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Wife kills husband for coming home drunk with ‘mpango wa kando’ in Kenya



A 19 year -old woman has been sentenced to a three-year probation for killing her husband who came home with another woman.

The accused, Sheillah Chemutai Ikobwa, committed the offence on July 25, 2013 in Matisi area, Trans-Nzoia County.

Chemutai is alleged to have stabbed her husband, Hussein Juma Nyongesa with a kitchen knife.

On that fateful night, the court heard, Juma arrived home drunk, in the company of another woman.

A quarrel ensued between the couple with Chemutai demanding to know who the woman was.


It is reported she (Chemutai) rushed to the kitchen, picked a knife to attack the other woman, but in the process, stabbed Juma, who was trying to shield his mpango wa kando.

The accused pleaded guilty before Justice Joseph Karanja.

In mitigation, the accused said she was remorseful and prays for leniency and promises to seek forgiveness from the deceased’s mother.

“It was disheartening to see my husband bring home another woman and I’m regretful for what had happened that material day and I beg the court to be lenient on me. I know what I did was not good and I’m ready to seek forgiveness from my mother in-law.’’


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PHOTOS: UoN lecturer Ken Ouko buried



It is unfortunate that the widow of University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko was stigmatised due to her Covid-19 status, the family said at his burial Friday, revealing a controversy and hitches that might have contributed to his delayed burial.

The don’s uncle, Dr Sam Ouko, the Chief pharmacist at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri), said it took his intervention for Mrs Grace Ouko to be allowed to bury her husband.

He regretted that the family was sidelined at its time of need.

Dr Ouko blamed the Homa Bay County Covid-19 emergency response team, accusing it of failing to follow stipulated regulations and attempting to deny the family an opportunity to bury the renowned sociology lecturer.

“In line with government restrictions on how to bury Covid-19 victims, we encountered many difficulties in having the body buried after 48 hours and ensuring his widow and children gave their loved one a befitting send off,” he said at the don’s home in Nyandiwa, Homa Bay.

The move by the county team scared family members and caused some of them not to attend the burial, he added.


Grace Ouko, widow of University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko, speaks during his burial ceremony at their home in Nyandiwa, Homa Bay County, on August 7, 2020. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

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Lake Basin Development Authority chair Odoyo Owidi, who was part of the Nairobi funeral committee, accused medical facilities of creating the fear of people sick with the virus.

“Kenyans need civic education on the management of the Covid-19 pandemic. This disease can best be managed at home so Kenyans need not panic, he said.

Mr Ouko’s father, 89-year-old Caleb Ouko, blamed the confusion ahead of his burial on conflicting information from Homa Bay County officials.

“At one time we were told it was risky for the family to visit the home while the next time they said it was ok,” he said.


People dressed in personal protective equipment are pictured in Nyandiwa, Homa Bay County, on August 7, 2020 during the burial ceremony for University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The burial was marked with the heavy presence of the police who manned the compound as villagers followed proceedings through the fence.

The cortege, initially scheduled to reach at home by 6am Friday, was seven hours late following clearance hitches at the hospital.  It had been scheduled to depart earlier on Thursday in order to arrive in Homa Bay at dawn.

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The body remained in the hearse for the estimated one hour and 45 minutes that the ceremony took.

As with all Covid-19 cases, residents were not allowed to view the body as the county emergency response team took charge of the burial.

Mrs Ouko and two of their four children initially tested positive for the virus but were later found negative.

The widow, who travelled in the hearse from Aga Khan University Hospital mortuary, read her eulogy from the vehicle. She only alighted from the car at the very last moments of the burial.


University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko’s widow, Grace Ouko, and other relatives perform a final rite during his burial ceremony at their home in Nyandiwa, Homa Bay County, on August 7, 2020. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Mr Ouko’s father said he was one of his favorites while his widow described him as caring, loving and prayerful.

“For the 30 years we were married, Ken treated us with dignity and pride,” Mrs Ouko said.

Regarding his illness, she said he was being treated for a bacterial infection but it persisted, hence the coronavirus test.

“For the first one week he was at the isolation centre at Aga Khan hospital, he asked for his laptop so he could do some work,” she said.

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“The situation worsened in the second week when he was put in the ICU and on ventilation machines.”

The don was buried at the family graveyard next to his mother and brother.


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David Ndii: Raila would have led Kenya better than Uhuru, he is always sober 




Economist David Ndii has made a u-turn and praised former prime minister Raila Odinga as hardworking team player who is always sober.

Ndii, a former National Super Alliance (NASA) strategist, said Raila could have led Kenya better than President Uhuru Kenyatta.

While responding to a tweep on Thursday, August 6, Africa’s second most influential economist online described the Orange Democratic Movement leader (ODM) as a progressive hard working politician.

“Raila is a progressive hard working politician and a great team player. Over and above that, he is sober,” he posted.

In his first tweet that led to the question, the tough-talking economist questioned Kenyans who voted for Uhuru saying they made a “bad” choice and should live with the consequences.

“Kenyans who voted Uhuru Kenyatta three times need to ask themselves if he was the president to lead Kenya to prosperity.

“Americans need to ask themselves if Donald Trump…Democracy includes freedom to make bad choices, and only the people can correct themselves through elections,” he stated.

Ndii broke ranks with Raila in 2018 after the former premier ceased hostilities with the head of state in what culminated to the famous handshake that restored peace and order in the country at a time when the Opposition was crying foul of bungled elections.

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He criticised the AU infrastructure envoy saying he has jumped into a “sinking” ship by agreeing to work with the president.

He attributed Kenyans’ suffering to Raila’s decision to work with Uhuru noting Kenya was over borrowing and spending the money in projects with no value for money.

Ndii added the Jubilee government has made Kenyans poorer through a series of multi-billion scandals and poor economic strategies.

“Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy is a scam. School laptops scam, SGR scam, Eurobond scam, Galana Kulalu scam, last mile connectivity scam, security cameras scam, dams scam, Container terminal scam, Huduma namba scam, Stawi loan app scam, early oil export scam, medical equipment scam, what have I missed?,” he said.

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Lady Jaydee speaks on her relationship with ex-husband and his lover 




Tanzanian songbird Lady Jaydee says she is on good terms with her ex-husband, Gardner Habash, after their bitter divorce in 2016.

By the time she was filing for the divorce in 2014, Jaydee had accused Gardener alias Captain of cheating on her saying it was her personal decision the 9-year marriage.

“My marriage didn’t work out. I was not happy at all and that’s why I decided not to carry on.,My husband was cheating on me and had become a drunkard, while I was working so hard and giving the relationship all that I was able to.

“I am just happy and thank God that I don’t have children with him,” she said at the time.

The singer recently spoke to Clouds FM, revealing that she is no longer bitter about the divorce.

“We were married for nine years and were both at fault because we are all human and make mistakes,” she said.

Lady Jaydee said they are now good friends.

“I can’t speak for him, but on my part, I have closed that chapter and will never go back to him.

“We are just friends although at first, we feuded, something that happens with divorcing couples. Now we drink wine together. I even know his new lover and we get along.”

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Lady Jaydee was coy about her current relationship status, only hinting she could be in a secret relationship.

“I can’t answer if I will get married again or if I won’t ever get married again. I am going with the flow,” she said.

“Whatever makes me happy I am fine with, even if it doesn’t lead to marriage.”

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