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From Sabina Joy to Casablanca, here’s the tale of the never-say-die nightclubs



Talk of staying power. In a city where bars lose their appeal within a few months of opening their doors, thanks to restless patrons, these ones have stood the test of time and outlasted newer and swankier ones by decades. They have been around for so long, they have become landmarks.

Most of these long-surviving clubs are strategically located near major bus stops in urban centres, or near busy road intersections.

One of the most notable ones is Sabina Joy Club, formerly known as Karumaindo. It is located at the Ambassadeur Hotel stage on Moi Avenue in downtown Nairobi. Mention of Sabina Joy tends to elicit knowing smiles. For a long time it has been associated with ladies of the night, the place where many men in search of “adult” entertainment gravitate towards.

But upon realising that not all men who walk in are looking for illicit sex, the club’s management has since spruced it up, with cozy lounges and TVs put up specially for screening of the English Premier League football games. It is popular with low and middle-income patrons.

Marked change

Since its refurbishment a few years ago, there has been a marked change in the kind of clientele who patronise the club, with a younger mob coming in, attracted by the live football coverage.

“We are open 24 hours. We close only during the General Election,” said a supervisor at the club.

Veteran musician Laban Juma Toto, who began his music career in Nairobi in the late 1960s, was a regular customer at the entertainment spot, then known as Karumaindo Nightclub. “It was the ideal spot for those who worked late, or those, who, for whatever reason, were unable to make their way home,” he says.

Another notable social spot in the central business district is the legendary Garden Square Bar and Restaurant on City Hall Way.

It is located between City Hall and KICC and has been in existence since the early 1970s, and once featured live bands. Today, however, it is now known as a meeting place for those planning funerals and weddings.

At the opposite end of the Ambassadeur Stage on Tom Mboya are two other late night pubs — Eureka and Batis Club, which, like Sabina Joy, are popular with night revellers.

Eureka Club, which is next to Eureka Hotel, has been in business for more than two decades, thanks to a faithful clientele.

Further down on Tom Mboya Street are two other enduring drinking spots, Magomano Bar and Restaurant and Mercury Hotel. The former now incorporates clothing stalls on the ground floor, and is popular with small-scale traders.

Mercury Hotel (facing the Gill House stage) has been a long-time favourite drinking spot for the middle class workers in the

CBD. Regular patrons of the hotel identify it with its initial “Mercuryhotel ambience”. Similarly, in what has been known as the ‘Rwathia Square’, two other timeless pubs still stand strong — Njogui-ini and Terrace Hotel, located on Ronald Ngala Street. Most of the adjacent businesses long since changed ownership. A short distance from Tusker Bus stage, they are ideal for patrons who board matatus home there, as matatu crew and small-scale traders that operate in the vicinity. If you recall, this is also the area that once housed the infamous Imani Day and Nightclub, a brothel on Ronald Ngala street.

Timboroa Hotel on Sheikh Karume Road has, for almost four decades, been favoured meeting spot for recording artistes popularly referred to as the “River Road musicians”.

Anyone planning to do a jam session recording could easily visit the hotel to meet the meet tens of accomplished instrumentalists to hire for recording. Others are Rwathia Bar and the Kericho East on River Road.

In Mombasa The AC De Souza Bar (Kilindini Baraka) on Machakos street reputed to be over 100 years old is arguably one of the most outstanding landmarks at the Coast. Others are Magongo Night Club in Changamwe, Saba Saba Bar and Restaurant and Athusi Bar and Restaurant both on Ronald Ngala Road. Also the Makuli Fagia Club in Mombasa.

In Nairobi the Athusi Bar and Restaurant has also been a favourite spot for social gatherings.

source:Daily Nation

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‘I was jobless and about to be kicked out’ Tedd Josiah on how Kenyans came through for him after losing his wife



Kenyan Music producer and JokaJok founder Tedd Josiah has thanked Kenyans for coming through when he lost his wife Reginah Katar.

Katar passed away just months after welcoming her daughter Jay.

Since then, Tedd says strangers became family and he is forever grateful.

‘To our beloved IG family, To say thank you doesn’t ever feel like it’s enough.

I was broken (am still in repair) and lost.

