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Kameme TV presenter angers fans after insisting she’ll dress how she wants on TV



My dress my choice as usual has ended up angering majority of Kenyans again.

Kameme TV presenter Wangeci wa Kariuki recently had to shoo off Kenyans on social media who accused of showing too much flesh on TV. Kenyans asked her to tone down on the small dresses but the sexy lass told off her critics in a harsh message, telling them to mind their own business.

“This is what I say; everybody should dress the way they want,
If you …..If you are not happy with what I am wearing, go to the next in line (switch channels). I wasn’t born to make you happy. F**k off. And if you get to heaven just advocate for us who wear short dresses to be locked out or else buy shuka/lesos (sheet) and sell to us,’ she wrote in part,” she said.

While ranting, the presenter went on to name drop Jesus in her post a thing that angered some even more.

“People can mess you up if you’re not careful. Even jesus threw them out [of church] when they became intolerable. But we’ll still get rich, in Jesus name.” she said.

Here’s how Kenyans reacted:

Njahira Njahira Tame your tongue …I don’t expect a person like u to talk like this eish give us peace nawahuna uhumbire ndaa …anyway ask people even kabogo was there n wamuchomba too andu aria makugagira ngemi noo makugagira mbuu. .menyerera ruririmi ..pride comes before a fall

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Wangeci Wa kariuki I don’t care about any fall I have fallen 100times and God has been picking me up..Nii guoya wa kugwa ndiguraga onaki my friend .I give hope to the hopeless and I don’t judge people I have abused no one .Uguo niguo njaragia so it’s either you like me or no I hate hypocrites its my life …

Lucy M Blessed Even if you don’t care and you care less about other people’s opinions, kindly respect God, matusi na jina la Mungu in one sentence is a death trap . Trend carefully. Ouguo tu

Samuel Thuku Is this real you? Imagine you are loosing it. Utaloose fans ushangae. Maturity is not slavery…..behave!!! Yeah uko na Nguo fupi sana kwanza, so? Tujiue??? Weeeuweeeeee

Sammy Samuel Dressing code is your choice but we judge your from your content.

Njeri M Arthur Kwani what does it mean to be a public figure? Does it mean public figures don’t have right on what to wear or express there feelings? ???guys stop the hard feeling abt this issue! Furthermore, There’s no Sea or Ocean in Nairobi that when she falls hatapatikana!haibo! !


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My children saved me from suicide, reveals YouTuber Maureen Waititu



There is no beating around the bush – lawyer and YouTuber Maureen Waititu has beaten depression and is off medication,  a year after sinking into an ensnaring dark web of lifedraining sadness. Bravely opening up about her battle with depression, while explaining the peaks and troughs that come with the mental health condition, Waititu disclosed that she seriously considered suicide, twice.

“See that smile?” posed the mother of two as she drew attention to a photo she posted to her over 339,000 Instagram followers where she detailed in the caption what helped her get through it. “That smile was covering severe sadness and depression, in fact, the following day I attempted suicide for the second and last time ever! One year later, I’ve beat depression, got off depression medication, fought several silent battles and won, fought off cyberbullying and saw my life change right in front of my eyes as I achieved things I never even imagined would be possible.”

She explained, “A lot of people ask me how I did it but mostly I have no answer as this is a very personal journey. However, looking back to this period, I remember I was driving back from Murang’a and I heard my baby Kai who was only a year few months old say ‘mama’ for the first time. Lexi on the other hand was days to turning 4 years old – this child is an angel I tell you. He saved my life over and over again and the thought of leaving my precious boys allowed me to snap out of my suicidal state- and fight for my two boys and myself even though I felt like my world was coming to an end, weh! Never again.”

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Waititu then revealed that seeking treatment actually saved her life. She stated, “It wasn’t easy, some days were dark, some hopeful. I took the healing journey extremely seriously and without shame, I took my medication and saw my psychiatrist religiously and without fail. But guess what? My faith and trust in God, my determination to heal, self-education, a good support system and keeping an open mind accelerated my healing. I never thought that I’d say this but I have seen the other side of healing and it’s beautiful!”

The personality went on in the October 17, 2020 post to offer comfort, recommended being kind to one’s self, and pleaded for access to mental health treatment, safe spaces to talk and development of support structures. “For anyone feeling lost and broken, trust me when I tell you this, better days are always ahead. Just don’t give up on yourself and accept help where it’s offered. Pray, pray pray! God is always listening and He is aware of our pain and in Faith, He always comes through… I hope this encourages someone. Let’s normalize addressing mental health and let’s support and be kind to each other,” she wrote.


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Kenyan comedian Flaqo’s YouTube channel terminated




Comedian Flaqo has cried out after Google terminated his Youtube Channel due to breach of copyright rules and guidelines.

The termination comes after the organization received more than three copyright strikes against Flaqo’s Youtube channel.

Youtube informed Flaqo that he was prohibited from accessing, posessing or creating any other Youtube account unless the linked channel is reinstated.

The comedian, who became an online sensation after his videos went viral, posted a video on his Instagram account registering his disappointment.

He claims that the termination was triggerred by the existence of parody channels and accounts that post his content and present them as their own.

Flaqo claims that he is exhausted and tired of the fakes who have now cost him his channel.

The comedian narrated how it takes him 3 or more days to come up with the content that he posts.

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I contemplated suicide after going viral – Azziad 




Tiktok star and actress Azziad Naisenya has revealed that she contemplated suicide after going viral after showcasing her flawless whining skills on Femi One and Mejja’s ‘utawezana’ song challenge.

However, gaining overnight fame did not come easy for the young talented actress.

Speaking on Jalango’s Youtube channel dubbed Bonga na Jalas, she opened up on the several challenges she went through, back when she instantly became famous.

Azziad revealed that going viral came as a total surprise to her, and she did not expect the negativity accompanying the fame.

She said she was completely destroyed by all the hate comments being spewed on the internet that she would cry herself to sleep every night.

In addition to this, one of her friends leaked her phone number, and she would end up getting several spam calls from unknown people which would force her to switch off her phone for several hours on end.

Azziad went on to talk about how some netizens unearthed past photos of her before her success, claiming that the actress is not as attractive as she is on camera, which really affected her esteem.

All these events were too much for Azziad that she ended up contemplating ending her life.

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“I cried and cried asking god why is this happening. I used to appear in interviews all happy then go home and cry myself to sleep. The thought of committing suicide even crossed my mind coz I was only 19, living on my own, then all these people start hating on me,” she said.

Thankfully, Azziad had a few close friends who spent a lot of time cheering her up and explaining how showbiz business works, which made things a bit tolerable for her.

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