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Prof Thiong’o, Amina bashed for championing mother tongue education



Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed might be considering to implement usage of mother tongue in primary schools but Kenyans on Twitter seem to hold a different view.

Ms Amina, in a tweet highlighted on her meeting with award winning author Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, where she says some of the things they discussed was ways of improving the use of mother tongue language as a mode of instruction in PP1 and 2 and its teaching in Grade 1 to 3.

“At my meeting with Prof Ngugi wa Thiongo, we discussed ways of improving the use of mother language as a mode of instruction in PP1 and 2, and its teaching in Grade 1 to 3. Indeed, our mother language transmits identity, values and ethos for a better nation,” tweeted Ms Amina Mohammed.

On Tuesday, the professor of English and Comparative Literature in the United States was at Maseno University to launch Somo Ber, a book in Dholuo published by East African Educational Publishers (EAEP).


In his speech Prof Thiong’o said that people who have mastered foreign languages, but are not conversant with that of their ethnic group, are enslaved.

However, on Twitter Kenyans expressed their divergent views on the matter, with most of them terming it a bad idea.

Stanley Miheso asked, “What about those who are working in areas that are not their home town, will they be forced to use another language or leave their families in their villages?”

Muthama nick said, “Why should a renowned literature scholar stoop so low. The old Prof has been overtaken by events n stayed outside foreign land for too long. Kenya has moved on digitally on the global map. How will vernacular language assist our youngsters to develop their skills.”


Liz Amoth asked, “So in urban areas… which mother language should be used? Asking for some kid.”

Varosa Alambo commented, “In this here time and age… I doubt it’s a good idea. Parents can instruct their kids in whatever language they want. Schools however should instruct as uniformly as they possibly can. Preferably in English and/or Kiswahili.”

Pal Jeff said, “Use of mother language as proposed is possible in rural setups and has been used ever since. But how do you use the same in a city class that comprises almost all the 43 tribes Kenya found in Kenya?”

George M said, “Sometimes it’s better to be silent. We are still playing catch-up as a country, exactly how is mother/father tongue going to give our kids leverage in a global economy? Am I missing something? While at it, start this proposal with the high end schools.”

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Odinga family opposed Raila ‘swearing-in’, says Oburu



Raila dares those against his swearing in to arrest him

The Odinga family was opposed to the controversial swearing-in of National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader Raila Odinga as the “People’s president” lastyear, his brother Oburu Odinga has disclosed.

Speaking at ACK St Stephen Cathedral in Kisumu yesterday during a service to marie Jaramogi’s 25th anniversary, Oburu who spoke on behalf of the family said they were reluctant to have Raila take the oath fearing the possible consequences.

The government had earlier warned to deal with those who participated in the ceremony saying that it amounted to treason.

Oburu said it was Raila’s bravery and act of courage that saw him agree to take the oath that could see him hanged by the State.

Source: People Daily

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American tourist visiting Mara in trouble over fight with a local resident



An American tourist has been arrested following a fight with a businessman in Narok town.

The foreigner, who has been identified as Mr Amando Kurti from Alabama, United States, is set to be arraigned on Monday for assault and resisting arrest, according to Narok OCPD Joseph Kisombe.

But the man’s partner Ms Danielle Olivier, who is a New Zealander, and Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina, have accused the police of taking sides.

“The police seem to fear Mr Ishmael, why haven’t they arrested him after equally injuring the tourist,” said Mr Kina.

Ms Olivier blamed the trader for starting the fight.

Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina (right) and Danielle Olivier from New Zealand, whose partner Amando Kurti was arrested for allegedly assaulting a businessman in Narok, arrive at Narok Police Station on February 17, 2019. PHOTO | GEORGE SAYAGIE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Source: Daily Nation

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Mang’u School overcrowded, facilities designed for 600 learners now used by 1,700



For a long time, Mangu High School kept its number of learners at 600.

Its classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, toilets and dining hall were designed and built for exactly that number.

Yet for a school that sits on 200 acres touching the Thika-Nairobi highway and one that boasts such a rich and varied array of alumni in addition to posting consistently strong results, a student capacity of less than 1,000 would seem conservative and unnecessarily inflexible.

In the past 10 years, however, the population has been on a rise, reaching 1,727 this year.

Sadly, and like in many other public schools, most of the infrastructure is out of date with the times.

Classrooms, which were meant for 40 students, now have up to 60.

Source: Daily Nation, Kariuki Waihenya

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