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Joyce and Bill Lay back together after four years of divorce



Former Taita-Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Wanjala, and her husband William Lay, have sailed the turbulent waters that love sometimes brings, gotten a divorce when the tides rose, and finally fallen back in love again.

In December last year, they started on a clean slate. They put the four years they were apart behind them and decided to give love another chance.

When Mr Lay, fondly known as Bill filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, the two never imagined they would get back together.

Even though they agreed to co-parent their two children, they closed the chapter on their marriage and decided to move on.

Unexpected parting

The lavish wedding they had in 2007 became a distant memory as they featured in blogs talking about their unexpected parting.

“At that time, we could not agree on most things. There was so much going on. We were on different paths. Her being in public life, the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) we had to go through to have our baby and so many things were happening that I felt we needed a break,” says Bill.

Joyce says divorce felt like the best option away from the toxicity when their love was going sour.

“We thought that going separate ways was going to bring us happiness,” she says, adding that they agreed to maintain a friendship for the sake of their children.

The embers of the dying flames of their once publicised marriage were rekindled in December last year, when Billreached out and asked Joyce to accompany him for a Christmas holiday he was taking with their children.She did not respond, and for a moment, he panicked, thinking he had offended her.

“I had to pray about it and my heart found peace. I also spoke to my few confidants and prayer partners who encouraged me to go with an open mind. We had not slept under the same roof for four years, so it was not something that I would just jump into,” says Joyce.

She decided to join her ex-husband just for the fun of being around the children. Destiny had other plans for them. Before they knew it, they were reminiscing on the love they once shared.

“What if we give it another shot? What if we try again?” They kept asking each other, amidst the doubts that lingered from friends who thought they should shelve any thought of a reunion.

On Valentine’s Day, Joyce posted on Facebook that they had decided to take a leap of faith. She posted a photo of her holding Bill, with the caption: “Be encouraged! God shall restore all the years that were destroyed by the enemy. He is a restorer of all. His plans are not our plans and no one can change that! I have a big testimony that He is God! He has wiped away my tears and taken all my shame away. My joy has come.

”The post revealed that they had gotten back together afterdivorcing for four years.

Her update attracted several comments from her followers, who said their decision to get back together had reawakened their belief in the undying power of love.

Bill admits that the first few days together were awkward.

They spent days fixing the cracks that had brought down their marriage and working on becoming better. He cracks up and says breaking up with Joyce was not his first divorce. “I have to say, I am not so good at this marriage thing.

But with Joyce, it felt worth trying again.” The stars, he says, were aligned right and for the first time in his life, he felt like things were falling back into place.

They moved back in together and say one thing they both brought into their remarriage is the lesson about love and marriage.

“We realised we loved each other so much and will not allow anything to come between us. I am glad the divorce happened because it taught us how to appreciate each other and to be humble,” says Joyce. Bill says he learnt the value of spending more time with his wife and family.

He says that days preceding their separation, there was so much tension between them that he would travel just to be away from it all. Things are different now, and he hopes it will remain so forever

.“I cannot remember how long it has been since I had this feeling. We spend more time together and make deliberate effort to share meals. The kids are happy that we worked things out,” says Bill.

Joyce says she appreciates that even when they were divorced, Bill was instrumental in her campaigns when she vied for the Taita-Taveta senatorial seat.

Bill says contrary to popular belief, Joyce being in politics has never worried him, nor has he ever attempted to prevail upon her to stop chasing her dreams.

Source: SDE

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‘I love you!’ Janelle Monae tells Lupita in birthday wish



Lupita Nyong’o has reignited rumours that she is romantically involved with American star, Janelle Monae.

The Black Panther star shared a video clip of her and Janelle looking hot and dressed in Greek-inspired outfits.

The Boomerang clip was accompanied with a shout out Janelle saying,

“Happy birthday to my exceptional friend from the future, @janellemonae. I love sharing real life and real fantasy with you…”

Janelle responded to the post saying,

“I love you”

Fans went crazy.

“I’m not the one one who assume they a secret couple, am I?” a very curious follower speculated.

The comments section is filled with such comments and other brazen ones as well.

Neither Lupita nor  Janelle have addressed the dating rumours.

By Mpasho

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Broken vows: Gospel artistes you did not know were divorced



Divorces among gospel artistes are on the increase over reasons such as infidelity, cruelty, among others.

