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We won’t build the five stadiums we promised, Jubilee now admits



The government says it will not be able to construct the five state-of-the-art stadiums which President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto promised in 2013.

In its stead, Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia says the government is working round the clock to construct one state-of-the-art stadium by the time President Kenyatta’s term of office ends in 2022.

Kaberia added that plans are underway to upgrade four regional stadiums across the country. Upon completion, these yet to be named stadiums will be fit to host international football and athletics events, according to reports by Nairobi News.


“I can assure you we will build one stadium by 2022. We will not be able to construct more than one stadium because of several factors, you know sports is a devolved entity. But then, Nyayo and Kipchoge Keino stadiums are undergoing rehabilitation and will be ready by the end of this year (2019),” Kaberia said.

As one of their campaign pledges, President Kenyatta and his deputy promised to construct five state-of-the-art stadiums in Kisumu, Mombasa, Garissa, Nakuru and Eldoret.

Seven years later and almost one and half years into their second term, not even a groundbreaking ceremony has been done for any of these stadiums.

This unavailability of quality stadiums also led to Kenya being stripped the hosting rights for the 2018 Africa Nations Championship (Chan).

Source: NairobiNews

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It’s life in jail for police constable who raped a woman in Lamu station



A policeman who raped a woman who had sought help at the Lamu Police Station eight months ago has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

On Wednesday this week, a Lamu law court found Police Constable Rodgers Ouma, 32, guilty of the offense he committed in his house at Lamu Police Lines in Langoni on December 8, 2019.Lamu Principal Magistrate Allan Temba also found Ouma guilty of abuse of his position of authority as a police officer.

The court heard that the victim had visited the police station at 8pm on the fateful night to report that her husband was forcing her to take abortion pills to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.After recording her com-plaint, Ouma promised to help her.

As she was about to leave the police station, there was a heavy downpour and Ouma asked her to take cover in his house.

Then he locked the door, grabbed her phone and turned it off before forcing himself on her and threatening to kill her using a knife.The victim managed to escape and spent the night in a neighbour’s house.

She could not go back to her house because she had left her keys and mobile phone in Ouma’s house.The following morning, she reported the matter to Constable Ouma’s seniors. Investigators recovered the victim’s belongings from Ouma’s house and arrested him promptly. A medical examination showed that the woman had indeed been raped.While sentencing the officer, Mr Temba said the complainant, in her victim impact statement given on oath, informed the court that Ouma had relayed new threats to her that should he be released from custody he will ensure that he kills her.

The complainant added that shortly after receiving the threats, relayed through another police officer, some policemen who are colleagues of the convict started trailing her.

Mr Temba said that, after taking into account Ouma’s lack of remorse, the use of threats and the new intimidation tactics, the court had found him to be a dangerous sexual convict under Section 39(1)(b) of the Sexual Offences Act.

“For the aggravated rape, the court sentences him to life imprisonment to protect the complainant from the promised threat and to act as a deterrent to other like-minded persons,” said Mr Temba.

The court also ruled that the complainant should be compensated with Sh400,000 as general dam-ages for soft tissue injuries, mental anguish and torture as stipulated under section 175(2) of the Criminal Pro-cedure Code.

Ouma has the right to appeal within 14 days.

By Daily Nation

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Betty Bayo comes cleans about skin bleaching and why she regrets changing herself



Betty Bayo is no longer shy to admit that she once bleached her skin to please a man she thought would marry her.

Just like most women, Betty Bayo says she was willing to risk it all for the man she loved back in 2016. The singer opened up about this through her IG page where she narrated the untold story; of how her skin was left with patches thanks to the creams.

Well, according to Betty Bayo her boyfriend from back then promised to marry her if only she got her skin a bit lighter. And knowing how affordable the creams are at River Road, Nairobi….she did what most women do; and decided to please her man.

Betty Bayo talks about skin bleaching

Bases on a true story .I onced felt in love with a young man I was sure he will marry me I loved and adored him ,he claimed he loved me too and he would marry me if only I was light skinned (rangi ya thau) I decided to remove my legs from the sack ,Mimi huyoo riverroad I bleached my skin nmfurahishe the next thing he told me he will marry me if only I was abit taller weee my friend nlikua natembea na high heals throughout karibu niende nazo kwa choo to ndimukenie ,

Replaced by lover

Despite doing everything for the young man, Betty Bayo says he decided to dump her leaving her all alone with her now complicated Skin tone.

Betty Bayo back to factory settings

along the way he dumped me leaving me looking like a confused chamelion ..yellow face black legs blue hands 🤣🤣🤣 had no choice that to go back to factory setting,”

Lesson learnt

Having gone through such hardships and still ending up all alone left the singer with a well learnt lesson she now hopes to pass down to her fans. On the post, Betty discouraged young men and women from changing themself to please their partners. She went on to conclude her post saying;

“To all my sister and brother out there trusting God for a lifetime partner learn from my mistake ..kama mtu anakupenda akupende vile ulivyo ,whether black skinny plumpy anyhow you look, any person who compares you with other people force you to be who your not, always lowers your self esteem and still claims he or she loves you is a SCAM . To my future husband am God fearing,short, focused ,chocolate in colour and very jovial and I snore😞#share your story


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PHOTO; Corazon Kwamboka thanks Maureen Waititu’s ex husband for impregnating her



Corazon Kwamboka has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant; shortly after Ghafla’s announced about her well kept secret!

Through her Instagram page the former socialite shared a new photo parading her grown baby bump; a move that has left many men quite disappointed and envious of how quick Frank Just Gym it moved on!

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

  If someone told me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice; I’d most definitely think they we’re deranged!

From her post, Corazon couldn’t help but celebrate the new milestone; a dream she never thought would come true due to endometriosis that left her with the fear of becoming a childless woman.

 Endometriosis had crippled my dreams of birthing a child. But here we are. A pleasant and welcomed surprise I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you and teach you everything I know.

To the baby’s father

However all this changed after she got into a relationship with the sharp shooter, father of 2 handsome boys Frank Just Gym It; an ex boyfriend to Maureen Waititu, a vblogger from  YouTube.

But since both Maureen and Frank publicly broke up; there is no foul play now that Corazon management to get him settled down.

From her post, it’s evident that she is quite in love with her man; and to thank her for the gift blooming in her womb, the lady wrote;

with ex, Frankie and their two boys

To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you and how you raise your own and i know my child will we be loved eternally

Fans and friends of the two have been sending congratulatory messages as she awaits to welcome her bundle of joy in just a few weeks from now!


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