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Joyce and Bill Lay back together after four years of divorce



Former Taita-Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Wanjala, and her husband William Lay, have sailed the turbulent waters that love sometimes brings, gotten a divorce when the tides rose, and finally fallen back in love again.

In December last year, they started on a clean slate. They put the four years they were apart behind them and decided to give love another chance.

When Mr Lay, fondly known as Bill filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, the two never imagined they would get back together.

Even though they agreed to co-parent their two children, they closed the chapter on their marriage and decided to move on.

Unexpected parting

The lavish wedding they had in 2007 became a distant memory as they featured in blogs talking about their unexpected parting.

“At that time, we could not agree on most things. There was so much going on. We were on different paths. Her being in public life, the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) we had to go through to have our baby and so many things were happening that I felt we needed a break,” says Bill.

Joyce says divorce felt like the best option away from the toxicity when their love was going sour.

“We thought that going separate ways was going to bring us happiness,” she says, adding that they agreed to maintain a friendship for the sake of their children.

The embers of the dying flames of their once publicised marriage were rekindled in December last year, when Billreached out and asked Joyce to accompany him for a Christmas holiday he was taking with their children.She did not respond, and for a moment, he panicked, thinking he had offended her.

“I had to pray about it and my heart found peace. I also spoke to my few confidants and prayer partners who encouraged me to go with an open mind. We had not slept under the same roof for four years, so it was not something that I would just jump into,” says Joyce.

She decided to join her ex-husband just for the fun of being around the children. Destiny had other plans for them. Before they knew it, they were reminiscing on the love they once shared.

“What if we give it another shot? What if we try again?” They kept asking each other, amidst the doubts that lingered from friends who thought they should shelve any thought of a reunion.

On Valentine’s Day, Joyce posted on Facebook that they had decided to take a leap of faith. She posted a photo of her holding Bill, with the caption: “Be encouraged! God shall restore all the years that were destroyed by the enemy. He is a restorer of all. His plans are not our plans and no one can change that! I have a big testimony that He is God! He has wiped away my tears and taken all my shame away. My joy has come.

”The post revealed that they had gotten back together afterdivorcing for four years.

Her update attracted several comments from her followers, who said their decision to get back together had reawakened their belief in the undying power of love.

Bill admits that the first few days together were awkward.

They spent days fixing the cracks that had brought down their marriage and working on becoming better. He cracks up and says breaking up with Joyce was not his first divorce. “I have to say, I am not so good at this marriage thing.

But with Joyce, it felt worth trying again.” The stars, he says, were aligned right and for the first time in his life, he felt like things were falling back into place.

They moved back in together and say one thing they both brought into their remarriage is the lesson about love and marriage.

“We realised we loved each other so much and will not allow anything to come between us. I am glad the divorce happened because it taught us how to appreciate each other and to be humble,” says Joyce. Bill says he learnt the value of spending more time with his wife and family.

He says that days preceding their separation, there was so much tension between them that he would travel just to be away from it all. Things are different now, and he hopes it will remain so forever

.“I cannot remember how long it has been since I had this feeling. We spend more time together and make deliberate effort to share meals. The kids are happy that we worked things out,” says Bill.

Joyce says she appreciates that even when they were divorced, Bill was instrumental in her campaigns when she vied for the Taita-Taveta senatorial seat.

Bill says contrary to popular belief, Joyce being in politics has never worried him, nor has he ever attempted to prevail upon her to stop chasing her dreams.

Source: SDE

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‘Lustful’ Ray C can’t get enough of Uhuru



It appears Tanzanian singer Rehema Chalamila popularly known as Ray C infatuation with President Uhuru Kenyatta is not going anywhere anytime soon, if a picture she has shared on social media is anything to go by.

In the photo, the sassy songbird is captured wearing a revealing bodysuit with fishnet stocking while posing near a pool.

“Future Mrs Uhuru!jah love!,” the photo is captioned.

Predictably, the post has attracted great interest from the online community.

“Jamani huyu ashindwe kwa jina la Yesu, Juzi ukitembelewa na malaika akakutia ufahamu, Leo,” said reymsemo.

“Hivii ni wewe juzi ulieongea maneno ya kiroho hapaa mpka nikajua Umeokoka!!!?” asked wilkins_ms.

“Not our president… we love our first lady,” commented roselynatema.

“Ray C all reckless. She’s ready to risk it all,” said ayuma.

“Uhuru wetu wa Kenya ama mgani?” asked stacy 254.

“Haki ringtone apoko anatusumbua atahitaji jiko. Si umchukue tu,” suggested angel_johnson.

Ray C publicly declared her “undying love” for President Kenyatta last year while on a music tour in the country.

