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Meet the Kenyan beauty who stole Jose Mourinho’s heart



As Manchester United Football Club bid adieu to former manager Jose Mourinho, Silvana Lelesit, a Kenyan beauty who stole the ‘Special One’s’ heart in Mombasa was following the developments with keen interest.

Silvana and Mourinho met at the coast during his 2010 visit to Kenya.

Their first meeting was at Diani Beach, at Silvana’s jewellery shop, when Mourinho and his family – wife and children – went out to shop, from the prestigious Almanara Luxury Villas. The two-week secret holiday in Kenya was missed by the media, but not Silvana.

Mourinho went on to buy an expensive gold bracelet from Silvana, and trusted her to ship it to him in Poland, once he left Kenya. And that is exactly what she did.

Silvana says the Special One is a calm guy and she gets annoyed when people make fun of Mourinho.

“He (Mourinho) is a laid-back guy. He is a good coach, I think the only thing he hasn’t won in his career is the World Cup. So, people shouldn’t be so hard on him,” Silvana told The Nairobian.


By 2017, Silvana’s life had completely changed and some people were even claiming that Mourinho was the financier. She bought a posh home in Nyali, Mombasa and frequently flew abroad for vacation. One incident saw her lose her Kenyan-Somali boyfriend. She had sneaked out of Kenya to Switzerland, where she was staying at a lavish hotel. Her boyfriend allegedly could not take it anymore and decided to call lit quits.

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There were claims she was having an affair with Mourinho and that the relationship was taking a toll on the celebrated coach’s marriage.

Silvana did not want to be drawn into the matter. When The Nairobian caught up with her, she said that their first meeting was awesome, and that everyone in the shop at that time was happy to meet the Special One.

“It was a good opportunity for everyone who was in the shopping centre to also see him in person,” she said.

She added that her relationship with Mourinho has forced her to hide from the public because everyone wants to get a piece of the story. She said she had to close down her Diani business to have some peace of mind.

“I’m a businesslady. I do a lot of different things, but I no longer have any in Diani because it became scary. People were popping in every time and asking questions, especially journalists. It worsened when others came to my house and place of work. I was scared!” Silvana said.


She added that, “The moment I realised that even international media from the United Kingdom were looking for me, I said enough was enough and closed the business.”

When Mourinho visited Kenya in 2010, he had just been appointed as the new Real Madrid manager, soon after winning the European Champions League with Inter Milan.

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Bongo actress ‘makes it rain’ at media briefing – VIDEO



Popular bongo actress Irene Uwoya on Monday caused a stampede at a media briefing in Dar es Salaam by bribing journalists with a rain of money.

Uwoya, flanked by other top bongo actors walked in late for the press conference at Hyatt Regency DSM.

She had convened the media briefing  to make an announcement on the launch of a new Tanzania movie service called Swahiliflix,  a new channel that intends to market and sell bongo movies online.

The official launch of the Swahiliflix is set for August 31 at Mlimani City Plaza in Dar es Salaam.

“Tarehe 31 ni siku ya kumbukumbu kwa wasanii sisi bongo movie, haijawahi kutokea hiyo kitu itakayotikea Mlimani City itaweka historia, itakuwa ni red carpet ya funga mwaka. Kwa hiyo ndugu zetu waandishi mjipange hata kwenye kuvaa mjipange. Msituangushe sasa mje masuti nini msije kama hivi tulivyozoea,” Uwoya urged them.

Uwoya also apologized to the journalists for keeping them waiting.

And as she stood to leave, Uwoya reached out in her hand bag, pulled out a bundle of cash and started throwing it towards the journalists.

She said its was a small incentive to appreciate their support.

“Na nisiwachoshe sana nimewaweka muda mrefu, swahiliflix ni mambo moto lazima tusalimiane na ndugu zetu waandishi wa habari, nawatuza na kitu kidogo.”

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Journalists present shoved each other as they scrambled to grab the notes from the air.


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Joho puts on a leggy display that sends city women into a frenzy



City women just can’t get enough of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho legs.

This is after Governor Joho shared pictures of himself wearing a black t-shirt and a white tight short.

Thirsty women trooped to his Instagram page to ogle at his muscled thighs.

This is what they had to say.

“Damn Joho is a snack,” said one online user.

“Hiyo ndio inaitwa hot pant, booty shot ama ndio thighs monger. Ako na mapaja safi,” wrote another online user.

“That white short looks like a hot pant,” commented one online user.

“Joho is hot,” stated another online user.

“Ongeeni tu yote but Joho is my all-time crush lol,” said one online user.

“Kwani ni leg day,” asked one online user.

“Wee these 40 and 50 year olds wanaslay kuslay,” remarked another online user.

“Hili li governor ni lizuri mpaka naskia nilitafune wallai,” mentioned another online user.

“I love his legs,” stated one online user.

“But why are some men just soooo handsome?” asked one online user.

“These picture has really motivated me this morning. My life has really changed,” said another online user.


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Inooro anchor Muthoni: I was bullied coz I have a pointed nose



Inooro TV News anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri has disclosed that having a pointed nose was one of the reasons why she was bullied in high school.

The news anchor was responding to Kambua’s plea asking guys to speak up about their bullying incidents after a student from Nairobi School was assaulted by prefects and left so traumatized he couldn’t name the culprits.

“My heart broke when I heard the news about the boy from Nairobi School nursing a brain injury. But his is just one of many horror stories we keep hearing of. Bullying should have no place in our schools🚫. I’m curious to know- were any of you bullied in school? How did it affect you at the time, and in the long run?🤷🏾‍♀️ #letstalk. Also, parents- have your children ever told you that they were being bullied at school? How did you handle it? #letstalk,” Kambua wrote.

In love with it

Replying to her post, Muthoni wa Mukiri disclosed she was bullied in high school because of her nose but she eventually came to love it.

“I was bullied coz I have a pointed nose. Imagine! I hated my nose until after Highschool when I realized it’s beautiful and I came to love it. I think it’s the most beautiful feature on my face,” wrote Muthoni.

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