and physical abuse. I am glad that she has now made the bold step of leaving,” said Veronica.

The counsellor said Akinyi and her children needed help.“I think the only thing that stopped her from leaving was the fear that she would not be able to raise her two children alone. But Akinyi is a very smart girl who can easily get a good job if she undergoes plastic surgery. She has shared with me the rejection she faces from potential recruiters because of her looks,” said the counsellor.

Source: Standard Media

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Why a STEM Degree is a great Idea for International Students Wishing To Study In USA

It is true that you can find a Job with any kind of degree that you study, but the BIG question a lot of people don’t have an answer to is whether it will be easy to get work immigration papers with the same degree that you possess.



When majority of people think of coming to study in the US, they really don’t have an idea of what happens after they graduate in terms of Job opportunities and immigration papers. Most assume things will be alright. After all, it is USA-the land of honey and milk!

Well, that is the mentality that I also had when I started preparing to come to United states for my master’s degree. All I wanted was to find a school that could accept me for any degree that I deemed fit. I didn’t care much about post-graduation job opportunities. I thought that I could easily find a Job with any degree that I studied.

It is indeed true that you can find a Job with any kind of degree that you study, but the BIG question a lot of people don’t have an answer to is whether it will be easy to get work immigration papers with the same degree that you possess.

I came to the US to study an MBA with a concentration in professional accountancy. I had a Bachelor of commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from back home and I had some work experience as an accounts clerk and as a bank teller. I thought with such an employment and education background, it would be very easy for me to get a Job after I acquired my master’s degree. After all, this is America…right? Well I was totally wrong!

It took me four months of fruitless internships search in my last semester, and a couple of months working in a fast food, to realize that the qualifications I had would not take me where I wanted to be. I had to seek some IT training in order to re-align my qualifications with the demands of the US market and that is how I ended up becoming an IT consultant.

Before I landed in America, I had no idea what STEM was. So, what is really STEM? STEM is acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. In every economy across the world, a STEM degree is highly coveted. Same with the US. The US government highly value those international students with a STEM degree and I will shortly tell you why.

One thing as an international student you need to understand is that, the US government actually loves retaining smart international students, in order to grow its economy. In fact, the US government has work visas specifically for those smart people who have the skills that most Americans do not possess. The truth of the matter is, what the current administration doesn’t like and is fighting so hard is those folks who are in the country as undocumented and have  no education at all. They would be more than happy to retain brilliant brains who can propel the country to greater heights to help compete with the likes of China and other western and emerging economies.

When you come to the US as an international student, you are given an opportunity to work after you graduate. You can apply for a post-graduation work authorization called OPT (Optional Practical Training). This work authorization gives you an opportunity to find work that is related to your degree qualifications. For example, if you graduate as a nurse, you can only find employment using your OPT to work in the nursing industry. You cannot work as an associate at an Amazon fulfillment facility just because you have the work authorization. If you do that, you will be violating your immigration status as an International student which can have some nasty consequences later on. The last thing you want to do in this country as an international student is to screw up your immigration status and credit worthiness. Make sure those 2 are intact as you pursue your American dream. Very very Important!

One of the most obvious advantages of having a STEM degree is the available job opportunities. It is believed that STEM occupations continue to grow at about 30%  rate by 2025. That is incredible! Regular occupations are growing at a 7% rate, according to bureau of labor statistics. What this really means is that, you are more likely to find a Job if you possess a STEM degree.

As an international student who wish to stay in the US, after your graduation, you should always think of how to get your immigration papers. STEM degree holders are given extra 2 years of OPT if they can find an e-verified employer to give them a Job. Regular degree gives you only 1 year of OPT. Now, you may ask, why is this a BIG deal. It is a big deal because, for you to get immigration papers, your sponsoring employer can either file for you a H1B visa petition or an employment based greencard, and your OPT affects your probability of getting H1B or employment-based greencard. Most International students will go through H1B route first because it does not require years of work experience like the greencard. Meaning you can graduate from university with zero experience and get H1B work visa. The problem with H1B visas is that, there is a limit to the number of visas offered by the government every year and the visas are not enough to meet the huge demand, especially from Indians who unsurprisingly mostly possess STEM degrees.

