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How I lost 2800 laptops to cons at the Deputy President’s office



A Makueni businessman who supplied 2,800 laptops to fraudsters posing as employees at the Deputy President’s office has filed a complaint to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over delays in charging one of the prime suspects.

Stephen Ngei Musyoka, who owns Makindu Motors Limited, wants the DCI to intervene in the matter saying he is frustrated with the manner in which the police officers have handled his complaint initially made at Athi-River police station.

Through his lawyers, Veronica & Associates Advocates, Mr Musyoka says he made an official complaint at Athi-River police station on August 13 last year regarding a failed tender where he supplied 2800 pieces of laptops to the office of the Deputy President that led him to loss of Sh181 million.

“Makindu Motors Limited was made to believe that they had been awarded a tender to supply 2,800 HP laptops by one Joy Wangari Kamau (alias Miss. Muhoro), who held out to be in charge of procurement at the office of the Deputy President as well as the Secretary to Mr Wanyonyi who held out as the Personal Assistant of the Deputy President,” the complaint reads in part.

Trouble began on March 30 last year when representatives of Makindu were led to the office of the DP, through VIP Lift to the third floor, office number B3-005.

Here according to court documents they found “Miss Muhoro” and signed a Non- Disclosure Agreement which had the official logo of the office of the DP.

Makindu Motors also signed a supplier agreement with the office of the DP where they were contracted to supply laptops.

The agreement also had an official logo of the DP’s office which they believed to be genuine. On June 19, the company was given a purchase order document referenced as ODP/SUPLS/0451-404/2018-2019 and as a result of the foregoing, Musyoka; agreed to use his creditworthiness and took a loan with Sidian Bank to finance the said tender project.

The laptops that were to be delivered were HP 15-7th Generation and 145 pieces were delivered. The rest were HP 15- 8th Generation which was accepted after a request to substitute the product was made.

“Acceptance to substitute the product was accepted through an email from the office of the Deputy President (sent through,” Musyoka says in his case.

His firm would deliver the laptops on different dates between June and August 2018. For instance, he says on June 25 the firm delivered 145 pieces of laptops at Treasury Building as per the instructions of Joy Wangari and received by Christian Mwendwa.

Come July 13, the next batch of 597 pieces of laptops were collected at Eastleigh from Eye Link Cargo offices.

They were received by Allan Chesang (Alias Mr Kiptoo), who the firm says is the main architect of the fraud but is yet to be charged alongside other suspects described as ‘small fish’.

A total of 500 pieces of laptops were allegedly collected from Salama Cargo, by Chesang on July 14.A week later, he collected 823 pieces of laptops in two deliveries to be allegedly delivered to the office of the DP.

The last batch of 735 pieces would be collected on August 2 last year by Chesang in motor vehicle registration Number KCA 601W.“In the the above deliveries and collections, the computers were to undergo rebranding before delivery at the office of the DP.

It is of importance to note that the parties receiving the laptops were accompanied by police officers,” the businessman says adding that the deliveries were well documented with proper delivery notes signed and stamped by the respective parties.

He came to the realisation that the entire transaction was a tall tale after he was informed that the laptops were being sold in computer and accessories outlets in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). He confirmed the same by purchasing 10 pieces of the computers from the CBD through the help of an acquaintance.

“Upon the realisation, our client reported to Athi-River police station on  August 10, 2018 at 9pm,” the complaint copied to other government agencies among them the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) and the National Police Service.

Musyoka also reported the same to the office of the DP where he was given police officers who raided Chesang’s office in Westlands recovering 656 laptops.

An additional 10 laptops were recovered from a Motor Vehicle make Mercedes Benz Registration Number KCL 505J parked at the premises.The recovered laptops and the vehicle are at the Parliament Police Station Building and will be used as exhibits.

Several arrests and charges would be made leading to institution of several cases among them case no 1555 of 2018, case no 1816 of 2018 and case no 1723 of 2018 at Milimani Nairobi.

In December the court directed that these cases to be consolidated to one file so as to enable faster dispensation of justice and to save time.

“The cases are yet to be consolidated. It is our opinion, that consolidation of these files will not render justice to our client if the key suspect, Mr Allan Chesang, is not arrested,” Veronica & Associates Advocates argue.They also want to know why the case was transferred from Athi-River Police station where it was reported, to Central Police station.“On August 30, 2018 it was reported in the media that the key suspect and mastermind of the fraud, Allan Chesang was finally arrested but sadly and surprisingly, the suspect has never been taken to court.

”Chesang filed a miscellaneous application for anticipatory bail, that was heard in November 2018 but the court delivered a ruling in favor of the prosecution.“Despite this, Allan Chesang was not arrested,” the complaint says. The businessman argues that the loan he took continues to accrue interest.  “Our client is frustrated and unsatisfied with the pace at which the investigations are being carried out. Mainly on the Fact that the main Culprit is still a free man not yet arrested or charged,” it adds.