She claimed that Mr Kenyatta was the ideal husband for her and this has added to her love for Kenya.

by nairobinews

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The last words of John DeMathew



The late Kikuyu Benga musician John Mwangi Ng’ang’a, popularly known as John DeMathew left a message to Mt Kenya region and to the upcoming musicians ten minutes before he met his death on Sunday when his car rammed a lorry.

DeMathew, who spoke shortly after conducting a fundraiser in aid of fellow musician Petr Kigia’s sons at Metro Fill club in Thika town, urged the upcoming musicians to humble themselves and unite in order to succeed in life.

In an audio recorded by his friends, DeMathew stressed on the need for unity and humility amongst musicians.

The popular artiste, who is also regarded by many as the Agikuyu seer and prophet, urged Mr Kenya region not to be deceived to reject proposed changes in the Constitution to pave way for the establishment of a prime minister’s position, saying the seat does not belong to ODM leader Raila Odinga but to all the communities in Kenya, central Kenya included.

“The new upcoming artistes must humble and unite to grow and learn how to interact with each other so that they can succeed in their later life. In politics, I urge the community not to be deceived that the position of prime minister belongs to ODM party leader Raila Odinga. It can also be taken by any other community and it is good for peaceful coexistence after the presidential election,” DeMathew said.

He added that should Mr Odinga clinch the proposed premier’s seat, a time for him to leave would come where other leaders from other communities would clinch the position

“Even if Mr Odinga gets the premier’s seat, he will come and go but the seat will belong to other communities. We should understand that the system we want for the country is for cohesion to prevail and we must ensure that we establish the prime minister’s position to avoid the winner-takes-it-all situation and to avert post-election violence.

“Today its Raila who is protesting over the presidential election, tomorrow it will be Mr Kalonzo (Musyoka) and the next day it will be Mr Kenyatta. The (prime minister’s) position is good for the country,” he said.

He added that if that will be done, peace will prevail and the Agikuyu traditional ceremonies like circumcision of boys and other meetings will be peaceful.

One of his closest friends, Mr Gilbert Maina alias Maina Baba, said they did not know that he was bidding them goodbye when he talked to them about the issues.

“He insisted on the two main issues – about upcoming artistes and the debate on a referendum – and we did not know that those were his last words. Ten minutes after leaving us at the venue, we received the sad news of the tragic accident,” Mr Maina told the Nation.

He added that DeMathew was jovial and excited since Saturday, something he found unusual about the musician.

“He has not been talkative but since Saturday, he had developed excitement which we could not tell where it came from. In fact, during the harambee, DeMathew even greeted everybody and took over the ceremony despite his shy character. It is like he knew he was leaving us for good,” Mr Maina said.

DeMathew’s producer Thomas Ndegwa alias Ndegwa Wa Gatiti said the musician had about 15 songs which he was planning to release this year.

On Monday, the funeral planning committee visited his Mukurwe home in Gatanga, Murang’a County and announced that DeMathew’s two wives had agreed to cooperate to give their husband a descent send-off.

The committee’s chairman Muheria Kairuki said the two wives – Sarafina Wairimu and Caroline Waithira – would be informed of everything that will be done during the planning of the burial ceremony. He added that a post-mortem examination will be done Tuesday.

“We have agreed that we shall involve the two wives in the burial plans and that we shall do it together,” he said.

Leaders from across the country led by President Uhuru Kenyatta have mourned the artiste as a brilliant one who played a big role in promoting the African cultural heritage.


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Genge rapper Mejja finds love again after being dumped by his wife via text



Genge rapper Mejja is in love again after enduring the heartbreak of being ditched by his wife of five years through a text message.

Sometime last year, Mejja, who makes the trio of The Kansoul group, revealed that he battled depression and at one point contemplated taking away his life.

This was after his wife of five years and the mother of his daughter dumped him via text message despite them not having any misunderstanding, according to the artiste.

“We had not disagreed. Actually we were so happy. I was in Thika and I got her message asking me if I had arrived well. I told her yes and the next thing she told me was ‘move on with your life’” Mejja revealed in a past interview.

The artiste said that all his efforts to salvage his marriage never bore fruit as his estranged wife kept ignoring his calls.

The situation drove Mejja into depression and for a whole year he struggled to come to terms with the reality of his collapsing marriage.


However, Mejja now seems to have moved on.

On Sunday, he formally introduced his new girlfriend to his fans via Instagram.

Mejja shared a picture of him and his new bea accompanied with a very telling caption.

“Beauty and The Beast. Nikipeleka msupa Pango kununua digital kwa vaite. ALipenda Mjeshi hivo hivo Ghettoh lifestyle na ma ghettoh queen Watu wa comments najua mtaanza story ya mali ya umma huyu ni private property lol…” Mejja wrote.

By nairobinews

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