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Joy as Alikiba and his Kenyan wife celebrate their new baby



Bongo flava artiste Alikiba and his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef Rakeesh, have welcomed their first child.

The couple, who wedded last year, welcomed their baby boy on Wednesday evening.

Alikiba, who is well known for his private lifestyle, couldn’t help but break the good news to his over 3 million followers on social media.

The singer however only posted pictures of their newborn’s feet and hands on Snapchat.

With the newborn baby’s arrival, Alikiba now becomes a father for the sixth time.

He lost a son years back, but also has four children from his past relationships.

Alikiba wedded Ms Khalef in April last year in a colorful wedding in which he reportedly spent more than Sh50 million, with his close friend Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho being one of his financiers.


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Butita: I’ll address the media the day Mamitto gets pregnant with my child



Comedian Butita has once again refuted reports about his rumoured girlfriend and comedienne Mamitto being pregnant with his child.

While dismissing the claims, Butita told Radio Maisha’s Mwende that in the event of such an occurrence, he will call a press conference to make a public announcement.

“Wakati wa mimba nitaita press conference kitu saa kumi niwaambie sasa hatimaye kuna mimba sasa. Anything that is not official is fake news,” Butita said.

The comedian claimed that the rumours started from a video they were working on with Mamitto and a picture of what looked like a baby shower was shared on Instagram.


The picture went viral with many blogs reporting that the couple are expecting a child.

“Kitu ilifanyika tukiwa tunafanya hiyo video kuna picha ambayo ilepostiwa, sasa badala watu waniulize wakaassume tu na kuanza kusema mtandaoni… oohh, sijui mimba. Lakini nilifurahi sana juu Wakenya wananiaminia sana,” he said.


For a while now, the two comedians, who both shot to the limelight on Churchill Show, have been reported to be an item.

However, they have never come out to deny or confirm the reports even as they continue to hanging out and spending quality time together.

Butita has particularly been dodgy whenever confronted with the question of their rumoured relationship.

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“Whoever is interested to know what kind of a relationship we have, he or she should find both of us together and pose the question, so that he or she can have both sides of the story,” he recently told Nairobi News.

BY Nairobi News.

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VIDEO: My strict dad led me to Christ when I was just 7 years old-Willis Raburu



Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has narrated how he got saved when he was only seven years, while also revealing that it was his father, a staunch Christian, who led him to salvation.

Willis says that after he received Christ, his father, Peter Raburu, a one-time Provincial Commissioner, told him and his siblings to be always introduce themselves as born-again.

“The first time we got to know about salvation, we were very young. He (my dad) was the one who conducted that procedure. He told us with my siblings to be introducing ourselves as saved. Later is when we understood what salvation meant. I rededicated my life to God,” Willis said.

The TV presenter made the revelation while speaking to MC Jessy on the comedian’s YouTube channel Jessy Junction.


Willis also singled out work ethic and spirituality as the two virtues he learnt from his father. He said he still holds the two virtues dearly.

“He used to pray, he used to wake us up, he taught me how to pray, he taught me the importance of reading the scripture. That is what I have carried. That is what has kept me sane in all the things I have gone through in my life,” Willis said.

The 10 Over 10 show presenter further revealed that his father is a strict disciplinarian to this day.

“He was a strict dad, and still is, even today. When I am about to do something wrong, I ask myself what he is going to say about it,” Willis said.


The bubbly TV presenter narrated how he once got suspended for two weeks while in high school after it was discovered that he had a girlfriend in the same school.

“I went and confided in a teacher that I was not going home. He went and told my dad who sent a Land Rover Defender 110 and two police officers. They escorted me home,” he recalled.

When he got home, he came face-to-face with his dad who gave him a serious tongue lashing for his teenage mischief.

“My dad called me and said, ‘Willis, we are busy praying for the Lord to wash you with the blood of Jesus and you are dreaming about washing (bathing) with your girlfriend. Can you focus on your studies?’” he narrated.

Willis, who at the time was the Organising Secretary of the school’s Christian Union (CU), was eventually forced to step down from his position.


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PHOTO: President Uhuru lookalike surfaces



Kenyans have been astonished by a fellow countryman who looks exactly like President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The photo of a man with a striking resemblance to the head of state was spotted on social media, leaving many stunned.

The man who shared the photo @dickkyny and the Uhuru Kenyatta lookalike Photo: @dickkyny
Source: Twitter

This was after a tweep called The Prophet @dickkyny shared a photo of himself with a man, who happened to be the president’s lookalike.

He even quipped that he had a chat with the ‘president’ and had received his blessings to run for an MCA seat in 2022.

“#I was with Uhunye today at my fitness studio, and I told him of my interests for #MatheriWAKamburuWard2022, he gave me his blessings,” he wrote.

The tweet went viral with many sharing the photos on their pages while others held the same view in the comment section.

Some even joked that he was a poor man’s Uhuru with others giving hilarious ideas on what they would have done if they were in his place.


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