Source: Standard Media

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VIDEO: Foreigners outsmart Immigration



Two foreigners who were in January charged at a Mombasa court for stripping a Kenyan woman and taking her pictures and videos against her will, silently sneaked out of the country without attracting the attention of Immigration officials.

On Monday the duo, Zerbin Sascha Waldermar (a German) and Wectabe Shestavetskyi (a Ukrainian) failed to appear in court to answer to the charges levelled against them. A warrant of arrest was immediately issued.

They are facing charges of stripping and taking pictures and videos of the woman at the Kenya Medical Association Apartments in Mtwapa, Kilifi County in January this year.

However, the Nairobi News has established that Mr Sascha had written a letter to the Shanzu court explaining that he had abruptly left the country for Germany to “visit his ailing mother.”

“I apologise for not being able to be present at this second hearing date of April 15. Unfortunately, I have travelled to see my mother who lives in Frankfurt, Germany after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had to seek treatment,” reads the letter in part.

He says that he was still fully motivated to attend all future court dates in pursuit of justice with the aim of clearing his name. The foreigner asked the court not to forfeit his bail but allow the case to be reopened once he gets back to the country.

Mr Sascha indicated that he “will be in a position to return in the early dates of November 2019.”


What is baffling is that Mr Sascha and Mr Shestavetskyi had deposited their passports with the court in Mombasa. So how did they travel? Investigations by the Sunday Nation indicate that Mr Sascha left Kenya on April 5.

“He went to their (German) embassy in Nairobi and was issued with a pass that only allowed him to go to Germany,” said our source, who spoke in confidence.

The German embassy did not want to speak about the matter citing data protection and confidentiality laws.

“Due to data protection and confidentiality laws, the German Embassy is unable to comment on the submitted questions. With regard to your questions about the departure of persons from Kenya and the handling of arrest warrants, we would like to refer you to the respective Kenyan authorities,” the embassy told the Nairobi News.

The Nairobi News has also established that the two foreigners had since fallen out after Mr Shestavetskyi left the country without his friend’s (Mr Sascha) knowledge.

It is not clear how and the day Mr Shestavetskyi left the country yet the police have also been holding his passport.

However, a source told the Sunday Nation that he holds two passports ever since he came to the country and only surrendered one to authorities when he was arrested by the police in Mombasa.

When we contacted the Ukranian embassy on the matter, it asked for more time to respond to our questions.


“I will need more time, maybe a couple of days so that I can get back to you,” said Mr Artem Makarov, an embassy official.

The Ukranian Embassy through its third Secretary for consular Issues Mr Makarov Artem said that the police had said that Mr Shestavetskyi had left Kenya by bus through the Kenya- Tanzanian border.

However, it said that it did not have any more details of when and how he left Kenya and that efforts to get into contacts with him had proved futile.

“Since Mr Shestavetskyi had not contacted us, the Embassy of Ukraine asked the Police to inform the suspect that a counselor support could be provided to him if needed, however no response was received,” he said.

He further revealed that efforts to work together with the ministry of Foreign affairs proved futile as it has never answered its enquiry over the suspect.

By the time of going to press the Kenyan Immigration department had not responded to our inquiries.


Back to Mr Sascha, five days after he arrived in Berlin, the Nairobi News has established that he contacted a marketing company in Kenya with the aim of advertising the sale of his household goods that are currently in a one-bedroom apartment in Roysambu, Nairobi, where he lived.

He was then asked to pay an advertising fee via a local mobile money platform, which he said he was unable to because he was abroad.

Instead, he used his Kenyan female friend, a medical student in Nairobi, to make the payments.

The payments were then made on April 12 and Mr Sascha given a nod to advertise his items on the company’s Facebook account.

In the post, which has since been pulled down, he claims that he had to go back to the “US” earlier than anticipated hence the reason for disposing off his items.

The items he put on sale were delivered to him on February 22, by a local online company that engages in business and delivers items for its customers.

It did not take long before hawk-eyed Kenyans, who saw the posts, questioned the motive behind the selling of the items since Mr Sascha was still facing a court case.

Nairobi News

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Police arrest five in ATMs heist



Detectives have narrowed down investigations into the Barclays Bank of Kenya Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) theft ring to a technical team and cash loaders, who attended the three installations immediately before the heist was reported.

The detectives are also disputing the Shi 1.5 million figure given by the bank as the amount lost and believe it could be more.

The Banking Fraud Investigation Unit (BFIU) and a team from the Serious Crime Unit believe the theft that included dismantling of security surveillance systems was well coordinated with likely collusion between internal and external players.

The officers also believe that money meant for at least two ATMs may not have been loaded into the machines by those assigned to reload them.

By yesterday evening, five people had been arrested in connection with the heist.

