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Never get into partnership without an agreement, Betty Kyalo ex-partner speaks 



Appearing on the new KTN show Business Coach, the Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaittany has advised young entrepreneurs not to go into business partnerships without a written agreement.

Sitting as a mentor during the Ian Dennis hosted show, the young CEO, who also runs a travel business, said as much as there should be mutual trust between partners, all agreed upon business facts should be sealed on paper for reference in case a need arises.

“Never get into business partnerships without a written agreement. At the same time, you should have a team of directors who can give advice on the business whenever needed,” she noted.

“Business is all about survival for the fittest. Sometimes being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey,” she said.

Source: Ghafla

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VIDEO: Tuskys partners with optiven for 60 days of christmas promotion



Optiven Limited, Kenya’s leading real estate company is the choice partner for Kenya’s leading Supermarket Tuskys as it rolls out it’s newest campaign “60 days of Christmas with Tuskys”.

The campaign launched in Eldoret will see over 20 shoppers walk away with title deeds for their properties located in the cosmopolitan county of Machakos.

Addressing the media in Nairobi, Dan Githua, CEO Tuskys Supermarkets said, ‘2019 Christmas for our customers will definitely be different as we are keen to innovate and provide them with special gifts top of which is a piece of land.

The campaign which runs for 60 days to January 5th2020, will be open to shoppers at any of the 60 Tuskys Supermarket branches countrywide.

Daniel Koech, the General Manager for Business Development and Customer Experience, says ‘all customers spending 3000 shillings will have an opportunity to win the piece of land and many other exciting prizes in a transparent exercise that has been automated.  We have already had two winners including one from Kisumu in our first awarding ceremony that was held on 30thNovember 2019 at T-Mall Tuskys in Nairobi.

He added that customers are guaranteed to take home quality and all the different stores under the grand Tuskys Supermarkets network are ready to provide value and variety at the most affordable prices.

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The event was graced by Mr. George Wachiuri, CEO at Optiven Group who hailed the move by Tuskys Supermarkets to partner with the leading Real Estate company in Kenya.

Wachiuri noted that, ‘the values espoused by Tuskys Supermarkets merge well with those of Optiven Group and it is a humbling experience for us to be able to transform the lives of the 20 winners that will take home title deeds during the 60 Days of Christmas with Tuskys’.

He assured the public that the promotion is real and the property is available even for the public to view but more importantly to ensure that they make their purchases from Tuskys.

Wachiuri added that the expertise by Optiven Limited in the Real Estate sector spans over 20 years with over 70 projects having already been sold out and titles issued out to the investors.  ‘We guarantee that the plots are as real as can be and can confirm that we have already put power, water, security, electricity and greening spaces on site.

The campaign will run until the 5thof January 2019 and the process according to Koech, has been listed under the BCLB – Betting Control and Licensing Board.

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All winners will be notified following a public announcement on television with the names being announced by the Tuskys team in the different branches.

Winners will also have a variety of prizes including goats, make overs, shopping vouchers, electronics and an opportunity to acquire merchandise through a special hire purchase that is interest free in the Lipia Pole Pole option.


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SPONSORED: Optiven Thanks Diaspora Community as Hundreds are offered fully Paid Holiday for a Record 6th Time



Optiven Group has a vision of economically and socially empowering and Transforming the society. As a follow-up to this vision, hundreds of customers whose majority are from Diaspora were given a treat of the end of year at PrideInn Flamingo Beach Resort – Mombasa.

This offer was for all those who had invested during the promotion of Tujibambe Mombasani where one was to purchase and pay a property from 1.7M and above.

This was right on the heels of the prior campaigns as follows:

👉🏽Tembeza Mpenzi – Amboseli

👉🏽Dinner with a LION – Maasai Mara

👉🏽Lipa CashTwende Mombasa SEASON 3

👉🏽Lipa CashTwende Mombasa SEASON 2

👉🏽Lipa CashTwende Mombasa SEASON 1

Optiven is happy to bring these great customers together to network. Know each other & build a strong community

We now look forward to rewarding hundreds of customers who are catching up with our current campaign TAJIRIKA NA OPTIVEN APP campaign.

This campaign rewards customers who purchase land through the Optiven App. It also rewards those who refer others through the App. It is a win win as all parties benefit. This is actually giving every Kenyan globally to have a piece of Optiven.

👉🏽Tajirika Na Optiven App –

Join the Optiven family today and keep enjoying our Philanthropic offers and give aways from time to time.

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Call us/ WhatsApp us on: +254 723 400 500


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Kenyan man sues German airline Lufthansa for taking traveller’s walking stick



German airline, Lufthansa, has been drawn into a legal tussle with a passenger living with disability, who alleges he had was denied using his walking stick in the plane thus inconveniencing his movement during a flight.

Mr Daniel Ochieng Orwenjo was flying aboard the airline from Halle airport in Germany to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi on July 3, last year, when the airline’s officers took his walking stick insisting that he checks it in as baggage because it was “too big and that it looked like a weapon.”

Although Mr Orwenjo informed the officers that he could not walk without it, they insisted and checked it in as bulky baggage.

“As a result of the serious failure of the airline to attend to my personal needs, I sat in the aircraft for over 10 hours without going to the washroom for the combined duration of the trip,” Mr Orwenjo said in court papers.

On arrival at the JKIA, Mr Orwenjo could not find his walking stick and after several enquiries, he was informed that it had remained behind in Germany.

He waited for hours as the airline was allegedly “looking for a local solution”. He claims the airline did not listen to his pleas to be assisted to go to the washrooms.

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Eventually, he was given a metallic rod to use for his trip to Accra on July 4 despite having been assured that the stick, being his lifeline, would be delivered to his hotel the same day he arrived at JKIA in the evening.

Mr Orwenjo says he is a registered disabled person and relies on his walking stick for movement without which he is rendered immobile.

The airline knowing of the disability and need, foresaw the harm but failed to meet a standard of reasonable care, he claims.

“Indeed the metallic rod is so slippery that I fell down no less than eight times from the time I started using it. Needless to say, I suffered physical and psychological injury,” Mr Orwenjo said in court papers.

Lufthansa, however, argues that Mr Orwenjo had a thick wooden pole, “which appeared to be in excess of two metres in length.”

The airline refused to allow him to carry the pole on board and required that it be carried in the cargo hold of the aircraft as it contravenes the commission regulations list of prohibited articles for passengers and cabin baggage.

“We deny that Mr Orwenjo was unable to attend to personal needs or left stationary for over 10 hours as alleged,” Lufthansa German Airline says in replying affidavit.

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The airline nevertheless admits that on arrival in Nairobi, the wooden pole was not in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

The airline arranged for a metal pole to be quickly fabricated for Mr Orwenjo’s use as a substitute for the wooden pole.

“Mr Orwenjo left for Ghana the next day early morning before his wooden pole was received from Germany. The wooden pole was delivered to him at JKIA on his return from Ghana,” Lufthansa German Airline in court papers.

The airline further states that the carriage of the passenger was covered by the Warsaw Convention as amended by the Montreal Convention, and by the Carriage by Air Act.

“The matters complained by Mr Orwenjo are not the subject of any liability attaching to us under the Conventions or the Act,” Lufthansa German Airline in court papers.

Mr Orwenjo says he has flown aboard many airlines with the same walking stick and neither has it been treated as a weapon nor has he experienced such grave injustice as exhibited by Lufthansa German Airline.

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