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Tragic end for Facebook suicide post author



A cry for help posted on Facebook by Owen Maina Macharia two weeks before he committed suicide in a hotel room was largely ignored and some of his online friends even urged him on.

Twenty seven year old Maina’s post went unflagged and neither did it attract the counselling he needed to stave off his suicidal thoughts. Instead, most of friends thought he was joking and urged him on.

“Solution to all problems is death. No man…no problems,” Maina posted on January 15.

The jibes thrown by his Facebook friends did not deter him. He made sure he replied to each. To one user who had written “siujiue basi tukuzike,” he replied by warning him not to attend his burial.

Only one friend wrote to inquire on what was actually going on. Maina replied that it was just a quote that made sense to him.


Days later he made a trip to Mtwapa, Kilifi county, where he locked himself in a hotel room, consumed rat poison and hanged himself using his belt.

Minutes before the suicide, he had borrowed a phone from the hotel’s security guard which he used to phone his sister to bid his family farewell. Maina was two weeks short of his 28th birthday.

His first cousin Daniel Kabii told Nairobi News that the deceased, a marketing graduate, had asked for an off day from his employer on January 28. When he failed to report back to work three days later his boss contacted the family.

“When we received the reports of him missing, that is when we saw the post he had written on Facebook and we started searching for him. His house in Mwihoko (near Githurai off Thika Road) was locked and on breaking in we found his phone and packed clothes. The neighbours said he left and did not know where he was headed,” Kabii narrated.

The family proceeded to Maina’s bank where a relative had transferred Sh50,000 on January 25 as capital for a business investment.


“At the bank we found withdrawal transactions done in Mtwapa and a cousin was sent there on Friday to trace him.

“On Saturday early morning he (Maina) had called one of his sisters using what we later learnt was a security guard’s number. He told the sister goodbye, telling her to bid their parents goodbye on his behalf. The sister tried asking him to let her know what he was going through and where he was but he refused to disclose and disconnected the call,” Kabii narrated.

When the sister called back, a security guard said Maina had been staying at the hotel for three days and only borrowed the phone that early morning.

“The cousin who was in Mtwapa was given the name and location of the hotel and on getting there he found Maina had locked himself in the room. They broke into the room and found his body hanging from the shower with his belt and they found an empty sachet of rat poison in the room,” the cousin narrated.

Maina’s body has since been transported to the Kenyatta University Mortuary and his burial set for Friday.


“I wish I had seen his post earlier and reached out, I only saw it after he had gone missing. It is sad that the people who saw it thought it was a joke and some even made insensitive comments. We need to reach out whenever we see someone posting such things because we never know what they are going through.

“As a family we did not know of any issue going on with Maina and at work colleagues say he seemed okay. I had spoken to him and planned a Saturday meet up and during our phone discussion the previous weekend he never revealed any struggles,” Kabii explained.

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Suspect behind car theft syndicate arrested in Umoja, two cars recovered



Flying Squad detectives have arrested a suspect believed to be behind a car theft syndicate in Nairobi.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspect, Duncan Ochieng Ouso, was arrested in an apartment in Nairobi’s Umoja Estate on Friday.

Two motor vehicles – a Toyota Premio and a Toyota Wish – were recovered during the arrest. The recovered vehicles are believed to have been stolen.


The DCI have said the suspect is notorious for receiving stolen vehicles and repainting them. The suspect is set to be arraigned and charged in court on Tuesday.

Last week, police in Nairobi were trying to uncover the identity of car thieves who have been stealing car parts and abandoning the shells in desolate locations in the outskirts of the city.

The police suspect that the stolen car parts and accessories eventually end up in garages where other motorists purchase them without knowing their origin.


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Uhuru laughs uncontrollably as he mimics Gov Lunyangapuo’s “Kijana Mfupi Round” Remarks



President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday imitated West Pokot Governor John Lunyangapuo‘s remarks where he described a local politician as “Kijana mfupi round meaning a short person with a round figure.

President Kenyatta met the governor during a visit to former President Daniel Moi‘s Kabarak home to deliver his condolence message following the death of Jonathan Moi.

The video shows Uhuru repeating Lonyangapuo’s statement as he gestures to illustrate a protruding belly.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Senator Gideon Moi and Governor John Lonyangapuo at Kabarak on 22/04/19

The two then burst into laughter and proceed to shake hands.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo at Kabarak on 22/04/19

The action provided much needed comic relief to the mourners who had gone to console Mzee Moi.

In the governor’s clip that went viral, the Lonyangapuo was clearly agitated by a man who was causing trouble for him.

Dennis Ruto, the man believed to have been the target of the joke, explained that at first when he heard the county head’s sentiments, he felt bad.

“At first I actually felt bad because that was body shaming that is criminal [sic] . But at the end of the day, I laughed it off,” he told Nation.

“I had raised the issue of the deputy governor who had been sworn in and had gone to the United States and why he is earning public funds and not delivering services” Ruto added.

Dennis disclosed that he had embraced the name Mulmulwas (something that is round like a ball) and even formed a movement with the same name.
Watch the video of Uhuru imitating Governor Lonyngapuo’s remarks below.

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Jomo Kenyatta’s Pet That Had a Mercedes & Its Own Driver



Mzee Jomo Kenyatta once owned a pet that was chauffeured in a Mercedes and had its own driver, privileges that left many working at State House in wonder.

Unknown to many, the former president was not fond of keeping animals as pets. However, when his close friend, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie gifted him a white doghe adopted an entirely different attitude.

According to biographer Jeremy Murray- Brown in his 1972 book, Kenyatta was initially angered by the gift adding that he would have preferred a cow.

Haile Selassie with one of his pet dogs.

Lee Njiru, who worked as Information Officer at State House, would later reveal that the president ordered a brand new luxury Mercedes Benz 280S to chauffer the dog whom he named Addis.

“Mzee had few bosom friends. One of them was the animal-loving Emperor Haile Selassie. The friendship was so deep that when he was gifted the white little dog during his visit to Ethiopia, he bought it a Mercedes Benz 280S.

“Addis had his own driver and normally sat back left whenever he accompanied Mzee during his long working tours around the country,” Njiru stated in an interview.

The president treasured the dog as it was a symbol of his friendship with the Emperor.

Their friendship spanned long before the two became Heads of State. While studying in London’s Quaker College in 1931, Kenyatta kept a red, green and gold Ethiopian flag in his room in England.

It is reported that Kenyatta was so fascinated with His Imperial Majesty and 33 years after his stay at 75 Castle Road in England, he ensured the Emperor was Kenya’s first foreign dignitary invited during the Jamhuri Day celebrations in June, 1964.

Additionally, during his 14-year rule, Kenyatta -who hated flying – made only one foreign trip and it was to Ethiopia in 1969.

When he arrived, Ethiopia’s military performed a special aerial drill in Kenyatta’s honour by spelling his name, Jomo, in the sky.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta (L) with Emperor Haile Selassie

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