The bank’s technical team assigned to the machines in question,cash loaders and the private security guards at the scenes of crime are now lined up for interrogation at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters today morning.

Receive report

Investigators are puzzled by the huge withdrawal of Shi 1.5 million, which points to possible manipulation of security safeguards of the cash machine at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Mutindwa in Buruburu, Mater Hospital and at Kenya Cinema within Nairobi Central Business District.

But More puzzling is the fact that the alleged theft at Kenya Cinema is yet to be reported at Central Police Station.

Central police sub-county police commander Robinson Thuku said they were yet to receive any report about the theft despite the area falling under his jurisdiction.

Detectives are also seeking to establish if the alleged amounts were actually loaded in the ATMs before the reported robberies occurred.

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Peter Mbugua ties knot again, 8 years after Wambui’s death



When wedding photos of Peter Mbugua looking dashing in a brown suit emerged, he made headlines, not for the glamour, but because the 25-year-old had married a 67-year-old widow. The widow happened to be Ms Virginia Wambui Otieno. The marriage was criticised by many, but also defended by others.

Then just 25 years old and naive, Mr Mbugua had defied the norm in African culture and married a woman 42 years his senior in a civil wedding. They later had a church wedding in 2011. The controversial freedom fighter died on August 30, 2011. and was buried at the family farm in Upper Matasia in Ngong, marking the end of the marriage.

But yesterday, Mr Mbugua was celebrated as he walked a young woman down the aisle in a colourful church wedding. He tied the knot for the second time at Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a’s Christian Foundation Fellowship Church (CFF) in a mass wedding.

And yesterday, unlike his wedding in 2003, Mr Mbugua, now 45, was this time in church to solemnise his marriage to the mother of his three children, who is 10 years his junior.

Wearing a dark blue suit, a white shirt, a floral tie and a pair of black shoes, he walked majestically into the church, at 9am, hand in hand with his spouse, Ms Anne Wangari Njuguna, who was dressed in a cream wedding dress.

They walked, their faces beaming as they kept glancing at each other.

Standing at slightly over five feet tall and having added some weight, the shy man has adopted a new attitude to life.

Mr Mbugua and Ms Njuguna were among the 40 couples who took their marriage vows in a mass wedding organised by CFF church.

In an exclusive interview with the Nation, Mr Mbugua intimated that his first marriage was marred with controversy, especially after his wife died. Although the marriage had its ups and down, he says, their age difference did not bother him.

Mr Mbugua said before the dust had settled, he was embroiled in a property tussle with his stepdaughters.

He was kicked out of the Matasia home, and forced to move to Kitengela to make a fresh start. His life journey became bumpy and lonely.

“When my wife, Wambui, died, I felt as if a part of me had gone with her. Little did I know that the battle had just begun. I was being fought from all directions by my stepdaughters, so I had to maintain a low profile, away from the Matasia home, for

the situation to cool down.

‘‘But our marriage certificate protected me and shielded me from being disinherited. That was one phase of my life and I have never regretted,” said Mr Mbugua. He said he has never visited his late wife’s graves and has moved on.

Although his life was bumpy and lonely after his first wife died, Mbugua has found love, and has two sons and a daughter with Ms Njuguna. Mr Mbugua, who now operates a glass merchant shop in Isinya town, has since shed off his youthful look.

“The law allows me to remarry after the death of my spouse. The first marriage certificate is not longer binding,” he said at the CFF church, occasionally looking at his wife.

Sometimes he appeared in deep thought, his eyes misting over with tears as if he was reflecting on some painful memories. Bishop Ng’ang’a, in his witty style of preaching, did not disappoint, urging the newly-weds to show tolerance for each other and to respect the tenets of marriage.

“Marriage must be respected as stipulated in the Bible. A man is allowed to have only one wife and can remarry only if he is a widower. All couples who have renewed their vows today must be transparent and respect each other,” he said after the couples took their marriage vows.

Mr Mbugua revealed that, since he remarried, he had been toying around with the idea of solemnising his marriage so when the church floated the idea of a mass wedding, he seized the opportunity.

‘’Life has taught me how I can secure my family in case of any eventuality. The young generation fears weddings, not knowing the danger they are courting.

‘‘It is God’s idea that a man and his wife should solemnise their marriage. My wife and relatives have been supportive, aware that the past has nothing to do with the future,” he said.

His wife said she has no problem with his first marriage and declared undying love for him, describing their love as “unimaginable’’.

Speaking to the Nation, some of Mr Mbugua’s relatives who attended the wedding said they were happy their son had married a young woman who had borne him children.They hold no grudges and want the past forgotten.

That the couple was happy was evident as they walked from the church to join a waiting small convoy headed for Kitengela.

After the church service, visitors and relatives were treated to a grand reception at the family’s Milimani home in Kitengela.

His late wife’s relatives did not attend the wedding.


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