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SHOCKING: Woman cuts her toddler son into pieces, puts them in handbag-Police



A mother who told police her toddler son had been kidnapped is now accused of dismembering the child and incinerating his remains.

It’s also been alleged that she carried some of little Daniel Griner Jr’s body in her handbag by police in New Jersey.

According to the Vineland Daily Journal Nakira Griner, 24, has been charged first-degree murder; second-degree endangering the welfare of a child; second-degree desecration of human remains; and fourth-degree tampering with evidence.Court paper released on Monday say the burned and dismembered remains of 23-month-old Daniel were found in a handbag and trash bags underneath a shed at the family’s home on Woodland Drive early Saturday.

Police told the local paper that Griner had initially reported she was attacked Friday evening while walking with Daniel Jr. on the 200 block of Atlantic Street.Griner said she had her other child, an infant son, strapped to her chest.Daniel Jr. was in his pushchair, she had told police.At the time, the paper said a complaint filed by Detective Veronica Cappoli states: “She stated she felt someone kick her; she fell to the ground and was repeatedly kicked on her right side and head.

Nakira said when she looked up the stroller with D.G. Jr. was missing.”Nakira was not able to provide any descriptions of the accused or her route she ran after the attack.”Further questioning revealed inconsistencies in her story, the newspaper said.Her home was searched and remains identified as human were found about 3am Saturday.The mum later failed a polygraph examination with New Jersey State Police.

The affidavit Cappoli filed states that Nakira Griner admitted during the examination to having hurt her older son.The paper said Coppoli stated the Nakira Griner said she left bruises on the boy’s face and that he also had fallen down stairs.”She told police she hit the boy because he would not eat or listen to her, according to the report.”She then said that she left D.G. Jr., who was still alive, by himself on Devonshire Place because she wanted someone to find him and help him because no one would believe her,” Cappoli stated.The police investigation is continuing.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a’s crazy dance video that netizens just can’t get enough of




James Ng’ang’a the controversial pastor of Neno Evangelism Center got the attention of netizens after a video was shared of him teaching his congregants a new dance style.

In the undated video that went viral on social media, the pastor is teaching the church members animated and vigorous dance moves.

He starts by playing his guitar and singing along to a song as the congregants dances to the melody in unison.

But the pastor felt the congregation were not dancing enough to the song.

“Hiyo kuruka ni ya wazee,” Ng’ang’a is captured saying as he dances on.

Moments later, he puts his guitar down and demonstrates to the church members how it’s done while playing to a kikuyu song.


The style excited netizens, specifically Kenyans on Twitter as many created a rendition version of the song that resulted to more funny videos in the process.

Here is a few of the videos




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VIDEO: Kimani Ngunjiri’s long gun shocks Kenyans 





Kimani Ngunjiri, , has shocked Kenyans by how big one of his weapons is.

Mr. Ngunjiri handed in his guns to the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Offices on Tuesday morning.

This is after an order by the Inspector-General Hillary Mutyambai that National Police Service (NPS) will stop providing security to state officers involved in crime until the courts clear them.

The inspector general also said VIPs who have civilian firearms, their licenses will be canceled and weapons withdrawn also. 

Mr Ngunjiri’s guns were taken since he is being investigated following the remarks he made concerning Deputy President William Ruto’s ordeal involving his Mombasa official residence. 


Kenyans were not interested so much with his comments but the hunting rifle that the MP was carrying into the Nakuru DCI offices.

The rifle is on average 24 inches long; this is what Kenyans had to say concerning the length of the gun.




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17 SDA students sent home for refusing to sit exams on Saturday




Seventeen students from Kabianga Boys High school were sent home for declining to do exams on a Saturday. 

The school from Kericho County admits several students from the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) denomination, which observes their Sabbath day on Saturday by taking part in religious activities and abstaining from any kind of work.

The problem started on Saturday, where17 SDA students refrained from taking a scheduled chemistry and mathematics tests, saying that taking exams on that day of the week is not in line with their faith.

Come the following Monday morning, the students were issued with a two-week suspension letter from the principal, Dr. Joash Oloo, on the grounds of “failing to write an assessment test offered on schedule.” 

The suspension letters instructed the students to report back to school on February 4 with their parents.

Even with the efforts of the local SDA church elders to intervene on the matter, nothing changed. This prompted the parents to seek legal services from a lawyer. 

Through their lawyer, Julius Matonya, wrote to the school demanding it to lift the suspension on the grounds of freedom of worship or be faced with legal action. 

But the school’s principal maintains the students are still suspended. The school administration simply wants to meet with the parents.

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