Below are gospel artistes who are divorced.

1- Betty Bayo

Betty, who was married to the famous pastor Kanyari, divorced the man of God after he was exposed for pretending to perform miracles yet he wasn’t.

The gospel artiste is known for her hit ’11th hour’ had distanced herself from her prophetic husband and she has now moved on despite the fact that the two have kids together.

Betty Bayo is currently dating and is set to get wed any time soon.

Kanyari vs Betty Bayo

2. Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro and her longtime husband Congolese preacher Eric Omba parted ways over infidelity allegations.

Sometimes back, they had a colourful wedding at PCEA Nairobi West and later on after 5 years, they renewed their wedding vows at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi.

Omba has since moved on and gotten married again but Gloria has not.

Gloria Muliro and ex husband Eric Omba

She narrates how her pastor husband was chasing women instead of being busy winning souls for the Lord.

I always knew he was cheating on me and friends would always come around with reports but i always shut them out. I did not want outsiders, but God to show me the truth .

In fact, besides my family and one bishop, no one else knew the hell I was going through.

3. Keziah Kariuki

Keziah Kariuki, a Kameme TV presenter cum gospel artiste divorced her husband Mzee Kariuki Kiengei.

In an earlier interview, with a local TV station, Kariuki said Kiengei broke her heart by marrying another woman, even though they had a church wedding.

“It was a painful experience. Sometimes I was getting ready for a TV show and I would break down.

Kameme FM presenter Keziah Kariuki and her ex-husband

In other instances, I would be getting ready to appear before the camera, only to burst out in tears and mess my make-up,”

4. Eunice Njeri

Eunice split from her ex back in 2016, after walking out hours after the wedding.

She stated that her biggest struggle remains being ridiculed for leaving her marriage.

Eunice Njeri

5. Joan Wairimu

Pastor Joan Wairimu Githuku and her husband have both filed cases in court accusing each other of adultery.

Pastor Wairimu in 2013 initiated the case at a Nairobi court where she seeks orders of separation.

Pastor Joan Wairimu

But her husband, Bishop William Musyoki Mwangangi also filed a cross-petition asking the court to dissolve the marriage.

The couple got married in 1996 in church.

6. Loise Kim
Loise Kim has plans of running for a political seat this coming election.

Speaking to Kikuyu Diaspora television she shed light about her marriage an issue that has been shrouded in controversy since she released a song that was speculated to have been about separation with her spouse.

Loise Kim

Loise Kim song “Wedo wa Kiabiriria” which can be loosely translated to the “First Love” became very popular but also opened a can of worms regarding her marriage.

Loise Kim, who narrated how her marriage fell apart after just seven months of being together with said she sang the song because of the state of her relationship.


She has two children with her ex-hubby and they have since divorced. She added, “I let go of everything and decided to live my life and my ministry”.

By Mpasho

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Real Househelps of Kawangware star ‘Njambi’ welcomes baby boy



The Real Househelps of Kawangware (THRK) actress Njeri Gachomba, popularly known as Njambi, has delivered her second child.

12 hours of labour but it was worth it. He’s finally here. We thank God. Julie Njoki and my sis in law Cynthia thank you for being there hiyo journey yote.Drama yote mmeona poleni,” stated an elated Njambi on her Instagram page.

Announcing her pregnancy two weeks ago while already at full term, the celebrated actress revealed that she wanted to be sure of her baby’s wellbeing before making the news public.

“I was not hiding the fact that I had a baby on the way, I wanted to confirm the well-being of the baby before I announced it on social media,” said Njambi.

A decision, informed, perhaps, by a low moment in 2018 when she suffered a miscarriage.

According to the actress who plays a sassy, comical character in the THRK show, the experience left her severely depressed and heartbroken.

“When we got pregnant in November 2017, we were not ready. I remember after the miscarriage on April 2018 everyone told us that everything happened for a reason,” she narrated.

She added that the loss was compounded by other struggles at the time including a broken relationship.

“Lord knows how hard losing that baby was, we were not only heartbroken but our relationship got broken too,” said the thespian.

“This is our miracle, it came at the right time with its blessings,” she said during her pregnancy announcement.

News that she had delivered has excited her fans base with many flooding her pages with congratulatory messages.


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