The US gives a maximum of 85,000 H1B visas with 65,000 of those going to those with undergraduate degrees and 20,000 going to those with master’s degree from US institutions. For the last 5 years or so, the petitions from employers have exceeded the available visas and therefore the USCIS has been doing a lottery to pick out the winners.

The earliest your employer can file for your H1B is on April 1st, and the cap is usually filled in the first week of April, meaning, if you miss out the first time, your employer can only file for you again the following year, April. If you only have 1 year of OPT, you are locked out because it means, you have to go back to school in order to maintain your immigration status as an international student! Can you imagine going back to do another program just to maintain your status as an international student? Other than the obvious huge cost of going back to school, the other major problem with this is that, you can also not get another OPT if you study in the same education level. For example, if you graduate with a master’s and you again enroll for a master’s you will not qualify for another OPT. This can put you in a very awkward position because, in order to work for any employer, you need some sort of work authorization. I can cover this topic of how to maneuver this issue on another day!

So what does this mean to those with a STEM degree?….It means that as a STEM degree holder, if you are not picked in the lottery,  you can use your remaining 2 years of OPT to continue working for your employer for 2 more years as you keep trying your luck in the H1B lottery pot. Also, at the same time, you can accumulate enough experience that can actually make you qualify for an employment-based greencard which means you can start the greencard process after about 2 years of OPT work experience.

So, if you are out there as a prospective international student who want to stay in the US after graduation, think about STEM degree. Do not just take any degree for the sake of it. There are thousands if not millions of immigrants who came to the US as international student who do not possess the right immigration papers which has forced them to do jobs that do not pay them well. Most of those folks wish they knew how to figure out how to get immigration papers through employment early in their school life.

Most people, before they land in this country, they don’t pay much attention to immigration papers, but once you land in the US you will realize why that is a BIG deal. Immigration papers is the topmost challenge immigrants face in this country.


About me;

I am the founder and managing director of Appstec America-A consulting company that helps immigrants find education and job opportunities that are abundant here in the United States.

My mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you and achieve what you’re truly capable of.

For inquiries about my international scholars programs & IT training programs, you can check out my personal website at

You can also email me at or call +1 813-573-5619 ext 402 for a FREE 30 minutes consultation. Also, we can connect if you “like” my Facebook page by the name Bob Mwiti or subscribe to my YouTube channel by same name Bob Mwiti


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Here is info on how much it costs to study in USA and where to find most affordable universities

For the purpose of this article, I will cover the cost of studying in some of the most affordable 4-year state universities here in USA.




The challenge of finding the most affordable schools, the challenge of passing entrance exams, the challenge of cracking the student visa interview among others! It took me 8 good years to finally make it here in the USA. It is a journey that taught me a lot of lessons that I am always willing to share and help those who are out there wishing to study overseas.

One of the major challenges that a lot of people face is knowing how much it would cost them to study overseas. For those wishing to study in the US, this article is for you. I will try to give you a detailed breakdown of all the expenses that you will most likely incur on your journey to USA as an international student. So grab a pen and a sheet of paper and note this information as it will give you a good understanding of what you need to know as far as finances of studying in USA are concerned.

If you are coming to study in the US, you may either come to a community college for a 2-year associate degree, or to a 4 year college for your Bachelor’s, graduate or post graduate degree.

For the purpose of this article, I will cover the cost of studying in some of the most affordable 4-year state universities here in USA. I will take an average of the following 3 universities.

  1. Indiana University Of Pennsylvania (I went to this school for my master’s) costs 19,000/year for tuition & fees while books & other miscellaneous costs are $4,000
  2. University of North Georgia costs $15,000/year for tuition & fees while books & other costs miscellaneous are $,3,500
  3. Midwestern State University costs $11,000/year for tuition & fees while books & other miscellaneous costs are $3,000

So, the average cost of these 3 schools is about $16,500 per year. That covers the tuition, fees, books and other miscellaneous costs.