2017 Oct was all about cliffhanging in PAIN, learning how to raise a baby girl 3 months old ALONE! No nanny, no relatives, no one just baby and I walking the toughest walk I’ve ever had to.

Tedd Josiah

Guess who came through for us with baby clothes, with baby milk, with words of encouragement, with prayers and more prayers and more prayers…? Our IG FAMILY that was at the time only 20k at the time.

When JayJay’s 1st birthday 🎂 came along I was scared and very jobless about to be kicked out of our home.

People from as far as China sent JayJay gifts 🎁 and cakes 🎂 and so many other things. You made it bearable.’


‘When we launched mama’s idea of a bag company JOKAJOK you embraced us and have continued to build with us from day one.

Now we not only feed ourselves but we feed 11 other families through employment and we empower single mothers and fathers in our company.

Our head of leather studio is a lady feeding and fending for 3 children alone, all our other staff also have children to fend for and we’ve managed to come this far with you our IG family and build a legacy company.

Tedd Josiah

The road ahead is even longer and only God knows were it leads.

Sometimes strangers become closer than family and love you in a real way they will pray, fast, love and support you.
We don’t take that for granted at all and we want to thank you.

Let’s keep building the bear 🐻 family but also let’s build other people who maybe in need.



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Grace Ekirapa: I’ve been unable to access DJ Mo since cheating scandal



Grace Ekirapa, who hosts NTV’s gospel show Crossover 101, has revealed that she had not been in touch with her co-host DJ Mo since rumors he was cheating on his wife Size 8 rocked the internet a fortnight ago.

Ever since reports emerged that DJ Mo, real name Sammy Muraya, was cheating on his wife of seven years Size 8 causing a social media frenzy, the DJ was barred from co-hosting the show with Ekirapa and is thought to be busy trying to glue his marriage together.

Weighing in on the scandal rocking the marriage of her co-host, Ekirapa revealed that she had been trying unsuccessfully to reach out to DJ Mo.

“I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him. My phone calls haven’t been going through, I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me. Meanwhile the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision.” Ekirapa revealed during an Interview with Radio Jambo.

She, however, felt DJ Mo should be given a second chance.

“What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences. We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.” She added.

The singer also delved into the rumors that once emerged that she was having an affair with DJ Mo, a married man.

“During the launch of Crossover is when the rumor started. We had done a couple of photo shoots on different days and most of the time his hands was on my shoulder or mine on his and so people got talking.” she explained.

by NN

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‘Our marriage is currently in a tough space’ Says Vivianne, Sam West responds



Motivational speaker-cum music manager Sam West has responded after his wife Vivianne hinted that they are going through marital problems.

According to a social media post by Vivianne, people always assume they are a perfect couple but they are not.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam West said he hopes things will work out for them.

‘We just have a few domestic challenges but we are working on them. We juts need prayers.’

Asked if this is just clout chasing considering his wife just released a new jam, he responded

‘No it’s not kiki, it’s just a coincidence.’

Sam Was responding to the post below by his wife Vivianne

‘Today I want to be very candid.. nataka niongee wazi.. The world first met  when he decided to propose on the biggest TV show in the country.

I was shocked and this was unexpected for me.

I couldn’t say yes or no so I sat there in front of 40mill Kenyans hoping the world would swallow me but it didn’t, so I smiled.

First forward I have worked with Sam West and been his woman for 4 years.

So to get to the point this post is for you who understands that what society has labeled as marriage is one of the hardest things to exist in.

We are two humans who have learnt the hard way. We are friends and we will always care about one another. Our union has however taken a kick to the stomach.’

Vivianne added

‘ IG in-laws can attest to the fact that I haven’t posted Sam on my feed for the past one month or so.

We felt it would be important to share the truth that marriage can get difficult..

Social media couples have created illusions of perfect marriages which we feel are quite misleading.

To be honest we have ignored each other’s needs in our union . Expectations and control took over our relationship. We are in a tough space and to be honest we are hoping we will overcome the current challenge.

Hii sio Kiki. For those who love even one of us remember us in your prayers. May God’s will be done.

In the meantime ukipata unayemdhamini never take them for granted., #najua


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