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Detectives arrest motorist they link to ferrying Wambui body



The killers of businesswoman Mary Wambui sought help from another motorist to ferry her body from Four Ways Junction estate on Kiambu Road where the incident is said to have happened, to Juja, where it was found a day later.

Detectives investigating the murder, which took place on January 26, yesterday arrested a suspect who is believed to have ferried the body using a Toyota Noah, whose whereabouts police are yet to locate.

Doing a good job

Those privy to the ongoing investigation said the suspect, who might be produced before Kiambu Law Courts this morning, or tomorrow, was lured into a police trap yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, preliminary investigations, as revealed by a source privy to the investigation, indicated that Wambui’s husband, Mr Joseph Kori, who is detained alongside his girlfriend, Ms Judy Wangui, may have not have been at the murder scene.

Kiambu County Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss Amos Tebey last evening declined to give an update on the investigations as that could jeopardise their investigations. He only said that his officers were doing a good job.

However, multiple sources within the police indicated that with the arrest of the suspect linked to ferrying the body, detectives on the case may have made a major breakthrough that could help solve the murder mystery.

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The motorist, who recorded part of his statement last evening, according to police sources, drove to Ms Wangui’s residence around midnight using a Toyota Noah, a KCK registration number, the same night Ms Wambui was murdered. He left shortly after.

Tracking of his movements, police say, indicate that he went to Juja, where he left around 2am. Police believe he is among the people who ferried the body that was discovered a day later.

“After checking in at Four Ways, his movements showed that he left and went directly to Juja, where he left at 2am, and was in constant communication with Judy,” a detective privy to the investigations, but who cannot be named because he is not authorised to speak to the media, said.

Detectives found bloodstained clothes and blood swabs. Police believe the bloodstains belong to Ms Wambui, a mother of two, who until her death ran a successful hardware business at Kahawa West estate. The clothes will be subjected to DNA analysis.

Failed to start

According to police sources, the suspect, who is also said to have rented a car, a KCE, to Ms Wangui, which she reportedly used to drive to Wambui’s home at Safari Park Garden, later left it at Homeland Inn, Thika Road, after it allegedly failed to start.

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Last evening, detectives inestigating the murder, were for the better part of the day analysing CCTV footage retrieved from the Four Ways Junction estate, as they tried to establish the movements of the suspects and Ms Wambui before the murder.

According to the footage, Ms Wambui and Ms Wangui, after spending most part of the day together, drove to the estate at 6.24pm, using the former’s white Mercedes Benz car.

They were captured getting clearance at the gate.

The police are also looking for a taxi driver, who is said to have rejected the offer to ferry the body and who police said was captured while registering at the gate.

The gate of the estate is manned by security guards 24 hours a day, and all visitors are required to register in a book and leave either their identity card or drisving licenses before being cleared with the authority of the people they are going to visit.

Further, police say taxi drivers must have either left their national identification cards, or driving licences with the security guards before being cleared to go to Ms Wangui’s residence where the killing is believed to have been carried out.

Source: Daily Nation

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‘Buyer Beware’ admin arrested



Blogger Mildred Atieno Owiso, popularly known as Atty, who runs the popular online platform ‘Buyer Beware’ has been arrested over human trafficking claims.

According to the police, the controversial blogger was picked from her house in Umoja on Tuesday morning, but her followers claim she was picked from a house in Buru Buru.

The blogger is said to have published corruption allegations against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claiming that he was abetting corruption at City Hall.

Buru Buru OCPD Adamson Bungei however said that was not the reason for Ms Owiso’s arrest, insisting that the blogger was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking offences.

“We realised that in the same facility that the lady was occupying there were some traveling documents (Passports) of other people and after being questioned, she was not able to justify why she had the documents of the alleged victim,” said Mr Bungei.

He added that the victim had alleged that she had requested to travel abroad for employment which is linked with an international body and that the police are establishing if Ms Owiso has a legal licence to run a business of recruiting people for employment abroad.


According to the police, the blogger will also be charged with causing disturbance after she tried to escape from a lawful custody and causing a scene at the station.

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At the same time, Governor Sonko has said he has filed his complaint against Ms Owios with the police.

“It is a very interesting coincidence that only a day after this infamous blogger who I had never heard of before Saturday crawled from the woodworks and attacked me without justification based on year ending June 2017 to June 2018 audit report which I addressed sufficiently in numerous posts on social media, in National Television on Side Bar at NTV and at Senate PAC Committee which was aired live only for her to be arrested the next day over Human trafficking allegations,” Sonko posted on his Facebook page.

by nairobinews

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Genge rapper Mejja finds love again after being dumped by his wife via text



Genge rapper Mejja is in love again after enduring the heartbreak of being ditched by his wife of five years through a text message.

Sometime last year, Mejja, who makes the trio of The Kansoul group, revealed that he battled depression and at one point contemplated taking away his life.

This was after his wife of five years and the mother of his daughter dumped him via text message despite them not having any misunderstanding, according to the artiste.

“We had not disagreed. Actually we were so happy. I was in Thika and I got her message asking me if I had arrived well. I told her yes and the next thing she told me was ‘move on with your life’” Mejja revealed in a past interview.

The artiste said that all his efforts to salvage his marriage never bore fruit as his estranged wife kept ignoring his calls.

The situation drove Mejja into depression and for a whole year he struggled to come to terms with the reality of his collapsing marriage.


However, Mejja now seems to have moved on.

On Sunday, he formally introduced his new girlfriend to his fans via Instagram.

Mejja shared a picture of him and his new bea accompanied with a very telling caption.

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“Beauty and The Beast. Nikipeleka msupa Pango kununua digital kwa vaite. ALipenda Mjeshi hivo hivo Ghettoh lifestyle na ma ghettoh queen Watu wa comments najua mtaanza story ya mali ya umma huyu ni private property lol…” Mejja wrote.

By nairobinews

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Did Ruto kick out journalists, yet again? – AUDIO



An audio recording of someone who sounds like the Deputy President William Ruto chasing away journalists is making the rounds on social media.

In the audio, the person is heard telling asking the journalists to leave.

“Bado tuko na watu ya magazeti? Watu ya magazeti mnafanya nini hapa? Toeni hii maTV yenu hapa. Mnatufwata mpaka usiku? Tokeni hapa!” the speaker in the audio clip says.

It is not clear when, where nor if the person speaking is indeed the Deputy President.

The audio has emerged just days after the DP was caught on camera shooing off journalists who were covering the Ilchamus traditional wedding ceremony in Baringo County, an event he presided over.

In an incident that happened on August 10, 2019 in Baringo county, the DP interrupted his speech and asked the journalists to move back to give the crowd a clear view of the speakers at the wedding.


Ruto went as far as making it clear to the journalists that he was not there to address them, but rather members of the public gathered at the venue.

“Na nyinyi watu wa nini, mumekuwa wengi hapa ketini chini watu wanataka kuangalia huko nyuma. Nyinyi tokeni hapa. Msonge nyuma. Wakae mbali mbali ndio wananchi waone. Kwani mnafikiri nimekuja kuongea na nyinyi ama nimekuja kuongea na wananchi,” Ruto said while addressing the journalists.

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According to journalists who covered the event, the DP’s security personnel pushed and roughed them up leaving only those working with the Deputy President’s Press Service.

by nairobinews

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