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VIDEO: Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore Reveals Why He Does Not Shake Hands



Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore has revealed the reason why he does not shake hands with other people.

Speaking during an interview with KTN’s Abby Agina, Collymore has explained that doctors advised him against shaking hands and interacting with many people due to his health status.

Collymore says that he suffers from a weak immune system making him vulnerable to diseases.

“Because of my immune system I can’t interact with many people, I can’t shake hands,” says Collymore.

Collymore says that his wife Wambui Kamiru and a friendly team at his office have been very supportive in helping him manage his condition.

“My wife is very supportive, the fact that she came to London and lived through some pretty miserable weather to watch her husband receive treatment…100% support, not 99%,” he explains.

In August 2018, the 61-year-old disclosed for the first time that he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia; a type of cancer that starts in the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow.

Collymore spent nine months receiving treatment in London, United Kingdom, where he underwent a bone marrow transplant.

He says his blood group changed from A+ to O+ after the bone marrow transplant. He got the marrow from an undisclosed donor from the United States.

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“The mutation of the cells will have changes when they give them to you, the first change was the blood type. I used to be A+ and now I am O+,” said Collymore.



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Passaris fights eviction from Sh300 milion Kitisuru house by late billionaire’s widow



Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris is embroiled in a vicious legal tussle to stop her eviction from a Sh300 million palatial house in Kitisuru, Nairobi, where she has been living for the last 13 years.

According to court documents, the widow of the late billionaire Kultar Singh Hanspal, Mrs Alka Roshanlal Hanspal, accuses Ms Passaris of trying to forcefully take over the house.

Ms Alka said she sold the house on two-and-a-half acres to Charles Kanyuga Maina and his wife Grace Wanjiku Kanyuga and wants the court to hear and determine the case so that Passaris can be evicted from the property.

Passaris’ dispute with Mrs Alka dates back to 2014 when she sued Kanyuga and his wife to stop them from evicting her from the property she also lays claim to.

Alka was sued as the administrator of the estate of her late husband.

Sh35 million

The case was to resume on July 22 but a letter from Passaris’ lawyer requests for a new date to accommodate the MP.

In the suit, Passaris, who had rented the house from Kultar since 2006, claims an offer was made in 2009 to sell the property to her at Sh35 million, a claim disputed by Alka.

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Apparently the lease agreement had a clause giving Passaris the option to purchase the house but Alka claims the lease was not legally binding because it had not been registered.

The lease agreement, she said, was signed between Passaris and Alka when Kultar was unwell and when he recovered he revoked it, alleging his wife had no legal capacity to sign the contract.

Alka has claimed in her reply to the suit that she signed the “option to purchase” addendum to the lease agreement under duress when her husband was gravely ill and the family was facing financial problems.

Kultar recovered, according to his widow, and denounced the lease and demanded Passaris’ eviction but this did not happen for she stayed on until the end of the lease contract.

Kultar died thereafter, according to Alka, who says he gave her the property as a gift in 2009 and she, legally, made it hers in 2013.

According to Passaris, goons hired by Kanyuga and his wife descended on the property on September 19, 2014.

She alleges in her suit that the hirelings informed her that Alka had sold the property to Kanyuga and his wife despite several injunctions barring any such transfer.

Passaris claims on December 28, 2010, she received a letter indicating the house had been sold to Ken Petro Entreprises and requiring her to vacate in 15 days.

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Passaris claims the alleged sale or transfer is null and void for it was conducted against court orders and was orchestrated to defeat the a suit she had filed against Alka and her late husband.

According to court documents, Passaris has not paid for the house.

“Kultar Singh entered into a tenancy agreement with the plaintiff (Passaris) commencing October 1, 2007, for two years, by which the plaintiff was in possession of the suit property as tenant of which she has been paying rent to the third defendant (Alka) but not as a purchaser,” states the court documents.

Alka alleges that Passaris coerced her to sign another lease agreement at the time her husband was ailing from stroke to give the legislator a right to buy the house.

“Passaris took advantage of the situation I was facing,” claims Alka.

She said the said lease was not registered or executed by the late Kultar Singh and therefore it was not valid as at the time she signed the agreement she was not an agent or attorney.

Alka said she had no capacity, authority or power to execute the said agreement on the behalf of Kultar Singh.

According to the documents filed at Milimani High Court, the late Kultar Singh allegedly revoked the October 1, 2007, lease agreement on March 16, 2009 and demanded that Passaris vacate the house.

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But Passaris obtained a court order to stop her eviction. In the suit papers, Passaris has sued Kanyunga as the first respondent, his wife and Alka as the second and third respondents respectively.

Yesterday, Alka called on the court to quickly determine the case.

“The case was scheduled for hearing on July 22, 2019, but we have received a letter from her (Passaris) lawyer, saying that she will be travelling to Barbados to represent the National Assembly at global convention on the discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity,” Alka said.



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Long queues as Kenyans in US rush to beat Thursday deadline to acquire Huduma Namba at the Embassy in DC



The deadline for Kenyans in the Diaspora to acquire Huduma Namba is two days away, and for many Kenyans living in the United States completing the application process at the Kenya Embassy in Washington, DC has been frustrating.

