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Kenyan lady mysteriously dies in Netherlands and husband cremates her without approval from family 



A family in Nairobi is yet to come to terms with the mysterious death of their daughter in the Netherlands and the decision by her German husband to cremate her remains despite their disapproval.

Ms Mercy Wanjiku Muthui, a 32-year-old Kenyan musician, is said to have been found dead in a ditch that borders the back garden of their house at the Jagerskreek in the Netherlands, shortly after she was reported missing by Mr Daniel Erhardt, her husband, with whom they had a five-month-old son.

Due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, the Netherlands police detained Mr Erhardt for about three days, as they investigated whether it was a crime, a fatal accident or suicide.


Her family, which lives in Jericho in Nairobi, learnt of the news on January 13 through a call from the Foreign Affairs ministry, informing them of what Mr Erhardt had reported to the police — that Ms Wanjiku committed suicide by drowning in the ditch.

Wanjku’s sister, Ms Bilha Muthui, however, said they suspect foul play in the death of Shiko, as they fondly called her.

“According to the media, Mr Erhardt had reported to the police that her wife was not in bed next to him when he woke up and appeared as if she was not at home. But it just took the police a few minutes of search before her body was found at the ditch,” Ms Muthui told the Nation on phone yesterday.

She said Mr Erhardt had, upon being released, contacted the family, saying, he was unable to raise Sh1.2 million to ship Ms Wanjiku’s body to Kenya.

He went ahead to obtain a paybill number to fund raise for the purpose which, according to his Facebook page, managed to raise 2,400 Euros (Sh275,000).

The German texted the family again last Wednesday, saying, he had opted to cremate Wanjiku’s body as a cheaper way of disposal.

The family protested and promised to send a representative to assist him in shipment plans, but he was ‘unco-operative’.


“He said he would cremate her on Friday, the same day we were to hold a memorial for her at Jericho Church. We told him that our customs and beliefs as Christians were not in tandem with cremation, but he said he does not care how we feel and it was our problem to deal with,” Ms Muthui said.

Pained by their in-law’s decision, they contacted Kenya’s ambassador to the Netherlands to intervene, but got no help, she added.

“The response was that Mr Edhardt was now Wanjiku’s next of kin and that whatever he decided would be respected,” she said.

Wanjiku moved to the Netherlands two years ago after a colourful wedding in Nairobi on August 3, 2016.

Source: Nairobi News


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Man who lost wife, children in Ethiopian plane crash to testify in US



A man who lost his wife, three children and his mother-in-law in the ET302 Ethiopian Airline crash in March this year will today testify before the congress in the US.

Mr Paul Njoroge, 34, in an interview with US media said Boeing should scrap the plane and the top executives should resign and face criminal charges.

The distraught Kenyan said Boeing should have grounded the 737 Max planes after a previous deadly crash off the Indonesian Coast in October last year, but instead they kept allowing them in the sky.

USA Today reported that Mr Njoroge said if Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration had done their job properly, the planes would have been grounded in November last year.

“Today, I would be enjoying summer with my family, I would be playing football with my son,” the US news site quoted him.

Mr Njoroge will be the first relative of the crash victims to testify before the congress, over the crash that claimed the lives of 346 passengers when the two planes crashed in Indonesia and Bishoftu in Ethiopia.


He had earlier said that the families of the passengers had several demands that they wanted met before the aircraft model is allowed to fly again, citing ‘irredeemable design flaws’

A Chicago aviation lawyer, Robert Clifford, is sueing Boeing on Mr Njoroge’s behalf over the deaths of his wife, Carol, his son and daughters, 6-year-old Ryan, 4-year-old Kelli and 9-month-old Rubi, and his mother-in-law.

The Max was grounded worldwide shortly after that crash and it’s not clear when it will be certified to fly again.

American Airlines and United Airlines earlier this month both said they will keep the Boeing 737 Max plane off their schedule until November 3, leading to flight cancellations.

Mr Njoroge’s mother in law Anne Wangui Karanja, his wife and three children perished as they were coming home from Canada to introduce the youngest member of the family to Anne’s husband, Quindos Karanja in Kwa Amos village, Kabatini, in Bahati, Nakuru County.

Anne had been living in Canada for five months, where she had gone to help her daughter, after giving birth and had two other young children to take care of.


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Body positivity: Kenyan celebrities who ignored body-shamers



A number of celebrities have come forth preaching body positivity as they encourage women to love and embrace their bodies no matter what society thinks of them.

However, the internet is crawling with body-shamers who, like hyenas that have caught the scent of blood, are out to put down anyone whose body they deem unfit.

In a video shared her Instagram, media personality Lynda Nyangweso opened up about being body shamed. “Somebody called me whale,” she said in the video. “The meanest comment I ever got was that I didn’t deserve to have a child because of how I looked.

“When I was young, I would never eat in public. People would stare at me when I ate that I started eating in the toilet,” she confessed, her voice shaking as she recalled those hurtful moments.

The shaming got so bad that Lynda even contemplated suicide: “The only reason I didn’t go through with the suicide was because I worried that my mum wouldn’t find a coffin that fit me.”

Like Lynda, some celebrities have not let this cyber-bullying get to them. They are unashamed to wear what they like, take photos and even share them on social media all in an effort to put the shamers to shame.

“My sadness is for other girls who have to go through this,” Lynda says.

“If I was to meet a bully I would show kindness. Stop following people who make you feel bad about yourself. Protect your peace,” she concludes.


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Man loses leg in attack by hyena



A middle-aged man from Kyeleni village has lost his right leg after being mauled by a hyena on Monday night. Sources indicate the man, now admitted to Kangundo Level 4 Hospital, encountered the beast on his way home from a local shopping center.

He was later rescued by passers-by who rushed to the scene of the attack after he unleashed frantic screams.It is suspected that the beast strayed from Mt Kilimambogo’s Ol Donyo Sabuk National Reserve.

Kenya Wildlife Service officer, Polycarp Okuku who confirmed the incident said the victim was in a stable condition.

“The patient is recuperating in the hospital where he was rushed for treatment. Members of the public should report any wild animals they see in their neighbourhoods so that KWS can take necessary action to avert incidents such as this,” said Okuku

By Standard

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