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Mbagathi Hospital reveals why mother walked with dead baby for 5km



Mbagathi Hospital has admitted that inefficiencies in its operations led to Immaculate Auma trekking to city mortuary with the body of her dead baby last week.

The hospital, however, maintained that Auma’s baby did not die at the facility but was instead pronounced dead on arrival.

Yesterday, Nairobi Health Executive Charles Kerich, who was speaking at Mbagathi, said that Auma arrived in the hospital at 9.45am with her six-month-old infant who was declared dead by a pediatric clinical officer.

According to reports by Standard Media Mr Kerich said that according to hospital policy, Auma was referred to the police to file a notification. He added that she left before the hospital could assist her to move the body.

“A nurse at the hospital offered to assist Immaculate to organise for transportation to the police station and onward to the mortuary. However, while the hospital was organising for a vehicle, the mother was discovered to have left with the body of her child,” said Kerich.

Source: Standard Media

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VIDEO: Kabogo’s son gives Kenyans a detour of his father’s Ksh 20m armoured tanker



Former Kiambu Governor Hon William Kabogo is in the books as the only Kenyan with a tank. Kabogo has several other high end vehicles and bikes that he usually stuns Kenyans with once in a while but his tank wins every time he steps out with it.

His son, Alvin Kabogo recently took the multi-million military armoured tanker on the road and surprised Kiambu residents.

Get out of the way

The vehicle – Iveco LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle), is a 4WD tactical vehicle developed by Italian industrial vehicle manufacturer Iveco (Industrial Vehicles Corporation).

It is a military vehicle used by armies of Belgium, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain etc. Unarmored version of this vehicle costs about Sh19.8 million, with the armored one going for Sh29.7 million,” read a publication by the blog.

Alvin posted the vehicle on social media and in the process threw shade on guys driving Toyota Vits.

“Guys, we are strapped. Straped and ready! We are going over your vitz.” he posted.

Rich kid, Alvin Kabogo flosses in his father's powerful war defence vehicle

Rich kid, Alvin Kabogo flosses in his father's powerful war defence vehicle

Posted by Mpasho News on Friday, June 1, 2018

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Brother to city lawyer who fatally shot son speaks



The family of city lawyer Assa Nyakundi, who shot and killed his son Joseph, is yet to come to terms with the tragedy.

Not only is the incident painful to them but it has reopened wounds of a similar earlier experience.

“We have no answers to the incident,” a member of his family in Kisii County said Wednesday as police continue to investigate circumstances of the Sunday shooting.

To his family, the shooting revives memories of the brutal murder of their father, Mr Michael Nyakundi, about a decade ago.

They were yet to heal from the wounds when they were hit by the latest death of Joseph.

“The Sunday incident has left us in shock. It is double tragedy with one of our own dead and another in hospital,” Assa’s younger brother, Bishop Eliud Nyakundi, who is a lecturer at Kisii University, told Nation.

“Memories of our late father are still fresh in our minds and the latest incident only adds salt to injury,” he said.

In 2010, robbers broke into the home of the the retired clergyman and shot him dead.

The armed gang stormed the home in Ikuruma village, Marani Sub-County in Kisii and forced the old man to lie on his bed before shooting him at close range as his wife watched.

The Rev Michael Nyakundi, 85, had pleaded with the thugs to spare him but in vain.

He gave them an unknown amount of money but they still murdered him. They did not steal any other item.

The clergyman’s killing prompted the beheading of four suspected gangsters in the same village by the dreaded Sungu Sungu vigilante group.

“We are yet to come to terms with our father’s murder. He had just returned from the US after undergoing an expensive spinal surgery that cost the family Sh5 million. Why would anyone want to kill an 85-year-old man?” Assa had said about his father’s brutal murder then.

On Wednesday, Assa’s close relatives from Kisii travelled to Nairobi where they held a family meeting, deliberating on the next move for the man who has been recuperating at Nairobi Hospital under heavy police guard following the shocking shooting incident.

In an in-depth interview with the Nation on Wednesday morning, Rev Eliud Nyakundi, who leads the Kenya Assemblies Churches in Gusii region, said the incident, as bad as it may be, is irreversible and they are now asking God to give them grace to endure.

He further said his brother is not a criminal as some people are trying to insinuate, adding that the lawyer is even a church elder, brought up in a Christian background.

Besides being an advocate, Assa is a deacon at International Christian Centre while his brother Eliud is an executive member of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK).

Eliud said he cannot find a reason that could have made his brother to intentionally shoot and kill his son.

“We are children of the clergy and we have been raised in a Christian environment. On the flipside, we are an educated family by any standards, not struggling financially and no career frustrations. We were raised beyond the village life and our father taught us to go out there and manage our world,” said Eliud, the eighth born in their family.

The 60-year-old Assa is the fourth born in a family of 12. Three of his brothers are in the USA.

One of the brothers, Titus, is also an advocate and a chaplain at Mount Kenya University.

“I am travelling to Nairobi so that we can discuss this issues in detail,” said Eliud.

Assa has been handling high profile criminal cases and the family feared he could be a soft target and urged him to get a gun.

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Ida Odinga leads women in a dance in New York, US



ODM leader Raila Odinga’s wife, Idah Odinga, MPs Rosa Buyu and Gladys Wanga are known for being political leaders and addressing various issues in the country.

In a two and a half minute video doing rounds on social media, the leaders shared a light moment, dancing to music in the United States.

The four showcased their dance moves to the Lingala song by a Congolese musician, Moses Fanfan.

The political leaders at the UN headquarters

While at it, they maintained uniformity, constantly reminding each other on the move to take next.

They were attending an open session on the 63rd Commission on the status of women at the UN headquarters in New York City.

The theme this year is Social Protection Systems – Public Services and Infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of the women and girls.

The rallying call is: “Women’s empowerment and the link to sustainable development.”

The meeting, which began on March 11, is expected to end on the 22nd of the same month.

In attendance are delegates of member states, UN bodies and non-governmental organisations accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Other women in attendance are First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Charity Ngilu (Kitui County Governor).

Here’s the video;

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