Kenyans living in various states across the US have rushed to heed to the Kenyan government’s call for the Diaspora to acquire Huduma Namba by June 20th, 2019. Those registering for Huduma Namba are required to first complete an online form, download it, and then appear in person for Biometrics capture at their closest Kenyan embassy or consulate.

Several Kenyans resident in the US have reached out to complaining of the inconveniences of traveling long distances to Washington, DC for the registration process, long lines and waits at the Embassy, and last of organization among Embassy staff.

Things are complicated further by Kenyans going to the Embassy to acquire ePassports to beat the deadline of September 1st set by the government for all Kenyans to acquire ePassports. The government announced that non-digital Kenyan passports will cease being valid for travel beginning September 1st. The application process for an ePassport also requires the applicant to visit the Embassy in person for Biometrics capture.

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On most days, long lines stretch outside the Embassy in Washington, DC as Kenyans seek either Huduma Namba or ePassports. Some Kenyans have complained of spending up to three days in Washington, DC and incurring huge travel and accommodation costs as they are sometimes forced to stay in Washington for days in order to complete the process.

Dr Paul Mukundi, a resident of Baltimore , Maryland expressed surprise at the chaotic approach at the Embassy during his recent visit to the Embassy. “There were hundreds of people,” he told, “and when the embassy cannot anticipate the number of clients they’ll have on any day, they should have a what-if plan for any eventuality.” Dr Mukundi, who had his wife and two year old son, watched as his son and numerous other kids and babies cried for hours in the scorching heat. Everything was made worse by the fact that there was no clear system in place. Those seeking all types of services made a line that snaked around R street, despite the fact that some of them who required visas and passports were much fewer in number, said Dr Mukundi.

Faith Kavoi, a resident of New Jersey says she travelled to Washington, DC last Friday only to be told her application for an ePassport had been rejected by the system and was told to go back to the Embassy on Monday. Her return on Monday was still fruitful, as she was told to return to the Embassy on yet another day.

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“I came to the Embassy on Friday from New Jersey. They told me that my application for my epassport was rejected by their system and that I should come back on Monday. I had to rent a hotel and stay in Washington DC for three days. I came back today Monday and I was told that I have to come another day because they had to consult somebody in Kenya. Finally, a person who had had the same problem advices to apply again and pay again because the embassy officials keep telling you to come back a day or two later, but nothing ever happens.  I have not only paid twice for one epassport but I’ve also had to spend so much money renting a hotel room,” Faith tells

Kenyans outside the Embassy in Washinton, DC

Rev Dr Sammy Kamwenji, who travelled recently all the way from Elkhart, Indiana to acquire Huduma Namba, says the procedure for processing the Huduma number application needs more strategic planning. He says that when he arrived at the Embassy, there were lots of people in the queue who had come very early in morning. “We arrived around 945am and by then the line was already so long. We were finally served around 6pm. We appreciate the diligence of all those who were tirelessly processing the applications. They were very kind and understanding. However more man-power would really help achieve a smooth flow. More processing satellite offices across USA would be of great help to the diaspora community,” Rev Dr Kamwenji says.

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James Karichu flew with his wife all the way from San Francisco, California to apply for an ePassport, and says they along other people including small children spent an entire day in the scorching sun in the line outside the Embassy. “No one cares about Older parents, women babies crying in the scorching sun. There is no proper information,” Karichu tells


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Photos of the Adelle Onyango’s simple and sweet studio after she was allegedly fired at Kiss 100



Former Kiss 100 FM presenter Adelle Onyango has moved on quickly after leaving the station less than a week ago.

Adelle announced that she resigned from Kiss 100 but sources have revealed that she was actually forced by the CEO of the company to do it. It’s not yet clear why she was arm twisted into resigning so far.

Anyway, Adelle has now officially launched her new studio where she’ll be hosting her podcasts.

Taking to social media, the presenter gave fans a look at her studio which is very simple.

“I started building ⁣⁣my office/studio ⁣⁣in February while slowly going⁣⁣ through my last days ⁣⁣on traditional radio – and my ⁣birthday month!⁣
I wanted a happy safe space⁣⁣ where I could tell the stories⁣⁣ I wanted to and have the ⁣⁣convos I wanted to, the way ⁣⁣I wanted to. But I also wanted ⁣⁣to build this space for myself!⁣” says Adelle.

Adelle Onyango and husband



She added that her hubby supported her build the new space and she’s now ready to be hosting her two podcasts full time.

“⁣⁣My bestie/husband kept ⁣ cheering me on because ⁣⁣ he knew I wanted this to be⁣⁣ a gift to myself!⁣⁣ This pic was taken the day we⁣⁣ realized I’d actually finished it!⁣⁣ This space has already given birth to two podcasts⁣ Legally Clueless ⁣PursePective – on the 25th of June! ⁣ But more than that it’s a ⁣⁣reminder that I had the guts to ⁣⁣CHOOSE ME! And that really gives me such joy!” 

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