Before you come to study, you should be prepared to incur relocation costs prior to you landing in the US. These are (US Visa + Passport) about $250, school application fees about $30, entrance exams (eg GMAT, GRE, SAT,ACT) $250, TOEFL (Not all schools will ask for this if you are from an English speaking country ) $200. TOEFL and Entrance exams self-study materials (assuming you study on your own) $200, Immunizations $200, Air ticket$1200(I am assuming you are travelling from Nairobi, Kenya like I did!). Total cost of all these relocation expenses is about $2,300.

Once you are here, you will need to take care of your other living expenses. These are: Shared student accommodation off-campus $500/month which is $6,000/year. Utilities can cost you about $100 (i.e. water, electricity and internet & basic prepaid phone) so that would be about $1,200 per year. Transport could cost you about $50 per month which would equate to $600 per year.

Food would be about $100 per month, which would be $1,200 per year. Student health insurance (although optional) could set you back about $25 per month which would total about $300 per year. Total cost of these living expenses would be about $9,300 per year.

From the above, you will require a total of about $28,100(16,500+2,300+9,300) for the first year of your studies in the US.

In order for you to be issued with an I-20 (The official immigration document that you take to the Embassy in order to get visa issuance), you will need to show your school, your ability to pay  about ,$26,000 (excluding the relocation expenses).Schools here require you to show funds to cover your full tuition and living expenses for one year.

So, as you can see, studying in the US is expensive. These numbers that I picked are from very modest state universities. There are some universities that charge over $50,000 per year, especially if you are enrolled in those Ivy league schools.

So, for those with the dream of studying in the US, these numbers can be very discouraging. My advice is that, do not be discouraged because there is a way that you can fund most of it. You can get a Job on campus, you can find scholarships, you can get (secured or unsecured) international student loans or you can get graduate assistantship grants (if coming for graduate/post graduate programs).

However, the bottom line is, if you are thinking of coming to study in the US, at least you need some money for your relocation expenses, regardless of whether you have a scholarship, loans or not.

To know more about most affordable schools in the US that partner with lenders, and to get FREE access to thousands of scholarships offered across the world , please visit my website at

About me;

I am the founder and managing director of Appstec America-A consulting company that helps immigrants find education and job opportunities that are abundant here in the United States.

My mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you and achieve what you’re truly capable of.

For enquiries about my international scholars programs & IT training programs, you can check out my personal website at

You can also email me at or call +1 813-573-5619 ext 402 for a FREE 30 minutes consultation. Also, we can connect if you “like” my Facebook page by the name Bob Mwiti or subscribe to my YouTube channel by same name Bob Mwiti.

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K-47 in hot soup over photo of him in senior government official’s car



Rapper Kevin Kibanani, aka K-47, is in hot soup with blogs putting him at loggerheads with his father, a senior official of a county government.

This after blogs claimed last week and over the weekend that he was smoking marijuana in his dad’s official car.

“I am a photographer and I get to document his every moment which I consider a privilege as any proud son. We were in a convoy and I had my own ride. The blog took a clip from wherever they did and boldly claimed we were smoking marijuana. Next thing you know, a local newspaper is writing about it too,”

“Where are they getting these information from? Political witch-hunt perhaps,” said Kevin Kibanani when we approached him for comment.

Are Nandy and ex-boyfriend back together?

Only months after narrating how she lost her unborn child with ex-boyfriend Bill Nas, Tanzanian singer Nandy could be back together with him.

Last weekend, the two shared a steamy public moment during the Clouds FMTigo Festival held in Muleba, Tanzania.

With a new collabo, Bugana, already giving the two every excuse to showcase their art on stage, Nandy and Bill Nas romanced each other on stage during their performance, making raunchy moves that left a lot to be desired.


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