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VIDEO: Kenyan woman under fire for asking married women to respect and support “Mpango wa Kandos”




A Kenyan woman who was filmed by defending the role of  mpango wa kandos (sidechicks) in the society is catching a lot of flak from netizens who do not believe in her gospel. In the video which has since gone viral, she seeks to eloquently demonstrate the importance of mistresses in men’s lives, arguing that the side chicks ably offer what the First lady” doesn’t.

This comes at a sensitive time when Judy Wangui, a woman believed to be the mistress of a man whose wife, Mary Wambui, was killed in Nairobi two weeks ago is set to be charged with murder alongside a man believed to have helped her try to dispose of the body.

Evidence based on witness accounts and CCTV footage shows that Ms Wambui and Ms Wangui shared a hearty afternoon at Homeland Inn, off Thika Road, before leaving for Fourways Junction in Ms Wambui’s car at sunset.


“Behind every successful man and woman is a sidechick,” opines one tweep. But several others, mostly commenting on Facebook, are not in agreement.

Ngugi Waweru God created the woman to be man’s helper. He never said both should be equal. Women have been fighting to be equal to men. If each partner could play their roles diligently, such nonsense as MWK couldn’t be there. Research data provides that women have been the cause of marriage breakdowns in most African societies esp in urban setups.

Evelyn Just Side chick please humble request , if you truly love him pick him when hes still mr zero but dont wait and you think you will enjoy my hursle.just dig your grave before coming to feast on whats not yours.

James Ngigeh The name of anyone who comes between two married people is DEATH. Read Mathew 19:6.

Kemuma Omariba Side chick should get busy building her own empire and stop wasting time building a man who is not hers.That’s called wisdom.

Llysa Flake If they are good enough n fullfill what wives can’t fulfill why can’t they get their own husbands’?They are there to lure people’s husband behaving like they care enough because they want some material gains.

Susan Waweru From the comments it’s clear that all those supporting this lady ni ma side chicks/hens but the bible says that you are death.

Qaroline de Albert who is your husband? i wanna be his side chic.

Philemon Ouma Can a struggling man have a sidechick definitely no….
They only look for men who are money loaded and successful family.
Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman.. Not the vice-versa.

Lynnette Olesi Eshikhaty May thunder strike u dead if i find you with my hubby .side chick vindu shi those are agents of destruction n we rebuke them RISWAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy Mwangi This woman is cursed. If these so called side chicks think they are beautiful, why do the go for these married men. They shud get their own men tuwatambue.

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Why Zahra Moi declined appointment to Nairobi Hospital board



Zahra Moi has explained why she turned down her nomination to be a director at the Board of Management of Kenya Hospital Association, the owners of the Nairobi Hospital.

Zahra, who is the wife of Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, has expressed her reservations regarding the nomination through a letter sent to the Nairobi Hospital Company Secretary.

“It is with regret, however, that I must decline your invitation. Due to time constraints, my schedule simply will not allow me to participate meaningfully on your board at this time,” Zahra explained in her letter.

“I have immense respect for the work you do, and fear that the demands on my time will prevent me from giving the KHA the attention it deserves,” she explained further.


She also noted that she did not participate in any of the meetings leading to her nomination, nor did she offer herself for election.

Zahra said she had not been at the Nairobi Hospital in recent times, contrary to media reports on the recent change of guard at the facility.

On 17th April there was a standoff at the Nairobi Hospital as the newly-elected board members tried to access the premises.

The current board members said that they were still running the hospital as they had been given a court order barring the elected members to assume office pending hearing.

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“We are happy to inform you that the court has issued an order restraining those purported to have been elected from assuming office pending inter-party hearing,” the board members said in an advert in local dailies on Friday.

“We wish to assure you that the validly elected Board of Management continues to run The Nairobi Hospital and is making the best efforts to implement strategic decisions to enhance the governance and operations of the hospital,” read the advert.

Last month, Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala reappointed Mrs Moi to sit in Tourism Research Institute Board, a post she has held since 2016.

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 54 (1) (h) of the Tourism Act, 2011, the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife re-appoints Zahra Bahwela Moi to be a member of the Board of Tourism Research Institute, for a period of three years, with effect from the 1st June, 2019,” the notice read.

source:Nairobi News

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Kenya to deport foreigners in betting



Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has issued deportation order against foreigners who entered Kenya for other businesses but ended up investing in the betting industry.

More to follow…

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No, Kenya has not been added to our Visa Waiver Program, US Embassy says



The US Embassy in Nairobi has termed the news that Kenya has joined US Visa Waiver Program as fake news.

A website, News-AP, which seemed to be trying to associate itself with international news agency the Associated Press (AP), claimed that the US State Department had added 10 countries into its VWP.

In its latest post, the website listed five African countries, Cameroon, South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Malawi, alongside Argentina, Uruguay, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and Georgia.

But in a tweet, the US Embassy has advised Kenyans to go to the Department of Homeland Security for more information about US Visa waiver.


“This is a false story. For real information on the visa waiver program DHS,” the Embassy said.

This information is only in the social media and a visit to, which lists all the VWP Designated Counties, or the Department of Homeland Security, which administers the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), does not mention anything about Kenya being added to the program.

The US Visa Waiver Program is administered by the Department of Homeland Security in consultation with the US Department of State.

This program allows eligible citizens or nationals of designated countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business purposes for stays of 90 days or less, without a prior visa.

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source:Nairobi News

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