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Man kills father, chops body into pieces over Sh6,000



A 38-year-old man on Wednesday hacked his father to death before chopping his body into pieces in Silanga in Ol Kalou Constituency, Nyandarua County.

After the incident, the suspect is said to have gone to Silanga market where he confessed to his friends that he had killed his 63- year-old father for refusing to give him Sh6,000.

My father tried to slap me when I demanded money from him. He said I was lazy and useless, (so) I attacked him to teach him a lesson,” the suspect reportedly told his neighbours.

“I do not regret my action, after all, he is dead. I used a jembe to kill him then sliced him into pieces,” he added.

The suspect, who described his father as arrogant and mean, said that he had saved his siblings from their father’s arrogance.

Mr John Maina’s mutilated body was discovered a few meters from his house.

Witnesses said that the man attacked his father with a machete before using a jembe to chop his body into pieces.

After the incident, the suspect is said to have gone to Silanga market where he informed his friends that his father had died.

The suspect’s elder brother Mr Joel Mwangi got suspicious on spotting blood stains on the suspect’s hands and clothes.

 “He (suspect) informed me that he found our father dead. When I asked him about the blood stains (on his hands and clothes), he claimed that he tried to load our father’s body into the family vehicle since he wanted to transport it to JM Memorial Mortuary,” said Mr Mwangi.

While at the shopping centre, the suspect is said to have asked for the area chief’s phone number to report the incident before being frog marched to the scene of murder by irate residents.

“He confessed that he had committed the murder after we found some of his bloodstained clothes at the scene of crime,” said Mr Mwangi.

Neighbours described the deceased as a polite and friendly man.

 “We are shocked by his death. We are aware the killer son is a drug addict and a lazy troublemaker. We suspect he killed his father after he declined to give him money,” said Mr John Kamande, a neighbour.

Source: Daily Nation

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UK retracts travel ban to Kenya hours after issuing it



The United Kingdom has denied that it had issued a warning to its citizens against the risk of kidnapping in the country following an updated travel advisory on Tuesday.

The UK Ambassador to Kenya Nic Hailey, just hours after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had listed Kenya among the global kidnapping hotspots, said that it was false and not true.

“The UK has not issued a new travel advisory for Kenya. We keep our Travel Advice regularly updated but today’s reports of new warnings or restrictions are false,” said the Ambassador through a tweet.

The UK had in a fresh travel guidance expanded the areas where her citizens should be vigilant for kidnappings to include Kenya’s top conferencing, safari and beach tourism destinations.

“There’s a heightened threat of terrorism, including terrorist kidnappings, across Kenya, including to people travelling in or through Nairobi, the coast and resort areas around Mombasa and Malindi, the towns of Narok, Naivasha, Nanyuki and Meru and their surrounding areas, and the northern border counties,” the FCO statement read.

The advisory lists places frequented by foreigners such as hotels, bars, restaurants, sports bars and nightclubs, sporting events, supermarkets, shopping centres, coastal areas including beaches, airports, buses, trains and other transport hubs as possible areas which could be targeted.


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Two years after getting married, Adele shares dating advice that some Kenyans definitely need



Kiss FM breakfast show presenter Adelle Onyango has been married for two years now after walking down the aisle with Falgun Bhojakis at a secret wedding at Redhill heights, Limuru.

So far, she has learned a lot about marriage. It’s not a bed of rose flower but it can be as soft and green as grass if you are dedicated and tender to it.


Adele recently shared how people should fall in love saying that no one should be desperate when looking for love.

“When you keep looking for love you will find the wrong people but when you’re alone just in your own space like going to the gym, yoga, love will find you there. join a group for cyclists and cycle in Karura” said Adele.  

Well, it’s a simple advice that will probably will work.


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Governor Waititu’s homes raided



Anti-graft agency detectives Thursday morning raided the Nairobi and Kiambu homes of Governor Ferdinand Waititu in probe into claims of corruption at Kiambu County.

The officers went to Waititu’s homes in Runda, Kiambu, Garden estate and Thika where they ransacked for documents.

The officers said they would later take the Governor, his wife and daughter to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission offices at Integrity Centre for questioning over claims of graft.He was in his Runda home when the team arrived there.

Officials said apart from Waititu, 15 other county officials were targeted and their homes raided in the probe.

“We have teams out there at the Governor’s homes and at the residence of 15 other staff at the county to gather information,” said an official who asked not to be named.

Waititu has been on the radar of EACC over claims of graft at the county and his sudden wealth in the city. The commission has been conducting a lifestyle audit on Waititu and says they have gathered crucial information that they are now using as the basis of their probe.KRA is also investigating if he has paid his taxes in the past years.

Waititu has denied claims of corruption and insisted his property was legally gained.Waititu did not accompany President Uhuru Kenyatta when he toured projects in Redhill area, Kiambu County.

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